Guide To Gen Z Growing In The Workforce

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Some call them iGen or Zoomers, and some refer to them as the post-millennial generation, Gen Z or Generation Z, has started arriving in the workplace in mass. The debate over Generation Z’s definition remains as it is; there is a buzz about Generation Z taking over the majority of place in the workforce as a full-time. But are we prepared for this yet? What support and training will Gen Z need once they become a part of the organization?

Well, we are aware of one thing, the upcoming generation is tech-savvy. Having said that, the meaning management system needs to be more up-to-date. What is better than providing an LMS app for a training program in the epoch of apps and Gen Z kids addicted to their phones?

Things We Know About Generation Z

Grown-up during the world’s worst economic slump since the recession, their outlook towards money, work, and career are more cynical comparatively, even if they are more realistic than optimistic.

• This generation is always online! Them expecting everything to be available instantly is not surprising. Films, books, music, and TV, all are available within a few clicks. Speed and convenience are their way of living life.

• Everything and everyone on screen is how they approach work and relationships. Generation Z is more comfortable in online communication than in-person.

• Coming up in the age of war and economic decline, they tend to be overwhelmingly stressed out. They are more inclined towards facts, measurement, testing, and analytics.

• Identified as the generation of born entrepreneurs, Gen Z has a powerful instinct that one does not need to give years bootstrapping to make millions. Most Gen Z wants to run their startup rather than work as an employee.

Gen Z: Education And Work Experience

Starting school after the 2000s, most of them learn via computers and online tools. The generation is highly dependent on visuals. With their virtual orientation, they have a striking ability to multitask and process multiple information on multiple channels.

Since school and college, this generation is blessed to be a solid competition, reflecting in their work experience. Being part of complete high school courses and working as interns during college honed their professional skills from the start. They are aware of the job sector competition and focus on career development much more than baby boomers and Gen X.

How To Prepare Generation Z For The Workplace?

There is no room left for doubt that Gen Z has so much to offer in a job and find their place among other generations in no time. Organizations should be ready for the challenges coming across their way as Gen Z employees come in the majority over the next few years:


Generation Z with comparatively less work experience expect to pour out more resources and take time into all the aspects of the onboarding process.


Mobile learning is something that Gen Z workers take for granted. Since they have grown up learning aid with computer and school learning management systems, they expect training to take place partly or entirely online. Workplace training carried out readily and flexible methods, such as LMS apps on mobile, is not something preferred, but it is something expected. Not to overlook, face-to-face meetings, penning notes down, and attending conferences may come as a challenge for Generation Z.


As a generation growing up in a culture obsessed with metrics and testing of every kind, one can profoundly expect Gen Z’s to be relatively less resistant to evaluation initiatives of the workplace. But, their over anxiousness over metrics can cause a backlash in some cases, as they fail to take a risk or avoid taking initiatives in the first place.

However, Generation Z is the future; as far as training and development are concerned, the dynamics will change with the right learning management system. It will all be starting with LMS apps, which are going to be the training centers for the foreseeable future.