7 Tips for Safely Packaging and Shipping Your Products

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When it comes to packaging and shipping, there is more to it than selecting the kind of box to put your product and a reliable product shipping company to trust with your products.

It is a process, and each choice you make can either build or break your business. Besides getting the best packaging products and ensuring goods reach customers on time, packaging and shipping are a chance to boost brand credibility.

Therefore, it would be best if you strived for safe packaging and shipping to improve consumers’ trust in your brand and, in return, promote retention. Yet, how do you achieve this? Here is a guide to packing products safely and cost-effectively.

1. Invest in Bubble Wraps 

The standard packaging boxes are not enough to secure your products. The goal is to see the products reach buyers dent-free by offering extra cushioning around the items. Bubble wraps are an excellent investment, primarily if you deal with fragile products.

Note that if you are shipping several products at once, ensure that they are wrapped separately. Fill all voids with bubble wraps or air pillows to prevent the products from coming into contact with each other.

With individual wrapping, the products can’t move around or cause any force on each other. If your products contain liquid, add a layer of plastic packaging around the items to prevent leaks and moisture damages. 

2. Get Quality Corrugated Boxes

The key to reducing package material wastage and shipping fees is by investing in quality boxes. You should, however, pick the right size of the box and ensure that it is of the right material.

Besides maximum product protection, corrugated boxes are the best for customization, hence versatility. With this, you can design a package that perfectly fits your product for shipping.

Corrugated boxes increase customer satisfaction. They are easy to open and look presentable when they reach the customers.

What’s more? They are eco-friendly. Due to their sustainability, corrugated boxes can be recycled as many times as you wish, thus saving your money.

You should, however, avoid using one corrugated box too many times. The cartons get worn out, and their strength reduces with time, which may compromise the products’ safety.

Take your time to look for reliable corrugated manufacturers for quality assurance. In return, you can trust that the boxes will serve you for a longer time and help you boost brand credibility. 

3. Use Fitting Boxes

Reducing the size of the packing boxes helps you to save money while enhancing the product’s safety.

Depending on the nature of the products, the item should fit in the box without leaving any spaces. This ensures that it is securely placed, hence minimal chances of breaking.

Moreover, the strategy minimizes material wastage. If a product can fit in an envelope, there is no point in packing it in a large box. The box will go to waste, not to forget that you will be forced to pay more for shipping.

Most carriers such as UPS operate with dimensional pricing. This means that the bigger the box, the higher the shipping costs. Optimize packaging and reduce shipping fees by maximizing packing space, using padded envelopes, and diversifying the packaging material. 

Nonetheless, you should avoid packing the products too tightly. While a secure fit is crucial to keep the products safe in the box, they may break if wrapped too tightly or kept in a tiny package. The box will exert excess pressure on the products, causing them to crack or lose their shape.

4. Incorporate Sealing Tape

Secure the boxes with quality sealing tape. Most businesses use pressure-sensitive tape as they find it to be cost-effective. However, that is only because they do not look at things from the right perspective to uncover the hidden costs. 

For instance, you must use several PST stripes to ensure the security of the package. The use of many strips affects the actual weight of the box, hence the cost. Moreover, the product is still vulnerable to damages despite using multiple strips of pressure-sensitive tape. 

You can avoid this by investing in sealing tape. While it may seem like a costly option, it ensures the safety of the package. The tape makes it hard to tamper with the package without leaving marks.

Look for a reliable type like the water-activated tape, which bonds with the carton, leaving no chances of theft. The best part is that you only need one strip to secure the package, thus no extra shipping cost. 

5. Labeling Is Equally Important

Labeling is a safety requirement when shipping products. By indicating what is inside the box, the carriers know how well to take care of it to avoid damages.

Labeling will also ensure that the product reaches the right recipient. It should include the name, telephone number, and address of both the recipient and shipper.

To be on the safer side, use an extra label inside the product package. This will come in handy if the primary label falls off.

6. Fill Void With Vermiculite

Vermiculite is a natural mineral fill that protects packaged products against dents, thanks to its absorbent properties.

The mineral fill absorbs shock and protects the products from accidental moisture spills. It is also characterized by inert composition, which boosts the safety of the products during shipping.

Invest in high-quality vermiculite for all shipping needs, and with this, consumers will feel that you value and care for them.

7. Temperature Control With Refrigerant Gel Packs

Some products demand a specific temperature. Otherwise, their functionality is compromised. You cannot go wrong with refrigerant gel packs, which work better than dry ice.

The gel pack promotes convenience while preventing potential hazards. That aside, some carriers do not accept dry ice due to weight issues, making refrigerant ice pack the more preferred option.

That aside, refrigerant gel packs are non-toxic and can therefore be used in all types of products, including food, without compromising safety. The packs are reusable, thus promoting sustainability and cost-effectiveness. 

Boost Your ROI and Business Credibility With Safe Packaging Products

Safe product packaging reduces the number of returned goods. In return, this maximizes your returns on investment while increasing consumers’ trust in your business. Follow the guide above and invest in packaging products that guarantee the safety of your goods.

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