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Strategic Selling

When it comes to business, sales are everything. I started an experiment last month across all social networks to start selling stronger and more strategically. I will be honest, I make a minimal effort to show up and do sales stuff for the most part because it’s not the best use of my time. I schedule my content in advance, and I only reply or interact if I am tagged for relevant conversations. In short, I am pretty mediocre with the social part of social media. Good thing I don’t tout myself as a social media marketing expert. But last month, after reading up extensively on the machine learning that powers LinkedIn, I decided to try taking my knowledge and my reading about how LinkedIn’s AI works and apply it to smart sales.

What would happen if I picked one social selling channel like LinkedIn and did what the algorithms were looking for to boost sales? Here is what we know from various research papers, developer interviews, and case studies about LinkedIn: It uses multi-objective optimization and takes things like complaints and “I don’t want to see this” very seriously. It uses your network of 1st level connections to help decide what to show you. It weighs your content by how fast people interact with it, and measures not only the probability of people interacting with your content and their networks (“downstream metrics”) but also how likely it is to keep the creator engaged and active (“upstream metrics”). So, what I changed with my feed was this: I stopped curating content on LinkedIn because I didn’t have time to interact with it. I pruned a lot of first degree connections that were irrelevant to my interests and that I had never really interacted with. I cleaned out my pending invites on potential connections. I posted once per day – and not even every day – and then checked back in frequently on that post, interacting with ANY interactions on it. I made sure to interact with at least 3 people’s content each day. I made sure to flag “I don’t want to see this” on anything in my feed 3 times a day, 60 seconds per checkup, and reported obvious bad behavior. I made sure to tag relevant people and organizations in those posts as appropriate.

What happened and what have been the results of my selling experiment? I got much higher engagement levels, website traffic, subscribers, leads, and sales. LinkedIn leveraging really works once you crack the algorithm and stay consistent. Here’s a look at the biggest social networks year to date: Google Analytics traffic to my site for social networks click to see the full size version We see that for a good chunk of the year, Twitter has been my most impactful network in terms of traffic it drives. Then in August, that changes. Let’s hide everything except LinkedIn: LinkedIn traffic to my website click to see the full size version You don’t need to be a data scientist to figure that one out. That is a 10x improvement in traffic to my website from LinkedIn because my engagement strategy and tactics were in line with what the algorithms were looking for. Now, this is a sample of one. I already have a large number of connections on LinkedIn, nearly the maximum 30,000 first-degree connections. So your results, should you want to try this experiment, will probably vary. But doing the things that the machine learning model is looking for isn’t a bad idea. I would encourage you to run a test for yourself. See if you can replicate this result. As for me, I am going to start reading up on Tiktok, I think. See if there is a there, there from an algorithm and machine learning perspective. Earlier this month, we sat down (over Zoom) with entrepreneur, Richard Bell to discuss what business owners can be doing now to be ready to come out of this long-term lockdown.

Influencer marketing has become an increasingly larger slice of the work that all agencies perform, with most agencies directly involved in influencer negotiations. Where should you focus your attention in your next influencer negotiation for best results? Start here to improve your social selling as an online influencer:

• Content Rights – Nail down who will own completed content vs. having temporary use rights.

• Content Approval – Ensure that agency and brand will see and approve all content pre-posting.

• Exclusivity – Define whether the influencer will be prevented from representing any other brands.

• Behavior – Usually called the “morals clause,” preserve the ability to part ways if influencer behavior doesn’t match the brand’s values. A social media influencer with immoral behavior could cause bad PR for your business that could negatively impact sales in the short term or even long term.

We have also updated the links on Best Business Builders as we encourage you to check these out to ensure you are getting all the sales support you are entitled to while they are still available. For more selling help, let’s discuss three essential things you can do to set your business up for success as we head out of lockdown. Richard is CEO of Little Biz Academy with over 300 employees, the Founder of Business Leaders Group and in 2024, received the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the Finance category. Each year he mentors 20 unique business owners – we asked him about what makes the difference to surviving versus thriving in the current market conditions in 2024.

So what are your thoughts on what small business owners are going through right now? The global situation has been challenging for a lot of us. The Coronavirus pandemic has probably challenged your ideas about life, ideas about business, your goals, your values, how you think about things, but don’t let it change your course. It is so easy to get thrown off by something external whether it is a global pandemic, economic downturn, massive change in trade rules or government policy… it is important that you as the business owner stay true to your course and your vision of when you started this thing in the first place – whatever it is. iKeep: Yes, these are uncertain times for a lot of business owners, if someone isn’t sure how to get back on track what are the two or three things you would recommend? Great question – Uncertainty definitely creates a feeling of being lost, so whenever I have felt like that in the past, my go-to is to do whatever it takes to gain clarity on the path ahead of me, otherwise you will simply be wandering aimlessly.

1. Business success and stronger sales do not happen by accident, it is planned and executed. Get your bearings right and identify what true north is for you and your company. Think about every aspect and do a full day strategy and planning session where you look at: Do you have the right people on your team; Are you positioned properly within the market; Are you actually solving a problem currently; Does the current trajectory of the business point towards where you actually want to be? What do you need to start doing, stop doing, do more of, do less of?

2. A successful business is the outcome of 1000 small things done well. Not one big seismic win or failure. It’s every decision, detail, process, plan and strategy that counts.” Have you been looking for a financial miracle over these challenging months? There is a tried and true way to build a passive income. And this could be the very thing you need to create the kind of cash flow that leads to generational wealth for your family. The whole process is simpler than you think! In fact, I’ll show you examples with real people, just like you.

3. Passive income beats selling daily. Passive Ownership Opportunities come in many forms including Home Renovations, Painting, Beauty, Fitness, Food & Beverage, Auto Repair & Maintenance, Landscaping, Tutoring, Child Education and more Break out of the irreversible decline of the 9-to-5 and build a passive income you can run from anywhere. Brad in Utah runs a bathroom renovation franchise as a semi-absentee owner while keeping his full time job. Brad is also married and has two active kids. His sales revenue through one year of COVID reached $1 million, and you can sell like him too!

Stop waiting for a miracle to walk in your front door when you can build your own door, knock on it, and start selling! When opportunity knocks will you be ready with smarter sales!

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