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The business world is more competitive and complex than ever before in 2024. The global economic recession is mounting daily, with layoffs intensifying and advertising spend diminishing. They started in the cryptocurrency and tech sectors but will be spreading to more white collar and blue collar jobs soon. AI has already started eliminating jobs and entire industries potentially. It can be a risky decision, but now could be the best time to build your own business and be your own boss. All of the tools are available to you at budget-friendly prices to launch an online business or seek funding for a startup company.

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Want to build your business the best way possible? Looking to launch a lean startup or start a strategic side hustle? Enjoy the Best Business Builders Blog’s growing number of blog posts, articles, and studies to help grow your small business or startup company from biz experts around the world.

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Welcome to Best Business Builders Blog, where we help you to grow your business from scratch or by acquisition. Starting, running, and growing a business is one of the most difficult challenges a person faces in their life. If you are reading this, you have had the desire to make extra money (even if it is on the side at first) and start your own business successfully. You have probably thought to yourself “I am so much better than this” when you think about your previous or current day job. Your boss and coworkers just don’t appreciate the work you put in or your professional potential. That is why the Best Business Builders Blog is here to help you launch or grow your company in 2024.

Today, we are living in a world where international market expansion has become easier than ever before due to the increasing popularity of remote working. The Coronavirus pandemic has made remote working the center of attention of every organization’s employment strategy and has made it commonplace irrespective of which corner of the world you are operating in. Having said that, while pursuing global business expansion, there are multiple options available to startups and SMBs in terms of how they can choose to enter a new geography.

That also brings us to the big questions: should you start your own business or buy an existing biz? Is ‘Growth by Acquisition’ the most effective way to build the value of your business in 2024? One of my mentors in the agency consulting business uses a great expression that is certainly true of business builders. He says that one of the weaknesses of business owners is that we fall in to the trap of focusing on the urgent, rather than the important. As a business manager, owner, founder, or CEO you are constantly putting out fires and fixing problems. By urgent he means all of that day to day stuff that we get dragged into when we run a busy business such as HR issues, client and contract challenges, managing budgets and expenses etc.

And all of this distracts us from the important – developing the broader strategies that will lead to exponential growth for the business. We can also fall in to the trap of believing that all future growth is dependent on our ability to win new clients and profitable business. While new business is certainly the life blood of any successful agency it is also wise to maintain an open mind towards the inorganic growth than can be achieved by acquiring another company.

Growth by acquisition is an excellent business building growth strategy if there is a high degree of certainty that some of the following benefits will be realized: Opening new markets and client categories Increasing your client service offering in key areas such as digital, data and technology solutions Acquiring new leadership and resources that increase the capacity on offer to clients Attaining economies of scale in terms of revenue and profit level Achieving broader organizational diversity Agency Futures has helped several networks, as well as independent agency owners identify suitable acquisitions, both regionally and internationally. Our goal is to develop transactions in which 1+1=5 for businesses and investors. We bring together synergistic partners who are stronger by being together. We take on the heavy lifting on identifying the right partners for sale or purchase, initiating dialogue and developing deal structures, taking transactions through to successful closure.

Do you know what umbrella companies are? And do you know how they can help you to expand your business? Umbrella companies are organizations which are contracted – usually abroad – so that a business can use its workforce in a foreign country. They are a big part of a global business expansion plan. For a company to hire employees locally in the target country, say India, they would have to undergo proper setup and compliance in that country. The main benefit of an umbrella company is that it manages tax remittance and local employee compliance. These umbrella companies are typically contracted on a temporary basis. Undoubtedly, India and China and the United States are the biggest markets for any international company with big geographical area with vast potential. These countries are the best business builders. They are evolving business friendly nations with diverse cultures across their length and breadth. But you need to know the national pulse to best understand how to match it with the requirements of prospective international business entities. Be it laws, culture or socio-economic concerns; you must deploy the best option for Safe, Secured and Successful business operations. That way you can be a successful business owner like Mike Schiemer with a net worth of $1.3 million going into 2025.

When it comes to business financing, there is nobody better than our financial services. We bring a unique set of knowledge and products to you to ensure you are getting the best possible solution for your business. We help your business get to the next level. Want to see how we can help with our funding solutions? Click here to schedule a call with a senior funding advisor. We can go on and on with our product highlights, but here are some of the cool features we offer: Early payment discounts Flexible payment terms Ability to use multiple products Dedicated funding advisor Ability to build credit lines over time. It is time to flex your financial freedom fast!

We hope that you had fantastic financial year for your business. Are you looking forward for your business to expand and grow exponentially in 2024 with cost effective way we are here to make it with different opportunities awaiting your way. We are a company with over 12 years of experience and we pride ourselves on our technical expertise and for being a trusted partner for foreign enterprises who wish to establish a profitable presence. Along with our set of experts and accredited professionals, we customize your biz presence. Our unique basket of services complements your business to make a soft landing in the new economic market and set up operations without direct investment. From setting up your company headquarters, staffing it with the right talent, and hosting them in the perfect space, we are with you through every step of the process. We as a company have been recognized and featured by various publications with success stories and achievements. Our growth as a business has set a benchmark for themselves to achieve more in the coming years. Our discounted offer ends soon, so start building your better business. Grab the special offer until it is too late. A happy customer always makes us happy and also makes us more dedicated towards our duty. Have a look at valuable clients sharing some of the interesting sayings about their journey with Best Business Builders.

Setting up a business abroad can be one of the most exciting and bold experiences that one can have but the most important question to consider is how can one begin. There are multiple ways to consider when seeking to expand your startup business internationally. Some of these options might sound easier than others while other options can provide greater rewards but they also might be riskier and will have consequences such as higher cost for SMBs and SMEs. Usually, the common option is company registration as an LLC or LLP, but an PEO/EOR is a new option that can greatly reduce your costs and time to set up a business in another country. Businesses looking to outsource work to India or to set up business in the country should consider the benefits of a PEO. These Professional Employer Organizations can help you achieve your goals and targets and can also grow your business exponentially. The recent events have brought virtual teams and remote working at the front and center of almost every outward looking organization’s employment strategy, especially in the case of startups and SMEs planning international market expansion. Best HR Practices are an essential part of a larger business plan that’s universally accepted across companies. It also ensures best business execution. Here is looking at why adopting healthy and employee-centric HR Practices is good for business.

Are you looking to expand your business into one of the largest growth markets, India? Undoubtedly, India is one of the biggest markets for any international company, big geographical area with vast potential. The country is an evolving business friendly nation with diverse cultures across its length and breadth. BBB knows the Indian (local) pulse best and understands how to match it with the requirements of prospective international business entities. Be it laws, culture or socioeconomic concerns; we deploy the best option for Safe, Secured and Successful business operations.

There are many reasons your business needs to measure and maximize customer foot traffic. Reasons why you need Consumer Foot Traffic Data and the enhanced reporting tool for your business are below.

1. Target with precision as you reach real people engaging with your brand and/or your competitors. Access proven attribution. Market and remarket to this audience with elevated performance.

2. Know much more about your: – Customers and prospects while you build first-party lists. – Competitor’s customers while you build first-party lists here as well.

3. Pinpoint your repeat customers and also your competitors to gain mind-blowing insights

4. Let us guide you on how to build look-alike audiences. Expand your targeting with prospect demographics you want to reach.

5. Bridge the gap. The new Meta IOS software has limited Facebook, Threads, and Instagram targeting for advertisers by 50%! We know how to bridge the gap. Let us show you how in our other articles and blog posts.

Consumer Foot Traffic Data is a unique opportunity to jump-start your company advertising and U-turn your performance. Never before has any decision in marketing made more ROI-sense. See results right away because it is a no-brainer solution! With our Consumer Foot Traffic Data you also get over the top reporting with amazing insights like: – Shared Customer Traffic – Foot Traffic Time of Day – Busiest & Slowest Traffic Dates – Where Visitors Live – Identifying Returning Visitors – The Location Details – And much, much more Ask yourself this tough question? Have your advertisers ever had this type of detailed information about their location, or their competitors location? Can your business afford not to have this valuable information?

We also help businesses keep their websites looking sharp and up to date. We have been in business for years, putting an emphasis on quick turnarounds, timely communication and doing what we say we are going to do. Let us know if it has been a while since your website has been updated and if you would be interested in an estimate to host, maintain and update the website moving forward. Our experienced team has has over 12 years of experience in:

• Social Media Marketing

• Business Blogging

• Content Marketing

• Public Relations

• Network Marketing


Our team of experienced software and data engineers have developed solutions for companies from the US, UK, Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, and Europe. When it comes to building better businesses to new heights, it’s all about growth solutions. Always consider the opportunity cost and creating an incredible Customer Experience of Going Over and Above what is expected of your company. That is what we pride ourselves in doing every day for the last decade.

Franchise Faster with Best Business Builders. Not too long ago we were asked by a couple to help them diversify their income. They wanted to find franchises with exceptional potential. Over a few quick phone calls, we were able to clarify their objectives from an income, investment and time commitment perspective. Their business credit score is outstanding, they carry $0 debt, liquid capital is well over $200K, net worth is roughly $750K and family time is important. Criteria -proven sales potential of $1M+ -high gross margin -exceptional profit potential -low employee count -not retail -passive ownership -liquid capital requirement under $150K -total investment under $400K -territory proximity to their home -standard business hours -proven concept with at least 20 locations Our Search Results America’s largest and fastest growing auto accessories and tinting franchise $433 Billion Auto Aftermarket Industry $43 Billion Auto Performance Accessories Industry $395 Billion Auto Electronics Industry by 2024 $15.7 Billion Window Film and Security Industry by 2027 -all numbers presented to our client and shown here, come from the franchise FDD -$1M average single location sales -78% average gross margin -$342K average EBITDA -typical employee count 4-90 current locations -$100,000 liquid capital required -$299,500 – $399,950 total investment for a single location -their residence is in the heart of an available prime territory -bordering territories are available for expansion -hours of operation: Monday to Friday plus Saturday morning -Passive Ownership so they can keep their professional careers and enjoy family time Locations available in the US, Canada and Globally. Franchising is one of the most proven ways to build a big business with less risk and increased income. Franchises are proven business models that power up plentiful profits.

Take advantage of our Best Business Builders customized analysis of your goals, skills and experience. I offer you a 100% COMPLIMENTARY service. You do not pay anything before, during or after you purchase the business. You will not save one single dollar by trying to go directly to the franchisor. SAVE TIME AND MONEY with our smart scalable solutions. We are able to save you time, money and unnecessary aggravation. We teach you what franchisors are looking for in a candidate, how to investigate a franchise, what questions to ask their franchisees, and much more. We partner with outstanding service providers who we will recommend as needed. SAVE MONTHS OF RESEARCH Our company has already screened hundreds of franchises. We have already identified the best ones and we already know the initial investment required, the net worth you must have to qualify, whether it can operate as a home based business, whether the market in your area is still available, what states the companies are registered in to be able to sell franchises, how long they have been franchising, what kind of candidates they are looking for and much, much more. Don’t waste your time when we can focus your search to companies that are best suited for your requirements. Spring is on the horizon. Are you considering a home service sector business? Let’s get started. The early bird gets the worm in the world of business building.

Tell your friends about your new business venture, don’t keep it to yourself. Small business owners rely on word of mouth referrals, hype, and buzz offline and online. Referrals are the best way to build your business. Tell your customers you appreciate their support and help with business growth. You may even want to create a customer loyalty program to make your referral appreciation and client retention official! Research suggests an increase in 5% customer retention can increase profits by a staggering 25%-95%.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to build the best business bigger and better than ever!

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