How To Set Up A Facebook Business Page

how to set up a new facebook business page

Today’s prospective customers no longer flip through the Yellow Pages or obediently pay attention to commercials on television. Instead, they are searching online and using Facebook or other top social media platforms to find the products and services they need.

If your business is not on Facebook where your potential customers are, you will miss out on so many opportunities. To harness the power of and Meta, the first step is to create your own FB business page. After downloading the mobile app or signing up on that is!

To help you get started, here are the things you should do to set up a new Facebook business page correctly:

1. Create A Facebook Personal Profile Before Your FB Business Page

You will need a personal Facebook account to get started, especially if you work in an MLM company in Argentina. Although you can create several business pages, all of these should link to a single personal account. Once logged in, just click on Create found at the top right corner. Click the Page button to proceed to the business section.

2. Fill Out Business Information

A blank business page will after choosing Page and you will see a Create a Page window on the left. You can then start filling out important business information. You should come up with a page name, choose a category, and write a business description. You also want to allow business reviews on your Facebook page.

3. Decide On Your Brand Visuals

Your choices for branding can easily make or break your Facebook business page right from the beginning. This is why it is imperative that you use strong visuals that will spark a strong emotional connection and showcase your personality. Make sure you draw in people with eye-catching cover and profile photos.

4. Add More Detailed Information About Your Business

This is the time for you to fill in more details regarding your business. Be sure to create a custom Facebook username URL, add contact information, add your business address, and map out your specific service areas. You should also indicate your business hours. Price range of your offers should also be filled out as well as links to your other social media accounts.

5. Include A Call To Action Button That Converts

One of the smartest ways of boosting conversions is to design your Facebook business page around a strong CTA or call to action. If everything on the page subtly moves visitors to a specific outcome, it increases your chances of closing the deal.

Some options for Facebook page calls to action buttons include:

• Call now

• Book now

• Get quote

• Learn more

• Order food

• Play game

• Send message

• Shop now

• Sign up

• Use app

• Watch video

6. Upload Unique Photos

Fill your page with photo albums that tell the story of the kind of experiences that your business can deliver. Images of your location, experiences, and products can set a more positive expectation among new customers. You can also tag key elements and people in these photos to drive more engagement among your existing clients or customers with your Meta marketing.

Facebook Business Page Profits

Having your own Facebook business page is one of the first steps you can take to boost your Facebook ventures further. A strong and solid social media presence including Facebook marketing should always be part of a well-thought out online marketing plan.