What You Must Know About Package Shipping Overseas

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International package shipping is not only a great way to share and connect with your loved ones living overseas. Many eCommerce businesses grow and reach new markets successfully by delivering products to foreign countries. Whatever the case is, many of us fear using international shipping because it seems like a complex and frustrating procedure.

But shipping internationally can be easily managed with the right attitude and a little knowledge. And although shipping overseas is much easier than it seems, there are a few things each sender must be aware of. Here you will find what you should do and what you need to know before shipping overseas to avoid any challenges and headaches.

Let’s dig in to more about international overseas package shipments!

Choose The Right Carrier

The first step to successful international package shipping is picking the shipping company that meets your needs. However, choosing the right shipper is not that simple as it may sound. There are a lot of carriers offering international deliveries. So, you need to be really careful when choosing one to avoid scammers and to get the best out of it.

If the chosen carrier is not a popular one, spend some time digging reviews and checking companies’ values and experience. You may also ask to show the shipping licenses or other documents to prove its legitimacy. This way you will be sure that your picked company is reliable, has nothing to hide, and will deliver your packages swiftly and smoothly.

Also, consider what extra value the shipper has to offer. Be aware that some shippers have free pick-up services, convenient drop-off points next to your home or office, real customer support (not a chatbot), and more. Consider the company’s benefits before making your decision, as it might save you time and money.

Avoid Overpaying

It doesn’t matter if you are shipping to Romania from the United States, Egypt, Bangladesh, or to Greece. Whatever the destination country is, you don’t want to overpay for shipping services. But how much international shipping should cost, you may ask.

Shipping rates vary due to many factors, so there is no particular price for such services. It is determined by delivery times, the size and the weight of a package, its contents, shipping methods, and more. However, the major factor here is fixed courier prices. And unfortunately, many carriers lately have boosted it unreasonably.

To avoid overpaying for international package shipping, you should compare the pricing from at least a few different shipping companies to get a picture. There are many shipping price comparison sites, but usually, they include only the major shipping companies. So, comparing prices manually would be more beneficial. You may also want to choose an economy shipping method, consolidate packages, or re-use shipping materials to cut shipping expenses.

Don’t Forget Customs Duty

When it comes to shipping globally, probably the most disturbing thing is customs duty. Each country has different shipping rules and regulations as well as different lists of restricted and prohibited items. If only reading all this gets you confused, that is totally normal.

Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid all this when sending packages overseas, so getting familiar with the regulations of the destination country and complying with them is a must. But all this can be easily handled with proper help. And by saying proper help we mean having a reliable shipping carrier by your side, which should be able to guide you through this maze of international shipping.

A reputable and professional shipping company should not let you worry about anything. Instead, they should provide you with all the necessary information regarding customs and other things you should be aware of. If you are not provided with this information upfront, you should request it. Knowing all this will help you avoid misunderstandings and protect your packages from being held up in customs.

Consider Insurance

Shipping overseas means you are sending your package on quite a long cross-border journey. The longer this journey is, the bigger chance it has to get damaged, lost, or stolen. Although it rarely happens, especially when you are shipping with a trusted company, there’s always a minor possibility that something unexpected might come up. Package insurance helps to avoid worrying when your package is in transit. It is a protection in case it doesn’t reach the destination point or reaches the receiver in a bad condition. If you don’t want to pay for it, you should pick a carrier offering free package insurance. Usually, it covers up to $100 worth of goods, so it is perfect for smaller packages.

Smart Shipping

Sending parcels overseas is a challenging task to handle, but it’s much easier when you make the right choices and have some basic understanding. And at the end of the day, some additional forms to fill out and extended shipping times are the only things that differ international shipping from shipping locally.