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There are over 100 million people who do network marketing, and over 5% of America now work from home. There is a new dramatic shift from traditional business to Entrepreneurial-minded folks who want to live like Digital Nomads.

In this extensive and informative guide, I show you exactly what you need to finally fire your boss and become your own boss – working full-time from home with MLM and affiliate marketing in the new economy.

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Read this guide, then re-read it again. This is the ONLY guide you need to make 6 to 7 figures a year in network marketing. I have used these EXACT STEPS to recruit over 5000 new MLM distributors and earn a doctor’s salary each year. That is not too bad for a former short order cook!

Here Is the Free Training: 10 Exact Steps for Working from Home with Network Marketing.

Enjoy these top multi-level marketing and direct selling tips for smart super success in 2024 and 2025.

One – You Have to Want it

When I started network marketing in 2014, I desperately wanted it and needed it. See, I was working two restaurant jobs back to back, 6 am until 11 pm at night, usually flipping burgers or cutting onions and making $11 an hour. I was almost 43. My back was sore and I had already had a heart attack ten years earlier from stress, drinking and cooking.

Restaurant work was a dead-end and I knew it. I just didn’t know what my escape plan would be. I started internet marketing in 2011, lost a lot of money in scams and things I just didn’t master, until I kept hearing about the residual income possibilities of network marketing.

Leaders in network marketing were making over $100k per month, legitimately, and I knew I wanted in.

January 15th, 2014, $30k in debt, I used the last $80 on a credit card to become a “Independent Business Owner” in a network marketing company.

Network marketing was foreign to me, so I learned everything I possibly could, watched every video about it and read every ebook, and started my journey.

First two years were tough, but I had a vision, and knew it would eventually pay off.

Year after year, I watched my income grow from barely being able to afford my monthly product, to buying new things, taking trips, and eating out regularly. Never give up on your network marketing success and it will pay of hundred times what you put into it.

Two – Destroy Job Mindset

Network marketing is your own business that will destroy the 9 to 5 schedule. You will most likely work the most when the normal work crowd gets home from work.

Network marketing also will not pay you for your time. It pays you by how much product you move, and how big of a team you develop. If you want to grow a large business fast, you will have to put in double or triple time, or you can grow it at your own pace.

The good news is: Network marketing pays you as you learn, unlike college where you have to wait 4 to 8 years to make a salary from your career. You can literally get your first paycheck a week into running your own home business.

Also, I wouldn’t quit your job too early. I have had to go back and get a job four separate times because I thought the money was good, but then it fluctuated. By rule of thumb, don’t quit your job until your MLM income matches your job’s income and it’s been steady and reliable for a year or more.

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Three – Entrepreneurial Discipline

There is no boss or time clock watching over you in MLM. If you want your business to happen, you need to learn discipline by setting up your own work schedule from home. And, there’s two types of activities that working from home involves: income-producing activities and non-income producing activities.

Non-income activities include:

Organizing the office, studying the compensation plan, making flyers, changing your social media profiles, watching training, reading ebooks. (although reading about MLM is crucial.)

Income-producing activities include:

Sharing your opportunity link on social media, doing YouTube videos with your opportunity link under them, emailing old contacts with your business opportunity, calling leads, meeting prospects in person. Etc.

If you notice the trend with income-producing activities it’s mainly sharing your opportunity link. The more eyeballs you get on your websites the better. More leads equals more signups.

You are your own boss in MLM. This can be a blessing or a curse. It all depends on how you treat your new business. Almost everyone who makes significant income in network marketing has learned the art of time management from home. You won’t magically make a ton of money from sitting on the couch waiting for somebody on your team to make you rich.

The income from network marketing surprisingly matches how much self-development you have done. Leaders are the biggest readers. Read a book per week about business, Entrepreneurship and network marketing combined and you will be golden!

Four – Manage Your Emotions

Starting a home business can be a rollercoaster, because one, it is a new profession, and two, you are dealing with a lot of personalities. People will come and go in your business, and it is not your fault. It is the nature of the beast.

In the beginning of my home business I was ecstatic when someone joined and distraught when someone quit. It took a psychological toll on me, and my wife had to talk me into pressing on a few times. When you realize the numbers as part of the process of building an organization it gets a lot more manageable: 70 to 90% of the people who join your business will eventually quit, but the good news is: you only need 3 to 5 rockstars on your team to make significant life-changing, residual income.

The best way to conquer a bad day is to learn more about this profession, and to find some success stories within network marketing. There’s plenty of awesome videos on YouTube. (Check out the Pizza immigrant success story in network marketing) The better informed you are, the better you will rebound from bad days. Every leader has had them, and still do.

Five – Learn this New Profession

Like I said earlier, I had no clue what network marketing was, so I took to YouTube and took copious notes like I was learning a new profession in college. Then, I emulated the leaders by doing my own videos and articles.

The method is called “Invest, Learn, Teach.” I believe Ray Higdon created this term and it’s very effective.

Invest means to purchase some form of training about network marketing.

Learn means to educate yourself with the training from the product.

Teach means to turn that information into your own training.

This will eventually position yourself as an “authority” in MLM, which will attract leaders to you. Your prospects want to join someone they feel comfortable with in knowing that they will be guided in the right direction. No one wants to join someone who just signed up the day before and knows nothing.

I always say, fake it until you make it in multi-level marketing. I watched a ton of MLM training on YouTube, took notes, then made my own videos. I regurgitated what they told me, and in the beginning it didn’t feel natural, but the more I created training videos the more my natural voice emerged. You can always go back and delete old videos that haven’t received any traffic. The point is: keep learning and turn what you learn into your own BRAND.

Six – Create Content

The biggest leaders in network marketing have created the most content, period. Some of the leaders I follow have over 1,000 videos on YouTube, have tons of followers on social media, have ebooks, and websites that get thousands of visitors each day.

Content works around the clock to generate you leads for top multi-level marketing businesses. The more content you have, the more visitors – which can equal more leads and signups.

Content creation is also called “Attraction Marketing.” You are “attracting” people to your opportunity essentially through content. This is by far better than “pushing” your opportunity onto people who don’t necessarily want it.

The difference between being an annoying pushy marketer and an attractive leader that pulls you towards them is Attraction marketing or pull marketing. Content is great in doing that, especially when you get an article or a video on the first page of Google.

The bottomline is you should create a blog to at least put a one page “About Me” or “Work with Me” page on it, so people can read more about you before clicking your opportunity link. The more the prospect sees you and hears you the more trust is established. You want to break the ice with your prospects as fast as possible.

Then, when you get a blog, you can put the blog link under your YouTube videos, so they can read more about you after watching you. Blogger or blogspot is still a really good place to start a blog and it’s owned by Google, and when you use Google’s products they seem to reward you more in traffic. Same with YouTube. (owned by Google.)

Seven – Generate Endless Leads

There’s two types of prospecting: warm market and cold market.

Warm Market” leads are people that know you.

Cold Market” leads are people that don’t know you.

Most leaders will recommend you start building your business with the warm market, because these people are most likely people who know, like, and trust you. However, most new distributors do not know how to effectively prospect their business, which winds them up into the “NFL” club, aka No Friends Left.

Luckily, our business uses an automated email system that helps you convert your leads into signups, so you don’t necessarily have to talk your way out of a sale.

I never had to talk to friends and family about my business. I went straight to cold market prospecting using Twitter and my other blog.

I learned how to automate a direct message on Twitter that sent a direct message to my new followers that read something like: “We’re looking for motivated Entrepreneurs who want to earn extra income from home, click here.”

People clicked my link which was my signup form, also known as a “landing page” which got them into the email system of my MLM company.

I generated 10 to 30 leads a day with this message. The bottomline is, you need to generate leads consistently, every day, ideally from the cold market.

Cold market is where the money is at. There’s powerful entrepreneurs and experienced network marketers in the cold market. Usually the friends and family of your warm market won’t become your leaders in your network marketing business, but they will always buy from you to support you.

Whatever platform you use to generate leads, make sure you master it. Get really good at one platform before adding a new one. For example: get good at generating 5 to 10 leads a day using Facebook before mastering Instagram. Also, create content so that has a chance to grow.

Also, if you have no warm market, social media presence, or blog or YouTube, the fastest way to get your business growing fast is paid advertising.

You want to work your way up to generating 20 to 100 leads a day, with a combination of paid advertising, social media, and blogging and Youtube.

I don’t really suggest blogging too much, besides your “work with me” page because it will takes hundreds of articles and years to develop. I personally use: YouTube and Paid Advertising.

Never stop recruiting new people. People will quit inevitably. You need to always recruit to find your 3 to 5 core leaders that stick with you for years. Even leaders that have been in network marketing for over 20 years still recruit. They just do it passively through their library of content online.

80% of your income will come from 20% of your team – the top builders on your team. Don’t worry about the 70% to 80% that do nothing and disappear. Keep recruiting and never look back.

Here’s more about Paid Advertising for your MLM.

Eight – Team Building

When most people join MLM they’re only thinking about their situation and how to get out of it. They are money-focused and don’t realize that the big money comes from a team effort.

My income stayed flat when I was only thinking about getting first time orders from people. My income soared when I helped my team develop their own business. I’m sure you know the quote by Zig Ziglar: “You will get all you want out of life if you help enough other people get what they want.”

Again, the majority of your income will come from a lot of people on your team doing a little each. It adds up when you have thousands of people on your team reordering each month and building their own teams.

I always send a welcome letter to my new paid affiliates to help them get started the quickest way. The quickest way to get someone started is to get them generating leads right away and get them a paycheck as soon as possible.

You greatly improve their chances of staying in the business longer if you can help them get their first new distributor. I send my #1 lead generation technique to help them get going within the first hour.

Nine – Empower Others

Everyone is at a different level when they join network marketing. Some people have a lot of experience and some people don’t. It’s important to meet every new rep where they’re at and compliment them for each milestone, whether it’s them getting their first lead, sign up, or check, or hitting a certain rank in the compensation plan. We are in this together, and you will form very close bonds with your leaders, even if you are an introverted recluse like me.

I’ve Recruited over 800 Reps in 3 Different MLM Companies by Generating Massive Leads. Get the Best Advertising, Clicks, and Leads Using Solo Ads.

Ten – Advanced Training

When you can embrace and understand the numbers actually needed to grow a successful home business, you’ll be rock solid. You will be able to embrace the slow times, and when people quit your business, to embracing life-changing success.

Success can happen fast for you (1 to 2 years) or take longer (5 to 8 years). It all depends on how much learning you have to do to become a leader within the profession. Eric Worre said one time “Network marketing” will either punish you or reward you depending on your past. I feel this is so true because I was a narcissistic, introverted alcoholic newly sober when I joined MLM and people stressed me out. I got so mad when people quit or my business wasn’t growing fast enough. I had to do a lot of self-development to get back to my natural loving state before I discovered alcohol and accumulated skeletons in the closet.

Conclusion to Free MLM Training:

Network marketing has been the hardest venture i’ve done, but the most rewarding. If I had to do it over again I would to make more MLM money.

Be excited. This truly is the only vehicle for people like me and you to make life-changing income and to live the life of our dreams, plus help a few others live that way also!

Again, know the numbers to become bulletproof:

100 cold leads equals one sign up

100 signups to find 1 to 2 leaders

3 to 5 leaders to make 6 to 7 figures a year.

3 to 5 years to find those leaders.

Never stop recruiting!

Never stop building your business during Summer or Holidays.

Never depend on anyone to make you rich!

Start building your MLM, direct sales, or affiliate marketing business now!