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Financial Futures

There are so many factors that come into play when it comes to personal finance and business finances. When you look back at the year 2021, do you have any regrets? When you look towards 2022, what are you hoping to accomplish?

In our world, the world of taxes and finance, we look back at the prior year at what actually happened. We have to do that to prepare taxes. The difference between us and most firms is that we don’t focus much on the past. We focus on tax planning. Which looks forward. Plans for the future. We don’t have surprises at tax time. Because we’ve already spent time with our clients during the year. We’re always looking forward. We are proactive rather than reactive. Are you in for a surprise come February or March because tax planning didn’t happen? Was your CPA proactive during the year? Will the same thing happen this year? STOP THE CYCLE OF PAYING TOO MANY TAXES! Start planning professionally. The good news is there are still things we can do to save you money in 2021. The even better news is, there are many things we can do to save you even more in 2022. Start right now. If we can’t do anything for your finance scenario, that’s fine but at least you will know for sure.

Waiting up to 90 days for an invoice can be painful, especially if it’s from a large client. Your cash is locked up, and it can mean you miss opportunities to invest. Our secret sauce is really providing fast and flexible marketing funding. We work with a lot of agencies to bridge money gaps and free up cash flow to give you that extra cushion you need to succeed. Fund Large Projects, Fuel Growth, Minimize Equity Dilution, and Increase Valuation with our finance and funding solutions. We provide working capital to ALL types of businesses. It does not matter the size of your business, we are here to help financially you when you need it. We have great customer reviews ensuring that you get the best possible service and products for your business. I know you and your team are passionate about helping these businesses succeed as well, and I’d love to discuss with you over email to hear where you are and how we can help with your business finance.

FIND FUNDING FOR YOUR BUSINESS FAST! Applying for funding shouldn’t be difficult. We have simplified our application form to a 5 minute application with funding happening in 24 hours or less! We treat every client like it is our first one. you will never be a number or call our line just to hear a robot! On top of that, we offer many product features for our funding options. Some examples are: • Customized Rates and Terms • Early Payment Discounts • Build Business Credit • Dedicated Funding Advisor Ready to get started with financing? For over 25 years as a direct private lender, We’ve provided secured and unsecured loans to CRE investors with viable projects who are experiencing difficulty in obtaining financing via conventional channels. If your business is organized and needs capital, we can provide a business or personal loan for your projects. I’d love to discuss your current goals and see if we can help you get your desired funding needs. Contact Us Today for financed funds!

You can also improve your business by accepting more payment types such as ACH. Do you accept checks and wait to get paid? Do you bill your customers? Does your business have a high monthly sales volume? Are you tired of paying high credit card fees? Would a convenient payment experience increase your customer loyalty? What is ACH? As an alternative to paper checks, Automated Clearing House payments are electronic payments that pull funds directly from your client’s checking account. This system enables you to capture payments 24/7. The payment page link can be sent via text or email, AND you can add a “Pay Now” button to your website! It’s a great tool to be used for capturing invoices, recurring payments, and ACH payments. NO MORE WAITING FOR CHECKS. Why provide the ACH option? Your clients prefer to use this option. And for you, faster funding means faster collections and better cash flow! ACH transactions have the lowest costs associated with any payment system. Avoid waiting on checks and improve your A/R. Avoid high credit card transaction fees. Move payments automatically. Allow for recurring payments. Accepting ACH payments will help you to build your business bigger and better.

These days you might have been telling yourself things about your business such as… —”I don’t have enough time.” —”I don’t have the cashflow I would like” —”I don’t have the profit margins that I should have” —”I’m paying too much in taxes to the IRS” But when you think about your business or personal finances in 5 or 10 years, what do you see? Do you have more cashflow than ever? Are you paying as little in taxes as possible and investing those savings? What is retirement looking like? Are you making interest rather than paying it? Listen, things can change fast. There’s a famous picture of New York City in 1905, and you see a bunch of horse carriages and ONE car. By 1913, all you see are cars! The point is that you can’t even imagine yet what life might be like in 2030. And that means your business and personal finances could be something you can’t even imagine as well! But in life and business, a journey always begins with a first step. Your first step to financial fortunes is working with us. Start saving money in tax. Stop wasting money every year and sending it to the government. Start investing those savings. START TODAY and in 2030 it will be so much better you won’t even recognize it. Our team focuses on tax planning and strategy. It’s not that other accountants or CPA professionals are negligent or incompetent. They just don’t do tax planning. Plain and simple. They are afraid to bring it up with their clients because they never have. And if they bring it up now, the client will feel like they’ve missed out for years. Which is true. Or they have way too many clients and not enough time. However, in the end, who is hurting? The client is missing out. It is a vicious cycle! Let us help you get out of the cycle.

Health also means wealth. COVID-19 is having dramatic impact on employee wellness: 52% of employees have at least one co-morbidity that increases COVID risk. 94% of American workers experience stress in the workplace since COVID. 75% of employees said the Coronavirus pandemic has impacted their productivity and financial health. According to Society for Human Resource Management, about 30% of companies are increasing their investment in employee wellness in 2022. Increased Investment: Virtual wellness programs. Stress management including mindfulness and exercise. Weight management programs.

In addition to investing in your health, you want to invest financially in your career. Wouldn’t be nice while investing in yourself to: a. Connect the dots between process and customer experience b. Add some new powerful techniques to your skillset c. Impress the organisation with your insights and actionable understanding? d. And add a terrific qualification to your resume? These factors will all help with your finances and fortune. We’ve developed a suite of fully-integrated payments products that will provide the financial solutions for your merchant’s business to run smoother, faster, and more secure. Give us 10 minutes of your time for a personalized demo that will show you how BBB and our industry-leading technology can help you stand out and grow your business financially.

We are consistently developing new product offerings for you and your business. Double the term of your current loan Cut the cost in half to double your loan amount These are just some of the things you will get when you partner with us. Get funded today to improve your finance fast! My company as a private lending firm is currently looking forward to lending money for real estate, start-up, rehab, fix and flip, purchase, business expansion, and funding for a contract etc, at a resealable interest rate of 5%. Our loan term is for a maximum period of 25 years. We can finance and partner together by making a financial investment in Form of soft loans. Would be happy to receive an Executive summary to see if you have any viable project we can finance. There are no hidden fees, no prepayment penalties and we have different payment schedules. I will be glad to hear from you to discuss the loan process.

To learn more about same day customer financing or small business merchant cash advances, learn more about David Allen Capital and Bank Breezy here.

To learn how we can help your financial situation, contact us today.

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