5 Best Lead Generation Sources Online

I mention this in almost all my Youtube videos, that you need to generate massive leads consistently into your MLM sales funnel to become successful. I know, because I have generated over 60,000 leads in 3 different MLM companies and recruited over 800 people. Here’s the 5 Best MLM Lead Generation Sources Online:

One – Blogging

I started an MLM blog in 2014 because that’s what I saw the MLM trainers I watched do. However, it was slow going for about 18 months until suddenly I wrote a MLM company list review and it started getting 200 views a day and generated about 10 leads a day. Those leads were high quality because they had typed in “Best MLM company” into the search engines and found my article. They were ALREADY LOOKING for an opportunity. Although, blogging is extremely competitive today, if you get lucky and get an article on the first page of the search engines, you’re going to get leads for a long time.

However, if you’re not much of a writer, I would skip blogging. You’ll probably need 300 to 500 articles to start generating leads, but for someone like me who liked writing anyways and didn’t have any money to buy leads it was a perfect fit.

Two – YouTube

Youtube is a very powerful platform, and is kind of like blogging, but I believe you only need 100 videos to generate the same leads as you would for writing 300 to 500 blog articles. What I like about youtube is that it’s fast and easy. I can shoot a video and publish it within 30 minutes and I’m done for the day. You just put your MLM landing page link under the video and at the end of the video say, “see what my number one business is by clicking the link under this video.”

Again, you might get lucky and get a popular video, but again, Google doesn’t usually give new channels tons of traffic, but you never know. Plus, you establish trust with your prospects quicker with video because they can see you, hear you, and get a true sense of your character. So, be genuine and humble, because people can smell “sales pitch” a mile a way, and like they say: “people love to buy things, but they don’t like to be sold to.”

Three – Social Media

I’m still amazed today how some big MLM leaders only use Facebook to grow their business, but it’s true. I’m not a fan of Facebook, but between 2014-2016 I recruited over 100 people just by using the automated direct message on Twitter.

Social Media is powerful to generate leads and signups. My only advice is to master one social media platform. Sure, you can post every day on all of them, but really concentrate on one platform to generate leads. For instance, I post my new videos onto all the social media platforms, but my main platform that I focus on is probably Instagram.

Four – PPC

“Pay Per Click” advertising is very powerful. The two largest PPC networks are obviously Bing and Google. You basically sign up to their ad platform, create an ad, set a daily budget and how much you want to spend per click, or just let them set it, and that’s it.

What I love about PPC is you can target specific people and specific countries and you have complete control how much you spend. For instance, I can just target the country Pakistan, and target people searching for “New business tie” and only pay 10 cents a click  and the ad stops running when I hit the $10 a day threshold I set. I feel Google is cheaper than Bing because Google has a much larger audience to serve ads too.

Five – Solo Ads

Solo Ads are my favorite because it’s quick and easy. All you have to do is register HERE and “find a seller” at the top right. These people are called sellers and are internet marketers who are willing to email their “list” your MLM link in an ad that they write. You simply buy “clicks” from these vendors and they do the rest.

For instance, if I want 200 views to my MLM landing page, I would buy 200 clicks from a vendor. Vendors charge between 40 cents to 95 cents per click. You might get 10 to 20 leads per 100 clicks. This is a great way to get your leads up fast if you want to create excitement for your downline.

Start leading the way with these top lead generation techniques!