Why Introverts and Autistic People Love My Automated Network Marketing System

money from home for autistic people

I’ve never been good in groups of people, so when I discovered network marketing, supposedly an extroverted profession, I was determined to make it work.

Ever since 2011, I’ve been determined to make a living from home. Better yet, I wanted to work only an hour or two per day, all online, all automated.

After recruiting more than 700 people in the last 5 years on autopilot I think I have that system down.

Now, it’s my turn to share that system with you.

Here’s Why Introverts Love My Automated Network Marketing System

I’m going to get real personal with you, because that’s what I do best.

I’m kind of autistic and have been a rocker ever since I was 8.

What I mean is, I rock back and forth on the floor.

So, in my perfect world, I wanted to be able to rock back and forth on the floor while making passive income on the internet.

If you don’t believe me about my MLM success, read on…

If I haven’t lost you yet, then you are a rockstar and deserve to make money with me! So, keep reading!

I finally found a way to make MLM work for me.

I started with Twitter back in 2014.

I learned how to automate a direct message to my new followers. The message had my opportunity link in it and it got me 10 to 20 leads a day.

Then, the company I was in had a built-in sales funnel/autoresponder which emailed my leads for me.

That email system was so powerful that I got new reps from it every week without touching a phone or emailing them myself.

Today, the system is still the same but the company is different.

The Autoresponder that Does 95% of the Work

95% of my MLM business has been built by using just the company’s autoresponder.

All I had to do was get good at generating leads daily.

Generating leads on a consistent basis will be your ultimate strength in growing a large network marketing organization.

You can build a huge team even if you’re an introvert like me.

Heck, I live in the middle of the woods and don’t want to see anybody most days, but the income stream is constant because I learned how to fill the sales funnel with leads every single day.

So, how does the autoresponder work?

When you join my MLM company as a Paid Affiliate you get your own websites to promote.

The websites that are attached to the company’s autoresponder are called Landing Pages.

A landing page is basically a sign-up form. Prospects fill out the form which then takes them into their temporary control panel.

When the prospect orders their product they get to see the full version of the dashboard and have access to their websites.

When a prospect fills out the form, I get an email from the company that says I have a new lead.

When the lead buys a product package, I then get an email that says congratulations you have a new paid affiliate.

The email sequence is very powerful.

It emails my leads daily the first month, sometimes up to 3 times a day. Yes, it might sound aggressive, but you need to get them in or out asap.

So, Where Do You Get leads?

There’s three main places to get leads:

  • Friends and family (warm market)
  • Social Media
  • Paid Advertising (cold market)

The bottomline is you need to get people looking at your opportunity links. The more leads you can generate, the faster your business will grow.

If you don’t want to talk to friends and family and you don’t have any followers on social media, you’ll have to create content or buy ads.

I love making content because people really get a sense of who you are and it’s all about trust and building relationships.

Yes, I know, I said I’m an introvert, I’m saying relationship as in only on the internet and they can’t see me in real-time.

However, content takes a lot of time to develop, so in the meantime it’s wise to buy advertising to get the ball rolling fast.

I have a killer advertising technique I show my team.

It’s important to get the team that you build generating lots of leads as well.

So Easy, an Autistic Man Can Do It

In the last year, my income from MLM has quadrupled. The hard work has finally paid off and I did it my way.

Of course, I’m not the biggest leader in my company, but for making almost a doctor’s salary only working an hour a day is pretty frickin’ awesome.

If you want to create a passive income stream, while still being autistic or introvert, it’s completely possible with my automated system.

You deserve to have a great life just like anybody else!

Conclusion: An Automated MLM for Introverts

For all the times I created a video or an article and didn’t see any results, it’s all been worth it, because the content finally gave back and it gave back ten times the money or effort I put into it. So, stay faithful and committed and know with all your heart that this business can eventually give you time and financial freedom.

Being introverted or autistic is actually a gift because when you speak out about it you help thousands of people without even knowing it!

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To your success!