10 Social Media Marketing Tips For Facebook Engagement

While many use Facebook as an avenue for business promotion, few have true interaction and engagement with their network marketing audience. For the personal social media profile, a ‘like’ is cause for celebration, so achieving this feat as a business page is monumental. Unfortunately, this is an increasingly difficult accomplishment for small businesses using Meta marketing, including the new Threads app.


If MLM business owners take the time to research and understand how to properly engage their Facebook audience, they can increase their outreach and expand their engagements.

Facebook wants a return. Being a business itself, Facebook wants people to stick around. They want people to use the system as a platform to raise its own business. Facebook, however, isn’t a equal opportunity platform.

Based on the number of people who are interacting with your page, Facebook uses algorithms to target more people to share your content with. As long as the program believes that your services are legitimate and well taken, they will begin to direct customers in your direction. It is advisable to run ads as it could reach more audience. Here’s how much a facebook ads cost in UK.

You need to know how to maximize their algorithms and opportunities to get eyeballs on your Facebook social media posts, groups and FB pages. Here are some social media marketing expert tips to increase Facebook engagement for network marketers.

10 Top Tips For Increasing Facebook Engagement

Tip#10 – Don’t Forget About Groups And Events

Most Facebook marketers and MLM business professionals focus on their personal profile and business pages. While these pages should be priorities, don’t forget about the power of public and private groups, along with events, to reach a higher quantity and quality of viewers.

Tip#9 – Hack The System With A Variety Of Posts

If you strictly push MLM product and services, your posts become unrelatable and stale. To truly engage your audience in a way that makes them connect and therefore interact with your page, you must spice the posts up with stories of education, entertainment, and inspiration.

People need to be able to connect on a basic human and emotional level, so they need to see that you are a person behind a product, not just a business pushing for sales. An organic repertoire must be built so that customers don’t feel like you are always asking for their money. Sometimes the less salesy posts boost engagement and interest in your page so that more people end up seeing your hard sell posts, so they will indirectly boost revenue.

While you need to make money at the end of the day, you have to think long term continuous customer relationships and engagement. By keeping content light and less focused solely on sales, you’ll build better and lasting network marketing relationships.

Tip#8 – Omit Links

Often, any links that will take users away from Facebook and onto another site may be eliminated by Facebook algorithms. Instead of causing errors for your customers, just stay away from using links in your posts.

Instead, you can keep the link posts to a discreet minimum and instead use other methods of drawing people to your websites. You can try an interactive approach where you ask members to comment if they want the link or even by sending the links via direct messages.

Not only will this cause interaction and engagement on individual posts to increase, but will prevent the links from being broken by the algorithms.

If needed, type out how users can find your links without actually pasting them, or add your link to the Comment section below your post (although this could potentially trigger their algorithm to show your post a little less often).

Tip#7- Use media for better engagement

Pictures and videos capture the audience’s attention. Keeping text short and sweet but adding an eye-catching piece of media will likely be more successful in engaging customers.

Posts without images or video are also tagged lower priority by the Facebook algorithm, decreasing the chances that the posts are seen as often. Video is the stronger media type used of the two, but images work just as well when necessary.

Tip#6- Let your posts reach the audience

All too often we think more more more gets us to the finish line faster. This isn’t the case when it comes to business social media. The more you post, the more those posts will compete with one another, meaning that the customer does not see the posts as often.

With competing posts, customers will also view that as too much marketing begging them to make a purchase, turning them away from your business.

Typically one to two posts per week avoid issues in the algorithm limiting views and also helps to keep customers aware without being pushed away by too frequent of posts. In the event that you are working off of a personal page promoting your business or MLM product, the numbers are more lenient. A personal page can post one business post per day without seeming too over the top.

Tip#5- Add captions

You and I both know that we all take the time while at work, in bed, or just out and about scrolling through our facebook feeds. More often than not we will come across videos that we watch in silence only to not know what is going on without the sound.

The best thing you can do with your video content is add captions or subtitling. This will prevent customers from closing a video too soon.

Doing this should reduce how often a video is skipped and should ultimately increase the interaction and engagement of customers with your content posted.

Tip #4 – Make your customers interact

Odds are if you tell people to do something surrounding the social media posts, they’re going to do it. We’ve all seen our friends share image or video that was from another group for the purpose of spreading the word about something

By adding in CTA or “call to action” asking people to engage in your posts and page, you could likely increase the activity feedback you get.

There are strategies about how to do this the right way, though. You can ask readers to comment a certain way to receive more information or you can ask them to like, comment, and share to get more people involved.

You can even make this fun by doing a special drawing or giveaway for interactions.

Tip#3 – Interact in return

Customers won’t continue to engage with your page if you aren’t interacting in return. While it may be difficult to keep track of each and every comment, do what you can.

Be sure you are telling people just how much you appreciate their questions, that you appreciate their interest in the company, and that you are working to provide only the absolute best service to them.

The more you engage with your customers in return, the more they will begin to interact with page on a regular basis. The customers will look at your company as kind and caring and willing to go the extra mile. This is important in online marketing.

Another strategy to get in the habit of is tagging the person who is asking the questions. This makes sure that they see your answer and can acknowledge that you took the time to answer their comment.  

Tip#2 – Question your customers in return

If you respond to comments on your posts with simple ‘Thank you’s you are running the risk of not fully engaging and with building that repertoire with customers. Asking questions causes the customers to return to a post once more and engage again with the business.

Keeping a dialogue going is important for business and the use of this strategy should greatly impact the way that customers engage with your business.

Tip#1 – Keep them curious

By allowing some intrigue and mystery to build after a post, your customers are going to contact you. They’re going to want to know how to get a deal or just more information on your business and product.

Curiosity will keep the consumer coming back to learn more to your Facebook page and Facebook groups.

Don’t Fail On Facebook

Facebook doesn’t typically run on the assumption that you are doing business if you aren’t paying them, so you will have to use these SMM strategies above to make the best of things! 

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