Today we have a very exciting presentation on finally becoming your own boss. I’m going to show you exactly how to start your online business for 2022 and 2023. 

We are going to talk about the exact steps on how to create your successful business for 2023. Let’s get started building your online business now, even if you don’t have much money to start. 

Launch Your Low Cost Online Business Now – Don’t Wait Any Longer!

So, the first thing you want to do is find an offer, or make an offer. Okay, so if you have a digital product that you want to promote or you want to do coaching whatever this article is for you.

So that is up to you. You can either promote affiliate marketing programs already made, or you can create your own offer. It is up to you and your startup goals. 

If you are passionate about something and you feel like you can fill a need in the marketplace, then you can do digital marketing and create your own digital products, or there are thousands of affiliate marketing programs to choose from and I will get into that in a second. 

But the key is to create an offer that solves a problem for your target audience so the first thing you want to do is find your target audience. 

Who do you want your online business to cater this to? Let’s say that you are a man, and you have problems finding the right fly fishing tour guides. You could do a program or some kind of service that helps people find the right fly fishing tours across America. 

It could be an automated search engine that finds all the fly fishing programs online, etc. So that would be a problem that you solve. 

If you are a woman, it could be creating your own coaching, you know, maybe you are a spiritual coach and you want to create your own programs and sell them to people that are into spiritual healing and you feel like you can solve some problems in the marketplace. 

So you want to identify two things: who your target audiences are, and what is the problem you can solve. 

You have to be passionate about this, this has to be something that you stand by that you think about most of the time, and it gets you fired up. 

There’s basically thousands of affiliate programs to choose from online. In fact, Amazon and Walmart have their own affiliate programs if you wanted to promote Amazon you could sign up to their Amazon Associates program.

If you want to sign up for Walmart there’s a little link called affiliates at the bottom of websites that you can sign up and start promoting. 

Pretty much everything on the internet has an affiliate program – you probably didn’t know that. 

But it’s a very exciting industry. Affiliate marketing is pretty much endless, there are so many different things that you can promote.

How it happens is that when you sign up to become an affiliate for any program you want, they’re going to give you a link to promote – the website or those products and you get a commission when someone orders that product through your link or ad

That is the gist of affiliate marketing. Ideally, you want to look for high paying programs and recurring income – recurring income equals passive income or recurring payments. 

So, if you sold a membership platform for instance where someone has to buy it every single month, you could still get a commission every single month that that person is active in that membership platform. 

A good example of that would be signing up to email autoresponders like Aweber or funnel creators like getresponse or Click Funnels. These are recurring monthly membership sites, you know, blogging platforms are also monthly membership sites, anything that you have to buy every single month can create recurring income for you so keep that in mind. 

Moving on to number three. This is what you have to start doing if you create a digital product and you want to launch it now. This is the exact steps on how to launch. 

You can also do this for other people’s affiliate programs, and what you would do is create a simple landing page, a landing page is a signup form you see them all over the internet. 

It basically says something very simple like learn how to make $100 to $300 a day, click here or there could be a giveaway like sign up here and receive your free bonus my free eBook or free video explains how to make $300 a day or more online, something like that.

It’s called a lead magnet, and it’s where they give you something free in exchange for your name and email and then that gets you in their sales funnel. 

Okay, so it all begins with a landing page you want to create a very simple landing page with basically one catch phrase or hook sentence. 

Then, where they can enter their name and email. You can also add a countdown clock, this could enable fear of loss. Like, you know, the time is gonna run out Thursday at midnight, or there’s only 10 spots left so if you want to create fear of loss, you could do a countdown clock, you could create scarcity by saying you only have seven spots left or whatever. 

So, that could be a great thing to add to your landing page and you want the design to be congruent with the message throughout so the landing page should have the same type of theme and color as the other parts of your funnel. 

Okay, so if you have a simple white landing page, then you’re probably going to want a simple white email sequence or dashboard that they’re going to go into next so you want everything to be congruent. 

Number four is to create the sales funnel. Okay, this is an email sequence, the funnel is where you want to build trust with a series of emails. Now, you can create these emails or you can have someone else do it. 

I actually have a great training platform that will teach you how to write the perfect catchy emails for your audience and how to get more subscribers and more sales HERE. 

So the other thing with the email sequence is you want to start establishing trust. You can connect them with your social platforms, you know like the second email you send them could be a link to your Facebook group. It could be a link to your YouTube channel. 

You want to start getting to know your leads. So you want to connect them to your social platforms, and then you can start providing other services, and other affiliate programs that you think they might like in subsequent emails. 

Okay, so if they’re not buying your initial product, you can always offer other solutions down the road in other emails. If you create a funnel and you collect their email, these leads are yours forever and you can create emails to email them indefinitely. 

These leads are yours, and that is the affiliate marketers goldmine are lots of leads, because once you get leads in your funnel you can pretty much promote anything you want to them for months on end until they sign up or opt out. 

The money is in the list, especially as an affiliate marketer. Moving on to traffic. Traffic is everything, you want traffic to that landing page. Okay, whether you’re promoting your own products, or you’re promoting someone else’s affiliate program traffic is everything. 

The beautiful thing about most affiliate programs is that they’re free, however, you’re the one that has to come up with the traffic. 

Okay, so how are you going to get traffic? There’s two different ways there’s paid traffic or free traffic.

Paid traffic, a lot of people use Facebook ads, or they use Google pay per click, and that’s what PPC stands for – pay per click. 

So if you create an ad in Google ads, then if your audience searches for something in particular that relates to your product, and you did the right keywords for your ad, your ad will show up on Google. 

Then when someone clicks on your ad that counts as one click. The average click across all industries is $2.69 cents in search and .63 cents for display.

For myself, I only do search ads and search ads are the most powerful I believe because people are searching in the keywords that you’re using. 

So they’re highly targeted because let’s say you’re promoting fly fishing tours again. Okay, let’s say that your keyword is fly fishing tours, or how to find fly fishing tours. Let’s say that you created that keyword. 

Okay, you might have to bid $2.69 cents for one click in America. Now let’s say that your offer is worldwide. You could probably get away with bidding 60 cents for the whole world because there’s so much traffic in the whole world that you don’t have to spend as much. 

The more competitive the keyword the higher you have to pay money for each click.

Display ads are a lot cheaper because display ads show up on people’s blogs, they’re everywhere, they’re over YouTube videos, they’re on blogs they’re on every single website, and that’s why it’s cheaper. 

Okay, the average click through rate is 3%. So that means that three people out of 100 will click on your ad. Okay, if you use Google, these are from Google’s statistics. 

Now, the average cost per acquisition, meaning someone actually paying money and signing up with your offer is $48.96 cents, but with display it’s a lot more it’s 75 dollars. 

So even though display ads are cheaper, in the long run, it costs a lot more to get a customer with display ads because like I said Google just puts your ads everywhere on the internet.

With search, your ads will only show up when someone types in your keyword and you outbid everyone to be seen. 

Free traffic: YouTube is very powerful. Let’s go back to fly fishing. If you did 50 videos with fly fishing tours in your titles, you will eventually get guys or girls who like fly fishing and want to find the right fly fishing tours. 

So you would want very SEO friendly titles, you would say something like, fly fishing tours for men in Wisconsin. Okay, you would probably eventually get in a half year or longer, you would probably get clicks from people in Wisconsin looking for fly fishing tours, because your YouTube video will start to show up in Google, and it’s the best free advertising out there. 

But, it could take a few months for your YouTube video to rank your video number one or two or three. If it’s very competitive, your video might not rank at all. So keep that in mind. 

The other hottest place right now to get free leads is tiktok. There’s over a billion people on Tick tock. You can create one minute videos or 15 second videos.

These videos should be catchy. You don’t even have to talk; you can just point to dashboards or products and write text on your video and point to something and have music playing in the background, and that’s considered a great video.

The algorithms are very lenient on TikTock right now so you could actually get 200 views on your first video, like I did, actually I got 150 views, and I have no following, I just did a video and I posted it on Tick Tock and bam. 147 views. 

And you do what you do on Instagram, you put your links that you want to promote in the bio, so you want people to check out your bio. 

The next thing you want are upsells through value selling, so let’s get back to your sales funnel. You want people to get into a value ladder. The value ladder is basically you offer something for free or very little money, that gets them on the value ladder. 

The next step in the value ladder is something that cost a little bit more, maybe an ebook or video training for $47, then the next step in the value ladder is something a little more expensive like three months training extensive for $600 and then a step from there, higher could be a mastermind for $2,000. 

Okay so that is the value ladder, you get people in at the smallest price, and then you build up the value and increase the price, that’s the value ladder.

Then, you want recurring like I said, you want people to buy it from you every single month. If you get 100 customers that each pay $100 each every month, that’s $10,000. So it can easily turn into a lucrative business very fast. 

You want to solve problems and you want high ticket commissions. I’m all about high ticket commissions. I love $1,000 commissions. I don’t want $20 commissions anymore. I’m going for the big commissions, because one or two sales a month can literally pay most of my bills. 

Also, you have to believe in what you’re promoting, I mean you have to be passionate about this. If you don’t like the products you’re promoting people are gonna sense it. Okay, even if you’re doing pay per click. 

Do something that you love, you know, if you love coffee, find an affiliate program for coffee, you know, even though it’s not a high ticket commission. 

If you love Ferraris, find a Ferrari affiliate program, you know, maybe you can promote the Ferrari mufflers. Maybe you can find a place where you can sell $5,000 refrigerators or TVs.

If you love watching TV, and you know TVs in and out, you can sign up to a TV program and get $1,000 when you sell a $6,000 TV or a stereo system. You know, I love stereos. So, I would find a stereo place that has an affiliate program where I can get 10% commissions on a $10,000 stereo.

And lastly, are the benefits of affiliate marketing. There’s thousands of offers out there, probably 80% of all websites out there that have products have an affiliate program that you can sign up to. 

Number two, affiliate marketing is scalable. Once you know something is working, you can literally spend more money on your ads, if you’re making profit or breaking even, you can scale up, you could spend $1,000 a day on your advertising. Okay, it’s scalable. If it works you can scale it and spend more money on advertising. 

Number three, It’s not MLM okay. There’s no downline or upline or pushiness or scaminess, or products that no one needs or burning bridges with friends or family.

Number four,  you can get recurring income with a lot of these programs, and you can earn up to $3,000 a sale or more for your online affiliate sales business. 

Most affiliate programs are free to promote, but you have to provide the traffic, you have to spend money or create content to get enough traffic to your online business offers. 

The more targeted traffic you get to your offers, the more money you can make. So again, thanks for reading guys, I hope this helps you build your online business bigger and better than ever. Check out the training and we will talk to you soon. Now get building your business!

Erik Christian Johnson