7 Mindset Shifts For Home Business Success

Starting, running, and growing a home business is no easy feat. Today I have 7 mindset hacks or shifts to increase the success in your home business entrepreneur. Here is how to build a better home biz with mental mastery:

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7 Tips To Build Better Home Businesses

Seven – Get Off Autopilot

So number seven is get off of autopilot, and what I mean by that is that we just go throughout the day just doing things automatically. You need to stop doing things aimlessly and without goals or strategy.

For instance, I just got out of the bath and I went to blow out the candles, but I did it two minutes earlier, which was out of my routine. I caught myself trying to blow out the candles and they’re already out. 

So try to really stay in the present moment. We like to daydream and get into just autopilot mode, and that does a lot of things that go against our development as a home business entrepreneur

For one, it is lazy. Number two, you can’t really rewire your brain by doing the same thing every day, and if you don’t have enough success in your business right now, it’s probably because you are on autopilot. You’re doing things a certain way. 

Maybe you should look in the mirror and figure out that it’s not working for you and start doing things differently. When you do things differently, there’s this thing called neuroplasticity. You actually can rewire your brain. So try to do different things every day. 

It can be very small, it could be walking to your car a different way. It could be waking up a half an hour earlier, it could be working out in the morning instead of in the evening, etc, etc. It could be picking up an E book, and reading that instead of turning on the TV. 

Those little things will greatly compound over time, and you will start to get the mindset to attract more success in your life. For instance, I’ve been watching a lot of mentors on YouTube, and in the last week I have probably watched over 30 hours.

However, the prior week since my wife has gone traveling for a professional vlogging job, I’ve been watching prison documentaries and MMA and all this stupid stuff and I could literally feel my vibration getting lower and lower and I was getting a little more depressed. 

But once I shifted and started watching motivational coaches and stuff on YouTube, I actually started getting more signups in my business and I felt better and I started working out harder. It just gave me an extra pep when I popped out of bed in the morning because I was ready to go because I had all these motivational guys to help with my home biz. 

Six – Clarify Goals

Number six is clarify your goals. You got to start writing down your specific goals in a notebook. Every single day you have to wake up in the morning and write down what you have to do that day with the most stressful thing first – really save all of your energy for the first big thing in the morning.

Then throughout the day, do lighter and lighter things, but, you have to write down your goals for one month, three month, one year. And do that every single day really start to visualize what you want out of your home business and who you want to help and where you want to grow. 

Do you want to grow locally or globally? Visualize having a global team, you know, having a team in Africa and a team in Asia and they all clap for you and they want you to come visit them and you’re having dinner with them. Just really start to visualize and write down your goals. It will really propel your business

Five – Study the Best

Number five is study the best. So whatever your home business is, you know, if you are a motivational coach, then watch the best; If you’re a network marketing business leader, then watch the best; If you are an energy healer, watch the best – and take notes, watch all of their videos, subscribe to their channel, and start at their oldest video and work your way up to the newest and take notes every single day. That is how I learned the whole network marketing profession was I watched the best. 

Four – Cut Out Distractions

Number four cut out distractions. This is a no brainer. You probably hear this a lot. But, you know, I’m hardly on social media anymore. And I don’t watch the news. 

It was funny because I went to the store today. First time in three weeks, and I’ve just been at home, you know, just refining my skills and not watching anything outside of my little sphere here. Except for, you know, mentors and coaches and stuff. And I went to the store and this guy was wearing a mask and he jumped out of my way, and he didn’t want to leave the store because there were two people by the door. 

He was the only one wearing a mask, and it’s because fear, you know, it’s the fear mongering, it’s the media, they want you to be scared, they want you to not be connected with a community. And that guy was just hook line and sinker with the whole social distancing crap. 

So cut out the distractions, you know, turn off the TV, at least read, you know, leaders read. If you’re not reading a book every week, you know, start looking into that, go to Amazon and look at the top 100 business books, top 100 entrepreneur books. There’s also a free book section so you can literally once in a while find some really great ones that are free temporarily, so scoop them up while you can. 

Three – Know Your Why

Okay, so number three is know your Why. Why are you doing all of this in the first place? If you’re doing it just for money, you’re gonna burn out in three to six months, you have to really know your why. 

My Why is I want to help thousands of people, not only mentally, physically but financially, I want to change everyone. I want them to be inspired by my development, and I want to help improve their lives. 

Your Why could be as powerful as you know, you don’t want to be homeless or you want to buy your parents a new home. You want to help your kids through college, you want to get out of credit card debt, whatever, but you really got to know your why because it’s gonna have to fuel you consistently for many years to come because being an entrepreneur is not a three month plan. It’s more of a three to five year goal and you really got a map out and know your why. 

Because if you don’t have a why, if you’re not passionate about what you’re doing, you know, you better switch gears right away because you got to do it every single day for the next three to five years. 

Two – Tenacity

Number two is tenacity and long term commitment. So that ties back into the three to five year plan. The biggest leaders in the world – billionaires actually have 10 to 20 year plans. Alibaba has a 102 year business plan. They have everything mapped out for the next hundred and two years.

Now, most network marketing leaders have been doing it consistently for the last 20 to 30 years. I don’t know any leader that just jumped in and they were you know, making millions every year from just being in for six months. They all have 10 to 20 to 30 years. They’re veterans. It takes 10,000 hours to master a skill. 

So think about that, you know, that’s like three years, three hours a day, something crazy like that. So it takes a long time to really hone your craft. So just do a little bit every single day and you will start to become a leader more and more. 

One – Empower Others

And number one: you have to empower others, because you can’t make any money and you won’t have any kind of fulfillment, if you’re just doing this for yourself. While you don’t have to deal with office politics, heightism, or other nonsense in the traditional workplace, you still need to work with others.

I was a lone wolf in my network marketing business for five years, I thought I could just recruit my way to success without really helping my team. I didn’t even know how to help my team the first two years. 

Now I realized after watching all these marketing mastermind mentors that you know, they all have teams, all the big successful leaders in any industry that make a lot of money have a large organization of people, and they all do it together. 

So you can’t be a lone wolf in any profession online. You need people not only to help you financially succeed, but you need to have a reason to be alive. I mean, if you’re just living by yourself and you’re a recluse and you hate people, you’re missing the whole point about this life. 

We’re here to help each other and to love each other. And love is the number one commandment. You know, the first commandment is to love God with all your heart. The second commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself. 

So you really have to love even your enemies and help everyone succeed. And that will really fill your heart with just a phenomenal feeling that you’ve done something with your life. If you’re just doing it for yourself and you just want money, and you don’t even really care about people. It’s going to just sting you in the end, and you’re going to be just shortchanged out of a very fulfilling life. 

I don’t think you can have a very fulfilling life without people. I mean, just the other day this guy came over, he was a Christian. My car is stuck in the driveway. I’ve been home alone for three weeks. My wife is still in Texas. And he came over, I texted him, I was like, Hey, if you’re going into town, I need a ride. 

He wasn’t going into town. But he came over anyways, because God said to him to help Erik out, and I got to go to the store. It felt like Disneyland because I haven’t been out of the house for three weeks. And I was like, Oh, boy, oh, boy. We’re going to the store. Crazy stuff, man. 

But I really thanked him. I mean, we both said, God bless you. You know, he is a Christian, I am a Christian. Because life can be really evil. You know, I mean, if you created it that way, you know, I mean there’s people committing suicide left and right, because they don’t have a relationship with God or with other people and it’s sad and you know, you might have to do a lot of work to heal yourself and change your mindset and, and wipe out your memories, your bad memories. 

Get Going And Get Growing Your Home Business

So, right now I’m reading the code to joy, a really good book, check it out on Amazon. It’s all about rewiring yourself and removing those traumas from your past and those traumas could be holding you back. You know, you could have an amazing life, but a lot of people are living under a cloud because of traumas from childhood. 

So check out that book and thanks for watching guys. I hope this helps you succeed in your home business AKA the lean startup, I’m gonna be here for a long time and I’m gonna provide you guys with the best value for home business growth and entrepreneurial excellence.