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The Best Business Builders Blog is a beacon of marketing motivation! We know that marketing, especially of the digital variant, can make all the difference when building businesses and brands bigger than ever. That is why we publish a wide variety of helpful articles to boost your branding and master your marketing. Read the articles and resources below to help maximize your market share:

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How To Market Masterfully

The world of marketing is in transition and is constantly evolving. Digital marketing is changing a great deal with Web 3.0 within reach. The past two years in the marketing world have been volatile ones requiring a lot of adaptation, evolution, and planning due to Web3. By now I am sure you have got a clear picture of the digital marketing and SEO results you would like this year in the age of Web 3 and AI. Surprisingly, a handful of people have reached out already, asking for my help with hitting their SEO targets. And for anyone who cares to listen, I will say the following. Setting Goals Might Not be Enough Without a Plan For Overcoming Crisis in search engine optimization or digital marketing as a whole. I believe that In the world of business, you need a plan A, B and even C. In our opinion ours isn’t any different when you consider how Google acts over the years. For most sites, all it might take is one algorithmic update for them to fold. And whether you take this seriously or not, there will probably be more crazy updates this year. History proves that Google is ever evolving with their algorithms and business model.

So, What Will You do When The Next Google Algorithm Update Hits Your Site? Well, most people would probably drop into full panic mode with their SEO strategy for organic traffic. But since you are reading this, you can face these digital marketing disruption threats with more confidence. I believe we have powerful backlinks to thank for that. You see, even if you’re affected at first, sites that invest in quality link building might rank on top again. No matter how much Google claims links don’t matter, I think the reality is they do. Not only are links a brilliant way to rank your site, but I believe they also provide you with some protection against threatening updates. When it comes to building a rich diversity of powerful backlinks, I always recommend the Best Business Builders Blog SEO service. Our link building service designed for three reasons:

Get a good variety of Anchor Texts for the Site you are looking to rank higher. Supercharge your site with link juice and high authority sites. Get Genuine Social Signals Towards Your Site My team and I have ranked many sites last year and this service was one of our secrets. We have many reviews from people who’ve invested in the service. This year though, I’m looking forward to helping more site owners. There are three affordable packages available for you to choose from, all at a deep discount for business builders in need of more marketing.

The Best Business Builders Blog knows that marketing progress didn’t happen in a vacuum. Much of what I am about to share would not have happened without your feedback on how we could improve. And this is what my heart is about – our product. Using your ideas and input to guide us, we made some important updates and additions to our tools, including dedicating more resources to add-ons that offer value and opportunities for our customers beyond their main subscription. I’m excited to tell you about these updates, but also want to keep the reading time to a minimum — say about as long as it takes to drink a cup of coffee, Ok, got your favorite caffeinated beverage in hand? Let’s dive in to mastering your marketing more.

Let’s get into a marketing case study first. One of the most effective strategies we’ve seen as we looked at over 1,000 social media marketing agencies last year is a shift to a specialized service offering (also known as verticalization, if you’re into sales jargon). And guess what? Specialized agencies are fourteen times more effective! By specializing, these agencies scale their value for other businesses in those industries using the automation tools mentioned in the recent State of the Social Media Agency Report. In fact, for every client that a generalized agency added recently, a verticalized agency added a dozen! And because many of the content and lead acquisition strategies apply broadly to these markets, brand managers can handle more client load while charging a higher retainer due to their specialization and thought leadership.

Reporting remedy for agencies. To those of you who let us know that reporting is one of the most demanding, time-consuming aspects of your client management process — thank you! Hearing about your experiences is what led us to launch a new “Client Portal” inside our Client Manager tool. Instead of having to manually collect your client’s data and create a report, this new tool lets you: Create a portal for your clients Select the required reports and important info Send your client their individual portal link and password Your clients can access the portal at any time, view the reports for different time periods, and download the reports. Give it a try and let us know what you and your clients think, we are always supporting new entrepreneurs! A virtual high-five to those of you who put our Listing Management tool to the test. Your input about this tool’s functionality was so valuable, it helped us customize it for a whole new market! We are thrilled to now be able to help online entrepreneurs benefit from local SEO and take their business to the next level.

Want better insights into your competitors’ display ad campaigns? If yes is your answer, then our Advertising Intelligence app should pique your interest. This new addition to our App Center complements our Display Advertising tool by providing more data and unique features, including: Identifying the best-performing publishers, advertisers, ad networks, and agencies Benchmarking your online advertising against the competition Leveraging data to engage and deploy online campaigns more effectively Expanding Market Explorer data. When it comes to organic keyword research, we’re pretty darn proud of our tools — especially based on the feedback you’ve given us. So, we thought, why not also use this data in our Market Explorer tool?

Digital truths on the table– all roads lead back to PPC advertising and SEM. We understand that PPC is an overwhelming dynamic for anyone who already has enough on their plate. Knowing this drove us to develop the marketing technology to help our partners and marketing agencies scale their PPC portfolio.

Running a marketing agency comes with many challenges. One of them is agency valuation. What do you know about Multiples and Valuations for Agencies? How much is yours worth? Knowing your agency’s market value can tell you a lot about how you should manage your business. Read this post to find out how a valuation is calculated. Marketing Agency Pricing Guide For Your Business Correct budgeting is one of an agency’s biggest challenges. Want to learn some must-know tips for improving your business’ profitability? How Advertising Agencies Lose Profitability and How to Avoid it Some agencies have a hard time understanding why their work and effort are not directly translated into a profitable business. Which are the areas where digital marketing agencies lose profitability?

SEO is also an essential part of marketing your business. Rich media and rich results in the SERPs are significant entities and points of entry for discovery in the customer journey. Rich media usually take more effort to create, but sites that do create it and mark it up effectively with structured data face less competition in those media categories and are able to increase visibility and traffic. Google Simplifies How To, QA Page and Special Announcement Schema for your business SEO. Schema is your ticket to entity optimization as it helps search engines understand the context of your web page content and map them to relevant queries online. Whether it’s for Business-to-Business (B2B) or Business-to-Customer (B2C) purposes, devising an effective social media marketing plan in the new economy is the key to success.

Top market keywords are crucial for your business SEO marketing. Here is a bit about what it does: Lists the keywords driving the most organic traffic to domains in the market you are analyzing Provides quick insights about the most searched terms Offers an easy way to find hidden keyword gems to help you generate more traffic and search volume. There’s more, of course but my guess is that your cup is just about empty. So, I will wrap with another note of appreciation. It is your feedback — both positive and constructive — that led to these improvements and progress. We are grateful to have you as a customer and hope you will continue sharing your input and ideas with us. We create our tools with you in mind so your input is invaluable. And who knows? Maybe the Best Business Builders Blog will take your marketing to the next level as well. It is time to become a masterful marketer making major money!

The effectiveness of Consumer Foot Traffic Data is irrefutable and it speaks for itself! Consider these metrics though: The average CTR (click through rate) of Facebook ads without applying CFTD audience segmentation is under 1% – Conversely, the average CTR when using CFTD audience targeting increased to 8.5%. CTRs are a crucial indicator – far more relevant than vanity metrics such as likes or follows. Often one “likes” a business listed on the social platforms without having ever been to it, let alone been a patron of that business. CTRs signify real commercial interest in your offer so they should be prioritized in your SMM and overall marketing strategy.

Our team at Best Business Builders also work with designers in creating social media strategies that promote their unique brand to a precisely targeted audience. If you should decide to build a stronger social media outreach plan, I am interested in helping. You can find more details on our website here. If you are open to chatting further this week to explore what working together could look like, you can schedule an appointment here. From our remote offices, we work with an experienced team of media success specialists from content curators to expert copywriters. Their level of expertise includes: Increasing reach and engagement rates, creating visual content that reflects the quality of your work, writing effective copy in your own voice, bringing your content to appropriately suited audiences and lastly, taking all social media marketing headaches off your desk. We take off the pressure of maintaining the perfect social media marketing account, so you can focus on building your business. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have on marketing and contact us today.

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