How To Make MLM Money On The Beach Or Poolside

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MLM is about freedom and making money anywhere! Here is how to earn while relaxing on beaches or poolside.

Make Money In MLM Anywhere Including Outside And On The Beach

Nature is so motivating with the fresh oxygen in early morning of the Virgin Islands. No one is really out yet in the beach area for the early hours. This is the best time and the most magical time as an MLM pro or affiliate marketer. Take a walk, talk to you guys and talk about how to make money online from home. And this blog website is dedicated to helping you guys make a living from home doing what you want. 

So we are going to talk about some marketing strategies and how you can make money in the most content way. We shall discuss something that really makes you happy on this island paradise. Because a lot of us are just working in cubicles in the 9-5 grind because they don’t know about MLM and WFH for passive income. 

So I got this beautiful piece of land with no neighbors near me. I can yard work. I can think about my life, I can think about the world. I am not just trying to run away from the world, I do want to help the struggling world.

Create MLM Content About Your Passions And Expertise To Generate More Leads And Sales

So when it comes to working from home in Christiansted or Cruz Bay, how do you want to do it? The first question you got to ask is what can you talk about? What are you talking about already without getting paid? Is it a hobby? Is it fly fishing? Is it dieting? You know, my wife is an expert on dieting because she has been dieting her whole life. So when she talks about dry fasting and breatharian on her channel, she gets tons of views, and she would talk about it without getting paid. 

I can talk about network marketing all day long, because I got six years experience. I have had many great highs and I have had great lows. And so I am doing a blend. I am vlogging and this is free flow. And I am gonna start doing network marketer videos that are longer and more free flow because I want to talk to you guys as friends. This is just simple casual dialogue. This is natural free flowing dialogue. It is not really scripted. It is not a top 10 list. It is not a how to, necessarily for network marketers and prospects. It is more of just me talking with you guys, because we are going to be together a lot. 

This summer my wife is leaving for three months on a state State Park National Forest Tour, which is amazing. She attracted that into her life from MLM and the island. She spoke it, she wanted something different. And she got it literally the next day off the isle. So the power of law of attraction is very powerful. So in the meantime I am designing my life for success and happiness as a home business owner. 

So you have to think how you want to design your life if something isn’t working for you to get rid of it. If your thinking is negative, work on it on the isle. If you have a habit or an addiction that is getting in the way of your life, change it. You can sculpt your life just like a bodybuilder would sculpt their body.

And we might forget how much power we have over our lives even with all of this stuff going down around us in this world, we can still design this. I designed this, this area in this state with no neighbors. My wife and I saw the house and we were like, We want it. And then I was like, I don’t want to work in restaurants anymore. What can I do to make money online? I started to study multi-level marketing, recruiting, and direct sales.. And pretty soon I was working from home full time. 

It took three years so I am not saying it is easy to succeed in MLM or affiliate marketing. But if you want something bad enough you don’t have to work in that cubicle. You don’t have to work 12 hours a day. You don’t have to be stuck in traffic in the 9-5 grind.

But I mostly like to talk about business making money from home with MLM and affiliate sales. So the first thing you have to ask is what can you talk about that excites you? It could be something you did 20 years ago. It could be a hobby. It could be an old hobby that you missed that you want to bring back. You know, it could be drumming, it could be skating. It could be drawing, it could be writing. 

I did all of those things. I used to write a lot on this really old fashioned typewriter. I thought I was Jack Kerouac – drank wine under the stars, hop trains, I love trains. I want to get paid to ride trains. I want to do videos where I am just riding the train with my wife. MLM allows you to live the life of your dreams on the isle.

You know, we took the cross country train recently and I have a video on it, how to make money on a train. So if I did 100 of those MLMer videos, different variations, I always tell the same story but you change the ingredients a little like spicy food on the isles. There are not a lot of ingredients but if you change them around they taste really phenomenal any way you create it. 

Build Your Own Personal Brand For More MLM Money Making

Same with videos if you want to make money from home, start doing content, like this video and any video like it. You probably found it and you said wow this is great. And you know it costs nothing to make a video. Document your life. Be a little mini Kardashian, look at the reality TV shows. And they are just ridiculous, plus they have no value. They are talking about nothing really, I mean rich people problems. I mean, who wants to hear about what rich young girls do. Apparently a lot of people do though, because they make a lot of money and they are not virgins!

And all the Kardashians are essentially billionaires at this point with their multiple media and business ventures. But I am talking on a small scale that you don’t need a ton of money. And it might take a little while to make 5000 a month but you really don’t need a lot of money. Start looking at your bills, start knocking off some credit cards. My overhead is so low that even if I have a bad month online, I can still make it, and I feel light. I feel light financially – I feel light spiritually. And I feel light physically. I am losing weight. I can talk about that with my viewers and subscribers while tying it in to my network marketing business. 

You guys are probably working on something in your life to improve your life. What is it? What’s working for you right now. Talk about it – 10 minute video, just get your phone out and shoot a video. Every day do a 90 day video challenge. All right, what is working for you today? Don’t worry about tomorrow. Don’t worry about a week from now. What is working for you today is what is important with network marketing when you live on the Virgin Islands. 

So today I am getting ready. My wife is leaving soon so I am trying to figure out my diet. I could do keto. I love just eating meat. But I’m also on these shakes that are only 200 calories each one packet. I could do three shakes a day 600 calories. So I will be consuming LiveGood Vegan Protein shakes  for a while. I really want to chew on something so I was thinking about just getting a big strip loin. A big New York strip – the whole thing might sound gross to some of you guys. And I do like vegetarianism most of the time.

But I also like that juicy steak. I mean, come on. You guys love juicy steaks. And I can buy a whole side of New York. I think it is around a hundred and 20 bucks and I would literally just slice off a steak every night. I would have two shakes during the day one for breakfast, one for lunch, and then I would slice off a steak at night. Grill it up or it could skip the shakes and do one meal a day. 

There is the 23/1 diet you basically fast for 23 hours and then you get a one hour feeding window as kind of like the caveman you know where they are starving. They are hunting that deer for three days, they finally catch it and they have a feast. Wonder how great of shape they were in, they could run through the plains, the prairies. I know I am rambling, but this is me opening up. So if you give me 15 minutes to open up, then we’ll get some little hidden nuggets that come out. 

That is the thing is when you start doing videos, don’t you know there’s going to be a perfectionist side of you that might prevent you from wanting to publish the video. You must ignore that perfectionist. And yeah, and just hit Publish. Just hit Publish, and every day it will get easier and easier.

You can create a video, hit Publish be done for the day and If you’re just starting out, do three videos a day, if you got a lot to say, if you’re a talker, do three videos a day, just all you have to focus on are the titles, the key words, and you got to hook people in the beginning.

Now I’m not saying jump up and down and be fake, I’m saying, ask a question to your audience. You know, start the video pretty fast. Ask a question. Like, are you guys tired of being fed up? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? You guys want to change your life in 24 hours for real? 

You know, you could do stuff like that, hook people in and then back it up with your story. Talk about how you used to live and how you live now and how you can help people because people want to know what is in it for them. So if your video is just rambling with no value, no tips, no techniques. It is going to be, might take a longer time to get your tribe you got to kind of help people at least. 

It is kind of hard for me to address my audience sometimes because I am self centered. You know, I have Asperger’s and they are very self centered. Because they are in fight or flight or they have self protecting mechanisms, because they don’t want to get hurt. They are used to thinking on their own being by themselves for survival. 

Grow Your MLM Money Making With SEO And Content Marketing

Content is still king for MLM promotion in the US Virgin Islands or UK Virgin Islands. Think about what people are typing into Google searches already, that is how you get discovered that and hashtags so you can do hashtags on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or on Pinterest. Maybe not on Pinterest anymore or Facebook even if you want to discover a new audience, or have them find you use hashtags, but also use titles that people are googling, like how to play violin or something like that. You could also try Threads and TikTok now. And then try to tie that in to your video for multi-level marketing company promotion while you are at the beach or pool staying cool. 

And life is great swimming in pools while making passive income, so I want to get back to that basic life through affiliate marketing and MLM. And nature is the best backdrop to start that direct selling and recruiting life again in the water. Get back to the basics, back to nature, back to better business, and back to life beyond MLM money making heading into the 2024 economy.

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