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This time we want to talk about PPC (pay per click), but we will focus on how campaigns can be optimized by this means, their risks and the two most important reasons why those campaigns can fail.

One of the problems that we find most in our digital marketing consultancy is that many businesses do not have a high budget to invest in PPC campaigns. This makes it essential to have a good strategy in Google Ads and Social Ads to be able to optimize the investment to the maximum.

It is likely that this type of case will become very common, especially in relation to PPC services, so we will explain what platforms exist and what aspects you must take into account in order to make your budget profitable.

In addition, we will give you a series of tips to help you optimize your PPC campaigns:

Define Well The Objective Of Your Campaign

It is not the same to design your PPC campaigns to increase the visibility of your brand than to generate sales. Therefore, the first thing you should do is set your goal:

1. Get more sales. Perfect for e-commerce or online stores.

2. Generate leads or form registrations. It is the option most chosen by SMEs that want to receive contact from users interested in their services or products. It is very useful when the purchase decision time is high, when a previous data collection is required or when the price of the product or service is so high that the decision is mature and not as impulsive as in other purchases.

3. Encourage users to discover your brand. Are you a new company? Don’t have a market share yet? Make users know you!

4. Gain followers on social networks. If your business is having a hard time getting off the ground on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram, these ads will help you reach more users.

5. Increase traffic to the website. The right users can visit your page thanks to this type of advertising.

Now How Can A PPC Campaign Fail?

There are many reasons, but here we will talk about the most important and a possible solution.

Mistake: Too Much Interest With CPL

To most PPC account managers. In recent years, PPC best practices have gradually shifted from optimizing for clicks to optimizing for conversions. While this is certainly a step in the right direction, cost per lead is an indicator, rather than a measure, of PPC success. The problem is that vanity metrics like CPL don’t guarantee profitability.

Solution: Instead Of Focusing On Metrics Like CPL, Focus On Profitability

To do this, you must link the data from our PPC campaign to your results. You need to know which keywords generate the lowest cost per sale, which search terms generate the most revenue, and which advertising content generates the best ROI.

Error: Very Low Bids

This error seems a bit contradictory. The higher your bid, the more clicks cost you, no! This is true, but there is another factor to consider. Click-through rate and ad ranking go hand in hand. As the ad ranking increases, the number of clicks do as well with your PPC services campaign.

Solution: Offer Realistic Bids

Instead of starting low and working your way up, it’s better to start high, get the data you need, and then call back. Now, it is important to note that this strategy only works if you have set up a consistent and attractive funnel for your PPC campaigns. By way of conclusion, we can say that these PPC mistakes cost millions to millions of companies every month.

Fortunately, with a few simple pay-per-click fixes, you can take an underperforming hood and turn it into a source of income. Embrace the power of proper PPC advertising!