Anyone who wants lasting success in Network Marketing will need to generate leads and traffic through their mlm websites consistently. Because, in all honesty, your friends and family won’t make you rich in network marketing. You will have to find a way to get lots of traffic to your website in the cold market, aka people you don’t know. The best way to access the cold market is buying clicks from a solo ad vendor or seller.

Who is a Solo Ad Vendor and What is a Solo Ad?

A solo ad vendor/seller is typically an internet marketer who has built up their email list over time with subscribers and contacts. This solo ad vendor is willing to “rent” you a part or all of their email list, and will write a catchy email for you with your business link and send it to their list on your behalf.

The vendor sells you “clicks” to your opportunity website. He/She will email their list until the amount of clicks has been reached.

For instance; If you buy 200 clicks from a vendor they have to send your email out to enough people until 200 clicks is reached. Most vendors will “over-deliver” and send you 230 clicks for the price of 200.

“Clicks” are considered people that have clicked on your website link within the email. Clicks are NOT leads, but if someone is interested in your opportunity and fills out your form, then a lead is generated.

Not All Solo Ads Are Created Equal

Of course, with any online business there are shady practices. Some vendors will simply buy other vendor’s traffic and resell it to you, or a solo ad business can increase your “conversion rate of leads” by sending out emails that are misleading.

The best solo ad vendors are listed in a marketplace with a rating system so you can see reviews other people have had with that vendor. This rating system helps keep the solo vendors clean because they don’t want a low rating and bad reviews, kind of like ordering products from Amazon. You can base your purchase on reviews from other customers.

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Here’s Some Parameters when Ordering a Solo Ad (for Udimi)

You want to find a solo ad provider who isn’t crazy busy with 200 orders in their queue. You also don’t want someone who is brand new in the marketplace. You should also test at least 3 different vendors buying the same amount of clicks from each (at least 200 clicks is a good test amount.) You will want to track your results by putting a tracker on your links so you can see who gave you the most leads and upgrades.

Here’s some other parameters to check:

Visitors: Ideally set to 100 to 200 (That’s how many clicks you’re looking for.

Ratings: You want the vendor to have at least 25+ Ratings.

Last Seen: “Within a week”

Price: 45 cents or less per click.

Got Sales: Set at 20% Got Sales

Niche: Marketing or what is pertainable to you.

Sort: By Sales.

You can see in the image that there’s 11 Sellers who fit that criteria.

When you sign up through the link HERE, you also want to sign up as a “Prime Member” because it allows you to add more advanced filters on your solo ad provider which blocks out fake traffic and greatly increases your conversion rate.

Who Am I?

I have done network marketing since 2014, and full-time since 2016. I have recruited over 800 people in 3 different mlm companies. I have generated over 60,000 leads in this time. Leads mean everything to a successful home business and will either make or break your chances of success.

My rule of thumb is to generate at least 20 leads a day consistently, all year round, and teach your new reps the same technique you use to generate leads.

I hope this helps you tremendously!


Erik Johnson