All About Water Filtration Systems For Homes And Businesses

what to know about water filtration systems filtering h2o

Safe tap water is a necessity in any home, yet too many people are unaware that their home’s tap water could have harmful chemicals in it. Over 21 million people are drinking water from a community source that violates the Safe Water Drinking Act. It’s not just people in Flint Michigan or other poor neighborhoods at risk, it could be you and your family as well.

How can you make sure that you get safe tap water with chemical and toxin removal? Investing in quality water filtration systems is one way to protect you and your family from contaminated water. 

Here is everything you need to know about water filtration systems for your home or place of business. 

The Different Types of Water Filtration Systems

One common type of water filter technology is activated carbon. Activated carbon is carbon that has more pores on its surface. When water passes through, contaminants like chlorine and other organic components get trapped inside the pores. 

This results in cleaner, better-tasting water. Many people have this type of water filtration system in portable pitchers in their kitchens. It’s inexpensive and easy to get water filtering systems.

Reverse osmosis is when water is forced back through membranes with small pores using high water pressure. Reverse osmosis as a water filtration system is a more expensive option, but very effective at removing contaminants like heavy metal. 

Using ultraviolet light as a purification method is effective at killing living components, like viruses and organic bacteria. It is not effective at removing inorganic materials like minerals or heavy metals. 

Does Your Filtration System Need a Water Softener?

Many people stop and think about which type of water filtration system they want to get for their home. They hardly ever stop to think about whether their tap water is hard or soft. Knowing this is crucial as it can impact the effectiveness of your water filters.

Hard water is water that contains high amounts of minerals in it, like calcium and magnesium. While it is safe tap water to drink, this water is responsible for leaving soap scum stains, dingier hair and clothes, and spots on your dishes.

Soft water does not contain these extra minerals that can cause the problems mentioned above. Soft water makes cleaning easier and more effective, as well as washing your hair and clothes. 

How can you tell if you have soft or hard water causing mineral buildup? Getting your tap water professionally tested is typically the recommended method. 

Adding a water softener to your home’s water purification system can take the heavy lifting off your filtration system. Check out this ecowater review for more detail on one of the more popular types of water softeners that you can install in your home. 

Looking for More Advice on Increasing Your Home’s Water Quality?

Installing good water filtration systems in your home can help eliminate many pollutants and contaminants that slip through the cracks. Filtering your water is always a smart insurance policy when you consider a variety of risk factors involved in your H2O.

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