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Thank you for viewing this page! My name is Erik Christian Johnson, the founder of Best Business Builders. I am a full-time internet marketer, blogger, YouTuber, network marketer, and affiliate marketer.

I have personally recruited over 3,500 people into 5 different MLM companies in the last 8 years.

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However, the average earnings of a typical network marketing rep is only $1,200 a year. That is not even enough to cover the product costs you have to pay for annually in most MLMs. That income is unacceptable for an MLMer or direct seller.

I know MLM sucks sometimes, I have been there. People can’t live on $20, $50, or even $100 commissions on sales. Even MLM distributors in India need more money than that for their earnings.

That is why after doing MLM for 7 years and making over $200k, I have joined a platform that teaches people how to make $1000 commissions, $2000 commissions, and $3,000 commissions per sale!

More people are working from home, especially during this craziness. Now, you can learn how to truly set up a digital marketing business, with your own products or coaching, or promoting the products already set up.

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About Erik Christian Johnson

Hey guys, so as I mentioned earlier this is Erik Christian Johnson. Welcome to my brand and business blog. I want to share my story so you can see if you can relate, and hopefully we can connect on my blog or on my YouTube channel or on social media. And here’s my story. 

So in 2011 I wanted to make money online. I wanted to make income on the internet 24/7 because I was tired of working. I worked in the restaurant business for over 20 years.

I was busting my butt working two jobs back to back 6am until 11pm at night making about $11 an hour, maybe $12 if I was lucky, and I was approaching 40 years old and I wanted a way out. 

I didn’t have a lot of education. I had maybe about a year of college. No fancy degrees and no specialized education is required to succeed in MLM, even in Pakistan.

I was a rock star wannabe and a writer wannabe at one time in my life and those dreams faded. I started to drink alcohol more and more and then those dreams finally collapsed. I had nothing left. 

So, 2011 I got sober and started to read ebooks on internet marketing and I read Napoleon Hill and about attraction marketing and all of those things to start developing a new mindset.

In 2011, I launched my first full length record on tunecore and created some mp3s and one night while I was sleeping, I sold an mp3 in Japan.

So that was the very first time I made a profit on the internet and it just made me so excited that I actually earned – even though it was only like $1.

I made money overnight while I slept from across the world, and didn’t even know them or anything, I just made money and I was like, hooked from then on. 

So 2012 I decided to write a memoir about getting sober and my drinking history and I called it the drunk. A very, you know, apropos book and started to make about $30 to $70 a month with it. This is during the ebook, Kindle era, when everyone was writing a book. 

Everyone was trying to get into the ebook market, and I was right there with them. And I started to promote my book on Twitter and Facebook. Twitter was really an amazing platform back then – you just share a link in a tweet, and it would direct people to your offer. 

So I was like, so maybe I could try this with other offers. Instead of just promoting my ebooks, maybe I could do affiliate marketing products. That’s where you promote someone else’s digital product and you earn a commission every time you sell one. 

So I found an affiliate marketing product I really liked. It actually targeted writers who wrote ebooks and it taught them how to spy on their competition and it was a Clickbank product.

I started to promote it on my Twitter. Back then I had about 80,000 followers on my Twitter, I really followed every day just to get that following up. 

That summer I made $2,000 with that product, selling it to just my Twitter following, and I was hooked from then on. The problem with affiliate marketing is that they’re usually only one time sales.

You don’t earn a commission over and over and I was really looking for automated passive income.

I wanted to automate it to the point where I was making money around the clock, because I wanted that feeling back that I had when I sold that mp3 in Japan. 

So, lo and behold, I found network marketing in 2014, and that was like affiliate marketing on steroids because I would earn a commission off of not just one sale, but on every little activity that my team did. So I learned how to start recruiting people in my network marketing business. 

This is 2014, and I learned how to automate it for major MLM success. I used the same Twitter platform, and I automated a direct message. So whenever someone followed me on Twitter, they would get a new message from me, automated, that said, take a look at my opportunity and I would leave my link. 

So, I learned how to start generating massive leads, and the company I was in had an automated email system that emailed my leads. All I had to do was generate the leads and the company emailed my leads.

It got to the point where I successfully got my MLM work day down to one hour a day, because all I would do is I would create a blog article, and I would put my landing page link in the article, I would put my landing page link under videos – and I would put my link on Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn and Pinterest, and I started generating leads for my new MLM venture

The same story applies today. I have automated network marketing. I’m an introvert. I do not do network marketing in a traditional sense. I am not on the phone all day doing three way calls with my downline.

I am not going to hotel meetings and I am not throwing home parties to push products for direct selling. I am really hands off and in the last six years I have recruited over 1400 people in just one company – basically all automated.

I work one hour a day still today and I have worked from home full time for the last three years. 

I have started affiliate marketing again, because it is hard to make money in MLM only getting $20 to $50 commissions.

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Thanks for reading! I hope I can work with you!

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