4 Things About Chat SDK You Should Know

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Chat SDK (Software Development Kit) is one of many ways to communicate with your customers. You can also add a rich message button to your website that sends information about the user’s interaction with the page. In addition, you can customize the chat widget’s behavior and add a welcome message to the page.

Customize the Chat Widget Behavior

Using the chat SDK, you can customize the behavior of the chat widget on your website. For example, you can change how the chat widget works or change the color of the chat widget. You can also configure the widget to only accept messages from specific business pages. If you are using the Chat widget on a mobile device, you can choose to display the widget in full screen.

In addition to setting the chat widget’s behavior, you can customize the widget’s branding. You can customize the message bubble’s colors, font style, and padding. You can also style the bot button and the Read More button. These buttons are displayed on the right side of the input field. You can style them to match the style of your site. You can also configure the font style and font size.

You can use the Chat SDK to configure how the widget starts the conversation. You can also configure the background color, start position, and padding. You can also configure the part of the notification badge icon. You can change the color of the chat bubbles to match your website’s style. You can also configure the color of the chat bubbles to help users distinguish between the operator and the customer.

Create a Welcome Message

Whether you are building a new bot or have a bot on your website, you’ll want to include a welcome message. It’s a great way to start a conversation and get visitors to take the next step in your business.

A welcome message should be short, to the point, and include relevant information. It’s also an excellent opportunity to establish your brand’s personality. When you make a good first impression, customers are more likely to buy from you.

A welcome message can also include a call to action. This can consist of links to chat pages, web pages, or a suggested answer. Using responsibly can be a great way to promote brand friendliness.

If you’re building a real estate bot, you can ask a visitor for a quote. You could also include a link to a recipe website.

Welcome messages can be automated or even set up to deliver when a visitor type keywords into your chatbot. These greetings can help nudge your visitors in the right direction, increasing conversion rates and facilitating better conversations.

The welcome message is the first thing you’ll see when you start a chat with your chatbot. It’s a great way to engage your visitors and will likely help you achieve your goals.

Add the Knowledge Base Search Bar.

Adding the knowledge base search bar to Chat SDK is a simple step that can make your support experience more personalized and help your customers get the answers they need faster. It can also reduce your support ticket count and your team’s workload.

The Knowledge Base Reporting feature can help your customers provide feedback and track the number of articles viewed. It can also help you to evaluate and analyze your knowledge base’s performance. Using this feature, you can follow the number of views your articles have had and whether they solved a customer request.

In addition to the knowledge base search bar, you can add a live chat button to the widget so that your customers can contact you directly. You can also choose your live chat widget’s colors to match your brand’s image. This allows you to keep your brand identity and stick to your messaging.

You can also add canned messages to your knowledge base. These messages can streamline your service reps’ workflow and help you track your team’s performance. These messages can also be used in chatbot conversations. They can also be used in Live Chat to streamline your service rep’s workflow.

Send Information About a User’s Interaction with a Rich Message Button.

A rich message button can send information to the Conversational Cloud Structured Content Framework using the Chat SDK. This framework offers rich messaging capabilities for each channel. This is achieved through essential elements, structured content templates, and actions.

Essential elements are the core components of the structured content framework. They contain everyday styling and styling rules that can be applied to the messages. They can also be used to send images and structured content templates. In addition, these elements can have specific accessibility attributes defined.

Structured content templates can contain multiple essential elements, each of which has its general ID. This available ID can be defined within the header section of the request. These objects have a type and a tag. In addition, they can contain attachments that are attached to the message.

A reply message is sent if a user clicks the rich message button. The message can contain a summary text string for device notification. A transcript is also sent.