Top Tips To Make More Money In MLM

Want to earn extra money in Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)? Yes you do! Here is how:

Tips To Make More Money In MLM

Do you want to work from home in the Caribbean with MLM? Finally, get out of that job you don’t like or maybe you are worried that your job is not going to last. I mean, things are just turned upside down right now, people do not know if they are going to have a job next week, next month or next year. 

So I want to talk about how to work from home on the island, and this is probably the lowest startup type of business you can do. It is a lot cheaper than anything else online in Trinidad And Tobago. Franchises on an island can cost anywhere from $100,000 to $500,000. To start traditional businesses, you need to pay $5,000 for rent every month, and that’s not including the equipment. 

So this model is the cheapest that I have found, and it has been the most lucrative, it has had the most ROI. It has had the most upside with the lowest risk. So it is called network marketing and for less than $100 a month, you can become an independent contractor for a network marketing company and promote products to leads. 

You don’t have to promote products as you would in a typical sales job. MLM is not about selling. This is about sorting through people looking for an opportunity to work from home, just like I did with you just the last minute. 

I basically said, if you are looking for work from home in the Caribbean, watch this video. Now this is what you can do to earn on any islands. When you promote your network marketing opportunity, everything is pretty much done for you. The only thing you have to do is sort through enough people and find people that want to make extra income. 

It is not even really about the multi-level marketing products. It is not about the company. It is not about any fancy stuff. It is just simply sorting through enough people that want to work from home. And then what you do, here is the beautiful thing. You don’t even have to know about your products. You don’t have to create any bullet points or, you know, PowerPoint presentations, or do any of that because it is already set up by the multi-level marketing company.

All you have to do is say, you know, look, I just joined this opportunity as well, I don’t know the answers, but watch these videos, and you will get the answers from that. So you let the network marketing company do the recruiting for you. You just bring people to the presentation. That’s it guys. That’s as simple as network marketing gets. 

Now in the old days, you would have to buy thousands of dollars worth of product. You know the old days of Herbalife and Amway. You have heard horror stories about people having to buy a garage full of products just collecting dust and they don’t go anywhere. 

That’s not how it works today. That’s actually illegal. You know, it’s called front loading. And back in the old days, people would buy a lot of products so they could rank advance in the company and get a higher commission. Today, all you have to buy is a personal amount that you personally consume. That’s why it’s under $100 a month, you just have to buy one bottle a month, and you will remain a distributor. It’s as simple as that, guys. 

So all you have to do is sign up as a distributor. They’re called paid affiliates in our company and then you watch the training videos, and you’re going to get your own personalized websites. Basically, you can take a free tour into our business. So once you sign up on this form, then you will see a series of videos by the CEO teaching you about the opportunity in more depth, okay?

That’s as simple as it gets. So you just share your landing pages when you become a distributor. Then when someone gets interested, you just say, look, watch the videos by the CEO, and see if this is something that you want to do – if you don’t want to do this, who do you know who wants to make extra income from home? 

You basically ask for referrals and you can do this all the way down many, many levels in your organization. It’s called tap rooting. And what you do is you you ask for referrals, who do you know, who wants to make extra money from home – who do you know who is entrepreneur, entrepreneurial type, they’re driven, they might have flashy clothes, they’re workaholics, but they don’t have any time with their friends and family. 

Network Marketing can free up a lot of your time because once you get a team built in network marketing, they’re working with you, and you’re making a commission from every person on your team. It’s called leveraged earned income. 

So you’re having a team help you and all of you together are going towards a goal together, and you’re going to benefit from helping people achieve their own success on your team. And all you have to do is basically have a simple duplicatable system. 

You want all of the people on your team to duplicate a very simple system. It could be a simple script, like I said, Who do you know who wants to make extra income from home? And then they’re like, Why? What is this and then you say, why would you be interested and they’re like, Well, perhaps. And then you say, Well, I’m gonna send you a link, check out the videos by the CEO and he’ll explain everything to you. And if it sounds good get back with me or just sign up through the Get Started link in the emails from the company. 

And that is it. That is how you get people in. So less than $100 a month. People in network marketing can easily make over $10,000 a month if they put in the work. The money is there. The Commission’s are great. And like I said, it is a team effort. So there’s hundreds or thousands of you eventually, all making a little bit of commissions, and it adds up to big incomes. 

We’re talking some leaders make over $100,000 a month or more in network marketing. It’s all dependent on how hard you want to work and inspire others to copy a simple system. So I basically gave you the script. I gave you the whole presentation. 

But, you know, if you lock arms with me, I have everything you need to grow an MLM business. I have recruited over 4700 people in the last MLM company I was in, and the beautiful thing with network marketing is you can walk away anytime you want. All you need to do is cancel your auto ship and you are out of the MLM business. 

You can’t do that with a traditional business. You have to, you know, sever ties with the landlord. You have all this equipment that you’re sitting on, you have to fire a staff that we’re helping you and it can get really nasty trying to close down a traditional business. 

In network marketing, you just cancel your auto ship and you’re out. And while you’re in network marketing, you are completely protected by the company. They do the customer support. They do the legal work. You know if there’s any discrepancies or illegal activity, you know, they handle that. They handle the marketing, they handle the inventory. You don’t have to do any holding of inventory. The products are dropped and shipped directly to anyone who orders through your website. 

And you get a commission and the Commission’s are great. We’re talking up to 50% Commission’s on first time orders. That’s nearly half of the product’s price going into your pocket every single week. Because we pay weekly and we pay monthly, you could get your first paycheck within a week. You can’t do that with a franchise. You got to spend $100,000 to $500,000 and the building usually has to be built. 

The equipment has to be brought in. You are looking up to a year to get your first check from a franchise or even a traditional business. With network marketing, you can get paid the following week that you sign up. So under $100 a month, this company – network marketing in general is the best opportunity online, hands down there is nothing else that even comes close.

If you want to do anything else like investing in stocks or Forex, you need thousands of dollars to turn a profit again, you know, hundred thousand dollars or more. Selling e-books is very competitive. And there is not a lot of money in e-books, selling music, you know how competitive the music industry is. I have tried all of these things. And network marketing is the only thing that has consistently paid me every single week for the last six years. MLM can make you major money as well for 2024!