Top MLM Companies Right Now (Read First)

Great MLM Companies are hard to spot – and even harder to predict if they will stay around for the next 10 to 20 years. This page is to help you decide which MLM business is right for you.

I’ve been in Network Marketing since 2014 and have earned multiple six figures in the industry. It is my full-time obsession, I mean profession. I have generated over 60k leads and have personally recruited over 1800+ reps and customers in a few opportunities.

Here’s a few indicators that I look for in a MLM Business:

a) Are their products unique and always evolving?

b) Do they have a great marketing system or funnel?

c) Are they truly global or just in a handful of countries?

d) Is the corporate leadership in the “know” or are they out-of-touch and irrelevant now?

e) Are their earnings climbing, plateauing, or declining every year?

Here’s Our List of the Top MLM Companies Right Now:

ONE – My Daily Choice – Best CBD/Forex Crypto MLM w/ 50% Commissions

My Daily Choice/Hempworx has been the best MLM the last couple years and their revenue has exploded. It’s not a surprise when you combine the best quality CBD oil on the market, with an automated email recruiting system, High Definition Capture Pages, and 50% commissions. Josh and Jenna Zwagil are the power couple of MLM and the youngest millionaires in the industry. They know what works and it shows! Take the free tour through the link:

(MDC just launched a Crypto/forex education & Trading Platform along with a killer aluminum Crypto debit card!)

This will be an ABSOLUTE GAME-CHANGER = Available in the U.S, Canada, Mexico, Taiwan, EU except Belgium and France, and Parts of Africa!

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TWO – Pure Trim (Best Shakes – US/Canada Only)

puretrim review

Pure Trim is Not a MLM, but is a powerful Direct Sales company out of Tempe, Arizona. My wife has used Pure Trim shakes since 2007 and swears they are the best on the market. Pure Trim has gone through a serious reboot back in 2018 with fresh new websites and extensive training material.

They pay up to 35% commissions on retail orders, and they pay down up to 10 levels. Unlike MLM companies that have a serious retention problem, Pure Trim claims they have an incredible 83% reorder rate. People who use Pure Trim stay in Pure Trim.


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I personally promote these companies. I chose these companies because of their automated email systems, landing pages, unique products, global access, and leadership.

I’m an introverted internet marketer trapped in the extroverted world of MLM, but I am addicted to the residual income and growing a team overnight around the world. MLM is a number game, and I have mastered the numbers with lead generation from this blog and Youtube.

If you want to lock arms with an internet marketer who recruits a lot of people and has the best, cutting-edge lead generation techniques (for each company) than sign up on the link under the company you are interested in and we will connect soon!


Exact Steps to Early Retirement with Network Marketing

Today we are going to talk about the exact steps on how to retire early with network marketing. Now I’ve been retired since I was 44, and I’ll be 48 here tomorrow. It’s been a great time and I want to talk about how you can do it exactly like I did it. 

Here’s the power of network marketing. For less than $200 a month, you can become a home based business owner with a network marketing company. So for under $200 a month, you can do that. You only have to order your personal supply each month to stay as a distributor. 

You do not have to buy thousands of dollars worth of product and hold it in your garage or anything like that. That was in the old days, you don’t have to do that anymore. All you have to do is buy your personal supply. 

The other thing that’s powerful about network marketing is that the company handles pretty much everything. They handle the customer support. They handle the refund policy. They run the credit cards, they ship the products directly to the customers, and to the distributors that order on your website. 

They deal with everything. They do the marketing, you get a sales funnel, you get your own websites, you get your own landing pages. All of these things are branded to you. All you have to do is start promoting your products. 

Now the first rule of thumb in network marketing is if you want to make significant residual income, you’re going to want to attract and recruit Business Builders, not just customers. You should have a customer base, but you are going after people that want to build their own business under you. That is where the true money is in network marketing. 

So for example, I probably have 30% of the people in my business are customers, and the other 70% are people that recruit and build their own businesses under me. The power of network marketing comes from the commissions you get from every single action done in your business. So if you get a business builder, and that person recruits 10 people, and those 10 people recruit 100 people, you’re going to get a little commission from all of those hundred people whenever they recruit someone or whenever they reorder a product. 

That’s a lot more powerful than a customer who just buys one bottle a month, and you only get $15 a commission from that. So you could probably make $1,000 from one business builder, whereas one customer is like $15. So you can see the difference there. 

But you do want to have a mix, and that will probably happen naturally, just as you recruit, there’s going to be people that they might start off as Business Builders, but they don’t recruit anyone and then they just turn into customers. They just buy the products every month because they like the products – and that’s completely natural. 

But the power of network marketing is recruiting Business Builders and the simplest way to do that is start recruiting, start generating leads, and you’re going to want to target people looking for a network marketing business. Ideally, you can do that by running ads. You can do Google ads, you can do Bing Ads. You can do YouTube videos like this, where you talk specifically about network marketing, and you’ll attract people looking for a network marketing opportunity. 

Those are targeted people, those are the people that you want, because a lot of them already have network marketing experience, and if they get it, then they will hit the ground running faster. 

Now, I’m going to go over some techniques and some numbers. But the bottom line is recruiting, okay, you’re never going to stop recruiting because you’re always going to be looking for new leaders because people come and go in network marketing, that’s just normal. You’re looking at 80% of your team will probably be gone within a year or two. 

The leaders understand that so they keep recruiting and they can recruit with just videos, with blog articles, with social media, but they’re constantly looking for new leaders, and that’s just part of the game. 

If you’re a car salesman you don’t just stop selling cars, you keep selling cars, because that’s what you do. And as network marketers, our job is to move products and to constantly be expanding our businesses, with customers and distributors. 

So never stop recruiting because your team is going to look at what you’re doing. You want to be in the trenches with them recruiting as well. But you’re going to have to generate leads consistently. It is a numbers game.

I always tell my team, my new guys, when they sign up, I always tell them that you should work their way up to 20 to 50 leads a day. This is for the cold market. This is for people that you don’t know, this is promoting your business on the internet looking for people you don’t know. 

You can always start with friends and family and get them in – that’s your warm market. The warm market is easier because they know you and like you and trust you. That’s the warm market. 

But the cold market is unlimited. There’s millions of people looking for a home based business opportunity, and if you can access that cold market by creating content like videos and blog articles, or running paid advertising, then you will find an unlimited amount of people looking exactly for what you have. 

The next thing I want to talk about is how to promote your business. You can either promote the products or you can promote the business side of it – the income opportunity. What I like to do is I promote the automation of the company I’m in. I promote how everything is pretty much done for you; the sales funnel is already done for you. The Commission’s are up to 50%.

So I basically talked about the compensation plan. I talked about how most of the marketing is done for you – the sales funnel, the landing pages, I talked about how to generate leads, and it’s pretty much a turnkey business. I mean, like I said, it’s all set up for you. There’s a staff that’s going to work with any customer. They’re there to help you grow your business. But it’s pretty much all set up. All you gotta do is get traffic to your offer. That’s the bottom line. 

So, this is how I retired early. I started recruiting, I got my numbers up to about 20 to 50 leads a day, and I had to do that for about two years, until I finally got a couple people on my team that stuck. 

They stayed with me. They learned how to generate their own leads. And they started growing their own businesses under me. That is the beginning of greatness really is when you get people under you that start implementing the systems that you teach them. 

So you want an easy system to teach your team because it’s all about duplication in network marketing. You want a team to copy your systems in generating leads and getting sign ups – that’s the name of the game and network marketing. 

So, if your system is simple enough people can implement it, then your team will grow faster – like I said, to get leveraged income from a huge network, that is where all the money is. 

The big leaders can make over $100,000 a month. They’re not doing that by themselves. They’re doing it with a team. So if you can get some of your guys duplicating your techniques and start growing their own teams under you, that is when you can start getting residual income. 

The residual income comes in every single month, whether you work one hour a week, or 100 hours a week, because you have teams under you that are building their own teams, and that can go down several levels. 

It can get to the point where you don’t even know who’s on your team anymore because it’s so big, and that’s the ideal. You’ll get a commission from every little thing that’s going on in your organization. 

So it’s just a matter of getting your team to duplicate a system to generate leads. That’s the bottom line, and that can take three to five years, as long as you consistently generate leads and get new signups and teach them the same system that works for you. 

Now, your sponsor probably has a system that you can follow. And then when you get a sign up, you just copy the welcome letter or whatever your sponsor gave you and give it to your new rep as well. You want to continue the duplication down many, many levels where there’s hundreds or thousands of people all doing the same technique or techniques and growing their teams. 

And people are going to come and go. So you have to get a thick skin and not take it personally because it’s the name of the game. In this industry, people come and go, some people are gonna only last a month. 

And some people are going to go all the way with you to the very end 10 to 20 years you’re going to have people following – you’re going to form some really awesome relationships in this industry, if that’s what you want. The longer people stay with you, the deeper the relationships will go, and you can form some pretty awesome friendships in this industry.

So I started to get significant income because I was getting about 20 people that were really growing their businesses under me. It doesn’t take a lot of people to make good money in network marketing. They say that you only need three to five leaders to get significant income. 

To tell you the truth, only the top 20% of your team will make 80% of your income. So remember that not everyone is going to do something. You don’t have to expect everyone to be a super leader with this, you’re going to get people that fall away. 

You’re going to get people that are happy with just ordering a product, then you’re going to get some people that might recruit two people. That seems to be the average two or three people and then you’ll get a couple rock stars that recruit four to 10 people a month. 

Okay, so there’s gonna be a wide range of people that join you and it’s exciting because everyone’s different, you’re going to learn different personalities and whatnot. It’s a great industry to learn about people. You know, I was an introvert, I had social anxiety, and I have some great people on my team that completely understand my situation. 

Many of them are the same as well. You know, you attract the same type of people you are. So if you’re an extrovert and you just do all Facebook, you’re gonna attract people that do the same thing. If you’re an introvert and you do just blogging and videos, you’ll eventually get people like that.

But you’ll have a whole mix on your team because you’ll be recruiting a lot of people. So keep generating leads consistently. Teach everyone who signs up on your team your number one lead generation technique, because once they get going that is how you start and can get residual income and retire early. 

So it took me about three years to go full time in network marketing. I don’t have a lot of bills. So my overhead is pretty small. But I basically live like someone who gets a pension. Because it’s residual income that I get every single month from my network marketing business because I built a team in the beginning, I built a team and they’re still growing today, several years later, and I get a residual income check from that. 

I still buy my personal supply. It’s about $150 a month to stay a member. But I have a couple hundred people on my team. And that affords me to work from home full time. So that’s it guys. That is how you can retire early in network marketing. 

If I were you, I would set up a YouTube channel. If you like to write, and you’re willing to do a lot of articles, you can always set up a blog. You can do paid advertising to generate leads quicker. That’s what my team and I do. I do it all. I mean, I don’t do the extroverted stuff. You don’t have to do home parties. You don’t have to do hotel meetings. I don’t do three way calls. I don’t do Facebook Lives or webinars. 

I basically do paid advertising. I do this YouTube channel. I do blog articles. But you can pick your flavor. If you want to do Facebook and videos that’s great. If you want to do paid advertising and blogging, that’s great. But think about two or three different ways that you want to generate leads, and work your way up to 20 to 50 leads a day and you’re set. Do that for the next two to three years and you’re golden. And that’s how you retire early in network marketing. So, thanks for watching guys. If you’re not in a home business yet, click the link under this blog post and we’ll talk to you soon.

Thanks for reading!

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Erik Christian Johnson