Your Only Job as a Profitable Network Marketer

A confused distributor will not do anything. They will eventually just slink away, not make any noise and quit. Because they’re embarrassed, they’re frustrated or they don’t like you. 

So the first thing you have to do is get your team plugged into a recruiting system that works, that generates leads that anyone can do. I have a confession to make. I’ve recruited over 1700 people, and almost all of them are gone after a couple years. 

I still have a team. Don’t get me wrong. But here’s the thing is I went through a period where I was like, I just want to make this passive. I want to just blog, write articles and promote MLM links and if I build a team, great – if I don’t, that’s fine. I’ll just keep recruiting more people. 

Now, I did that for a couple Yours, and I didn’t really have a simple system for people to plug into and they were confused. They were like, Oh, I can’t blog like Erik, or look at Erik: He’s got 500 videos on YouTube, I can’t do that. Or Erik’s spending thousands of dollars on Craigslist, I can’t do that.

So, if you have a system that people can’t implement, and do and duplicate, you do not have a business in network marketing – and I was fine with that for a couple years. You know, I was like, Oh, I’m an affiliate marketer just doing MLM. I just get lots of traffic to my links. That’s all I do. I let the automated email system email my leads, and I get signups every day. 

You know, you’ve seen my older videos, but it doesn’t duplicate and most of my team quit in the past. Today, I have a system – everyone’s Facebook. All the leaders use Facebook to grow their businesses. I have the exact scripts, I have images, all people have to do when they join my team is copy and paste scripts, and get people to watch your videos. 

That’s all you have to do. After a lead takes a free tour on your landing page, they see a series of videos by the CEO, it’s a great presentation. It’s all done for you. Then they get a series of emails from the company all done for you. All you have to do is get eyeballs on your landing page. Okay, and then follow up with your leads. Say, did you watch the video? What did you like best? You don’t ask what do you think?

You ask: What did you like best? You want people to really think about the good things and they might be like Well, I really like the products. Okay, that’s a hot button. So you want to bring that up next time. Say, You know, these products are the best. When do you want to sign up? Are you ready to get started? Move them through the pipeline, move them to the sale. 

All right. And here’s another thing about sales. This is not sales. So if people are like, Oh, I don’t have any sales experience, or I don’t like selling or I don’t like spamming, all you have to say is we’re in the business of sorting through people. This is not selling, this is sorting. All you do is you sort through the no’s until you find a yes and keep going. 

You’re gonna get a no no, no, no, no, no, yes. No, no, no, no, no, no. Yes. And that is how you build your business. Don’t trip out about the no’s. That is part of sorting. Just like a waitress walks through the diner and asks customers if they want another cup of coffee. Some are gonna say No, she doesn’t go back to the back room and cry. She keeps asking people if they want more coffee. That’s what you’re doing. 

You can lead by the products or you can lead with the income opportunity. You can say, are you interested in a side income if it doesn’t interfere with what you’re already doing? Or we have the best products, you know, check them out. I’ve lost 20 pounds, watch my video. That’s all I gotta say. Watch my video. 

You pique curiosity. Then when they say I’m interested, then you say okay, watch this video. Then an hour, three hours later, the next day. You say What did you like best? Did you watch the video? What did you like best? Ready to sign up? That’s all you got to do, and I didn’t have any of this a couple years ago.

I was like, Oh, yeah, I blog. You can start a blog. Start a YouTube here. Here’s a Craigslist ad. And a lot of people were like, wow, YouTube, I don’t know. I’m kind of nervous on camera, or Craigslist, I don’t know. It’s $35 an ad and blogging. You have to write hundreds of articles to start getting 50 views a day. You need like 200 articles to get 100 views a day on your blog, and it could take two to five years, and you have to love writing. 

So I didn’t really have anything that duplicated. And the people that did stay in, they just had a ton of tenacity. Maybe they had money and they were fine running ads, but the majority of them quit because I didn’t have a system. 

So your number one job as a network marketer is to help your new reps, get their own reps, that’s all you got to do. It’s not about you making money. It’s about you getting a rep and helping them get a rep. You want duplication, you want your system to duplicate down many levels, and you want everyone to be sharing your system with their teams. 

That builds a deep organization, you want to go deep, because you’re going to get paid on many, many levels, and that is how you can explode your income. But if you’re just like, Oh yeah, I just I’m gonna make tons of money and you’re jumping companies and you’re blaming your sponsor and your company and the products and you’re looking for that lottery ticket, people aren’t gonna trust you. 

They’re gonna know that you jump around from company to company. I said that in the video yesterday. I said it’s not a lottery ticket. You Gotta stay committed. So stay committed. Work on your mindset. Learn about network marketing, start reading books about it. There’s tons of ebooks on Amazon. Just go to network marketing and look at the top hundred network marketing books, and read them all. 

Get a Kindle app for your phone, and just commit to an hour of reading every night before bed. Take notes in the morning, do your own videos on what you learned. Start getting the language of network marketing, because it doesn’t operate like any other business. You really can’t implement corporate tactics to network marketing. It’s a people’s business. It’s a selfless profession. 

You’re here to help others. And of course, if you’re struggling financially, you want money. By all means be focused on making money with network marketing, but eventually you will mature in the profession, and you will know that you can make more money actually by helping others succeed first. So thanks for watching guys share this with your teams. Hit that like button. I will talk to you soon.