Top MLM Companies Right Now (Read First)

Great MLM Companies are hard to spot – and even harder to predict if they will stay around for the next 10 to 20 years. This page is to help you decide which MLM business is right for you.

I’ve been in Network Marketing since 2014 and have earned multiple six figures in the industry. It is my full-time obsession, I mean profession. I have generated over 60k leads and have personally recruited over 1800+ reps and customers in a few opportunities.

Here’s a few indicators that I look for in a MLM Business:

a) Are their products unique and always evolving?

b) Do they have a great marketing system or funnel?

c) Are they truly global or just in a handful of countries?

d) Is the corporate leadership in the “know” or are they out-of-touch and irrelevant now?

e) Are their earnings climbing, plateauing, or declining every year?

Here’s Our List of the Top MLM Companies Right Now:


ONE – Valentus (Truly Global MLM)

Valentus was founded in 2014 by MLM Veteran Dave Jordan. This company specializes in weight management products, such as their flagship product SlimRoast Optimum. Valentus is approaching the $200 million a year mark, and with their automated email system and landing pages and being in over 180 countries, Valentus is the best option.

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Two – My Daily Choice

top mlm company my daily choice

Revenue: 2017: $7 Million 2018: $100 Million 2019: $170 Million

My Daily Choice was founded by Josh Zwagil in 2014. Josh is a MLM veteran and has been doing network marketing since he was a freshman in college. Josh believes in creating systems to help the average person be able to prospect, recruit, and perform email marketing and generate leads with already made tools and marketing.

Flagship Product: CBD Oil (Available in 25+ Countries)

Company Highlights: My Daily Choice is the cool kid on the block as far as MLM companies go. They are not a traditional MLM company and their vibe is rebellious and young. They pay very well, many levels down. 50% on first time orders – 10 levels on fast start pay. However, their flagship product is only available in certain European and African countries and the USA. Also, the company is very strict on what you can say about the products so be careful and stay away from making claims or stating benefits.

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THREE – My Lead Gen Secret (Best Leads Program)

MLGS 2021

MLGS is around two years old and is the hottest Lead Generation program on the market. Not only can you get 3,000 business-seekers leads per month ($30 bucks a month, 1 CENT LEADS) from top-tier countries (95% from USA) but you can promote the platform itself to your downline and earn down 5 levels.

The profits add up quick as your team loves the leads and there are a couple great upsells as well. You can buy extra pre-written email swipes and email your leads from inside the dashoboard. It’s a great all-in-one system.

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FOUR – Pure Trim (Best Shakes – US/Canada Only)

puretrim review

Pure Trim is Not a MLM, but is a powerful Direct Sales company out of Tempe, Arizona. My wife has used Pure Trim shakes since 2007 and swears they are the best on the market. Pure Trim has gone through a serious reboot back in 2018 with fresh new websites and extensive training material.

They pay up to 35% commissions on retail orders, and they pay down up to 10 levels. Unlike MLM companies that have a serious retention problem, Pure Trim claims they have an incredible 83% reorder rate. People who use Pure Trim stay in Pure Trim.

Here’s More Info for Pure Trim as the Best Direct Sales Company

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FIVE – Quick Silver (New Precious Metals MLM – Silver)

Quick Silver is just one year old and is exciting because it is a MLM binary with spillover possibility from your upline. Chrissie and Keith Messier have been in the precious metals space for a long time and they know how to start a MLM copany properly.

Receive physical silver on a monthly autoship basis and receive bonus coins each month from contests. It’s a fun business environment, and a portion of the profits go to Feed My Starving Children. They also have a great marketing funnel which emails my leads for me, just like all the other MLM companies I love!

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SIX – ByDzyne (Hip Asian MLM)

bydzyne top mlm company

Revenue: 2019: $9 Million

ByDzyne is an up and coming MLM with a flashy website. They offer products in five categories: Tech, Beauty, Wellness, Lifestyle, and Wealth.

ByDzyne partnered with AI company,, for AI powered marketing and landing pages. Read full article: ByDzyne and Royaltie partner together

More Company Info: Here



(Was)SEVEN – Total Life Changes

top mlm company total life changes

Revenue: 2017: $88 Million 2018, 2019, Same.

Total Life Changes was founded in 1999 by Jack Fallon. Total Life Changes is one of the fastest growing MLM companies truly offered in most countries, including Asia, Africa, and India.

Best Sellers: Iaso Tea and Delgata Instant Coffee.

Company Highlights: TLC is truly a global MLM company offering their products in over 150+ countries. TLC has a fun family feel and they stick to 7 core values. They also pay very well, 50% binary match on 1st and 2nd level – which is unheard of, and they have a daily pay option.

Update: After a month in TLC this happened:



I have had hands-on experience with most of these companies. I chose these companies because of their automated email systems, landing pages, unique products, global access, and leadership.

I’m an introverted internet marketer trapped in the extroverted world of MLM, but I am addicted to the residual income and growing a team overnight around the world. MLM is a number game, and I have mastered the numbers with lead generation from this blog and Youtube.

What I need to work on is connecting more with people. This profession truly can bring out the best and worst in people – and hopefully one day I will make peace with myself – and this exciting profession that we call Network Marketing.

**All of these Companies Require Massive Leads to Build. Here’s the Best 1 CENT Leads ONLINE

Best MLM Companies for 2021 Review

Thanks for reading!

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