Why People Think Buying MLM Leads Doesn’t Work

Why People Think Buying MLM Leads Doesn't Work

I want to talk to you about leads, and if they actually work, and I’ve had a couple people on my team, and this happens in every MLM company. People will complain that they bought leads, and that they didn’t work. 

I had one guy on my team, I taught him how to run ads on Craigslist. And I even gave him the ad and all he had to do was copy and paste it. Put his link in the ad and post it. 

And most new people in MLM, they think they can do better than the leader, even though they have no experience – so what they do is they change the ad or they do something totally different than what you told them to do. 

So he changed the ad, and instead of adding his link to his website that could capture leads, he just put his phone number in there. So the ad just had his phone number, and he said that he spent like $2,000 and he didn’t get any leads – and no one really called him.

So I found his ad on Craigslist and it was completely butchered. It wasn’t even really my ad anymore. It was just a paragraph of him talking about, you know, he just made it sound really spammy and he hyped it up and made all these false claims like how much you can make, and stuff like that and then he left his phone number. 

So he butchered the ad, and he couldn’t collect any leads because he didn’t add his website and then he complained to me that it didn’t work, and he spent $2,000, and that happens all the time in network marketing people come in with no experience, and they change what their sponsors give them that works. 

So here’s the thing with buying leads or buying clicks to your website is that you have to do it more than one time, there’s nothing on the internet that works when you do it just one time. That’s like posting on your Facebook only one time about your business, you’re not going to get anything, you know after one day, you know things come and go on the internet, things get buried on Facebook feeds. Things get buried on any social media. You have to keep consistently doing things on the internet to make any money, sustained effort over a couple of years. It’s the only way to make it. 

So when you buy clicks or you buy leads, all of the leads and all of the clicks will generally result in sales, unless it’s just a blatant scam. The numbers will always work in your favor if you generate enough. 

Okay, so, I mean, even if it took 1000 leads to get one signup you still are getting a sign up. So obviously you want to try to find really good quality leads and generate them every single day. 

The only reason I built my business in the beginning was I learned that I needed to generate leads every single day. I didn’t have a lot of money back then. So I had to write articles on a blog, and under every article I had my landing page link, so someone could take a free tour – which would generate a lead for me. 

The company I was in emailed my leads for me, so I was like alright, all I have to do is generate leads. I kept it really simple. And, yeah, it was slow in the beginning, I was only generating two or three leads a day when I first started, but the more content I created, and the more I worked on social media posting and sending out direct messages to new followers and just sharing my landing page link everywhere, my leads eventually climbed up to about 20 a day. 

So after five years, I generated over 60,000 leads and I recruited 800 people. Okay. But you have to know, you have to have realistic expectations and know that it could take 200 to 1000 leads just to get one sign up.

It also depends on when you run ads, you know, Saturdays are dead, Friday nights are dead, Mondays are dead, you have to really figure out when the prime time is to run ads, or to buy leads or to post on social media. If it’s dead online, you’re not going to get much.

If it’s summertime, you’re going to have to do double the advertising or double the leads to get the same signups that you did during the fall, because the MLM season is typically from October to May. 

I mean the real hot time is October and November, and then half of December and then it dies during Christmas and then January it spikes because all the new year’s resolution crowd people want to work online so they join a new MLM company

My biggest month ever was February, after January and January was huge, and then February was my record, and that was 2018, I recruited 53 people in one month, mainly all from my blog, and my content, but if you don’t have content and you don’t have people on your social media, you’re gonna have to buy traffic – that’s the only way you can grow your business. 

Unless you have a huge warm market of friends and family, you’re going to have to buy traffic and leads because it’s all about exposing your websites to a lot of people to get signups, and I like to share my landing page links, because it captures their info and then the company emails them. 

If you share just your customer website, it just has the products on it. You’re not capturing their name and their email, and they’re probably going to leave without buying because they say that it takes seven to 15 exposures before someone actually pulls the trigger and signs up.

You don’t get those exposures when you share a customer website. But if you share your landing page which pre-enrolls them, and they can take a free tour into your business and the company emails them, it greatly helps you, and that’s all I’ve done. I’ve never really shared my customer website. I’ve always shared the landing page. 

So guys, it’s all about consistency and I always tell my team to generate at least 20 leads a day consistently. Then when you get a new signup you teach them your number one lead generation technique and get them generating leads and some will and some won’t. It doesn’t matter. 

Just keep sharing your number one lead generation technique, get them generating leads, and eventually they’ll get signups, and then you want to teach them how to share their lead generation technique to their people. 

Then, you can start building depth in your network marketing business, so you can get an organization built down seven to 10 levels 20 levels 30 levels, because you get paid on all those different levels. 

But guys, it’s a numbers game and the numbers are getting higher and higher every year, as more people become internet gurus – everyone’s a guru online, so you have to generate more leads to get the same signups that we did a few years ago. 

It depends on the company and where they’re at, if they’re on their momentum, you know if they’re going up, or if they’re going down. So, you know, they’re either growing or they’re dying, there’s no inbetween, if they’re just flatlining then you know they’re dead anyways.

MLM companies thrive on momentum. So, if you’re on the upward curve in your company now is a good time to start really pushing it and growing it really hardcore, and like I said, getting massive traffic to your websites because, you know, the only people that really make it on the internet these days are professional bloggers and they have thousands of articles, and they have hundreds of videos – they have massive content. 

It’s very rare for someone to be huge in network marketing that doesn’t have content online, or massive money that they can buy tons of leads and then they call their leads – maybe they’re really good at using the phone and and prospecting on the phone, maybe they have 5000 people on their email list that they can email and they’re great at email marketing. 

So get really good at something so you can generate leads every day consistently. It’s not a one time thing – you can’t just buy 200 clicks and sit back and think that that’s going to make you a ton of money, because 200 clicks typically, equals 20 to 30 leads, which won’t even really get you a signup.

You have to probably get like I said, 200 to 1000 leads for one sign up, if you’re dealing with the cold market. If you’re emailing your friends and family the conversion rate is a lot better because they know you, they love you, they trust you and they’ll probably sign up. 

The conversion rate for friends and family is like 20%. So out of 100 leads from friends and family you’ll get 20 signups, and I’m talking, you know, close friends. 20%. 

But if you’re dealing with a cold market, people that don’t know you, or you’re dealing with cold leads and they’re aged, they’re six months old or older, you’re dealing with a conversion rate that’s not even a percent, you’re dealing with a quarter percent conversion rate maybe even less. 

So, 1000 leads from a cold, aged market, you might get a sign up. So it all depends on how new the leads are and how good the clicks are, but you guys have to be consistent. And if you think about it, you know, not only could this be a tax write off, because it’s relating to your company, and what you do for a living. I think if you’re part time I think it could be a tax write off, I don’t think you can do it if you’re working a job, full time, but for me all my ads are a tax write off – everything relating to my business is a tax write off. I actually would rather buy leads than pay huge taxes. So for me it’s a benefit. 

Then the last thing is, you can get one leader on your team that could potentially be worth millions of dollars over the next decade. So you never know who you recruit and it’s exciting really, I mean most people they might not do much but you get one or two people that start hitting the ground running and building their teams under you. 

It’s a very exciting feeling to have your income quadruple in one year, like it happened for me when I got a couple leaders on my team. So it really doesn’t take a lot of people to make good money, but you have to hang in there and just stretch your expectations. 

Okay, lower your expectations greatly, and quadruple your efforts. Okay, like Grant Cardone says in the 10x rule. You got to significantly lower your expectations and 10x your output of what you’re doing, because he said that he always missed his targets, because he was just trying to make $100k instead of shooting for a million. When he shot for a million and missed it he still made $400k which is way better than 100k.