Why Valentus is a Top MLM Company for Me

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When I started MLM back in 2014, I had already been an internet marketer for a few years. My whole thing was sharing links as an affiliate marketer on Twitter and getting paid. However, affiliate marketing usually only paid one time. I was looking for residual income and monthly paychecks and discovered network marketing. Here is why Valentus is the Best Network Marketing opportunity for me.

Here Is Why I Switched From Valentus To LiveGood Recently

Needless to say, I wasn’t thrilled joining MLM at first because I had heard the horror stories about MLM and the shady or salesy tactics MLM people used to entice you to join.

So, after I joined my first MLM I blocked my sponsor’s phone number. I didn’t want him to call me and tell me what to do or who I should call about my opportunity. I was just a blogger guy doing MLM for residual income and wanted to be left alone. I was an introvert, and didn’t have any friends.

After the first six months of MLM, I got used to doing MLM, because I did it the same way as affiliate marketing – I just shared my MLM links on social media instead of affiliate marketing links. 

But something happened this time. I wanted MLM to really work. I was tired of dead-end jobs and my back was sore. I took to learning MLM as a true profession and things started to happen, and I even got a little residual income going!

Since I began MLM as an introverted blogger, affiliate marketing guy, that is how I wanted MLM to be. I still wasn’t interested in doing 3-way calls, making a list of 100 people to call, or even going to events – and yeah, I lived in a converted school bus, so house parties were definitely out!

After a year passed in MLM I was having doubts and asked another leader in the business I was in what I should do to speed things up. He said simply: generate more leads.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but the multi-level marketing company I had joined had a built-in sales funnel that all reps could use. All I had to do was get interested prospects to take a free tour through my landing page, which looked like a sign-up form.

Once a prospect entered their name and email and number they were taken into their “temporary” business dashboard where they could view everything about the company. 

But, the real magic was after they took the free tour. The MLM company I was in would email my leads for me, every day! They sent out a series of compelling emails that were compelling and helped me get sign-ups.

All I had to do was fill the hopper with more leads and I would get more sign-ups. It was essentially that simple. I didn’t have to call people and get hung up on or try and write engaging sales emails. The company crafted awesome emails that converted my leads.

The company I joined in 2014 was called Brain Abundance. The owner was Ben Glinsky who had another MLM company that was huge, called Skinny Body Care.

Fast forward four years and Brain Abundance went under and SBC was bought by Dave Jordan of Valentus! I also was in My Daily Choice / Hempworx and they had the same automated email system

Are you seeing a pattern here?

I love that autoresponder and won’t touch a MLM company that doesn’t have that email system. So, I got really good at generating leads, around 20 a day, and they were getting better by the day. Not all leads are created equal. I started to get targeted leads from my MLM blog.

So, after 6 years in MLM I generated over 60,000 leads in 4 MLM companies (all with an autoresponder) and got 800 personal signups – all with no phone or emailing my own leads. It definitely helped to join the best coffee MLM company in the world.

Of course, the products mean everything, don’t get me wrong. But, to have a marketing system coupled with cutting-edge MLM products means everything! The products sell themselves, literally around the world everyone wants SlimRoast, and they order directly from my company-provided website.

Thanks for reading! If you would like to Join Me, take the free tour.