Why I Joined Pure Trim – Review

Why I Joined Pure Trim (Honest Review)

Hey guys, welcome to my MLM blog. This is Erik Johnson. So I am going to talk about why I joined Pure Trim. Now I have been doing network marketing since 2014, and this does not conflict with that business model because pure trim is a direct selling company. I am doing it primarily because of my health. 

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I have digestive problems, colon problems, and my wife has actually been on pure trim over the years on and off since 2007. Pure Trim has been around since the 90s. But they just did a company reboot, probably in 2018. PureTrim have a new marketing system that is very well done. 

But these shakes are different from anything else we have tried. My wife is a big health supplement advocate and she’s looked online. We have tried so many different shakes and supplements and what not. And we always go back to the Pure Trim Mediterranean shakes because there’s just so many things in it. Probiotics, Mediterranean ingredients, anti aging raw ingredients. I mean, we literally start looking younger after taking these network marketing products prior to 2023 and switching to LiveGood. 

I am about 193 pounds right now this is May 2020, and I would really like to get down to 170 pounds by my birthday, July 19th. So I have about 23 pounds to go and I just want to shoot this video, I might be talking about the shakes a little bit more on this channel.

I feel like I need to get a little more personable with you guys and just step out of the network marketing trainer guy and turn into a real person that you know talks about his ups and downs with dieting and and you know how we’re going to feel on this journey because it’s a totally different business but it’s very exciting because there’s not a lot of products out there that are vegan that have you know, these shakes are like 200 calories one less than one gram of sugar 21 grams of vegan protein not way. 

It’s not cheap, it’s made from pea protein, brown rice protein, flaxseed protein. And there was one other I can’t think of it offhand but so thank you for watching this. 

This is why I joined Pure Trim. My wife has already been doing pure trim over the years. She’s not really promoting it as a business but we get the shakes when we want to reboot our systems and feel a lot younger. 

They have a lot of products as well not just the shakes but they have colon cleanse, they have a liver cleanse, they have a boost tea, and they have a joint tea which can actually help your joints dramatically. 

My knees are really bad right now and I can barely walk. You know, I was jogging last summer and since the lockdown and just winter crappy weather, my wife and I have been just sitting around the house working online but not really going out. We don’t even know if we can go out some days, we feel like lepers if we’re not wearing masks in public. 

So that’s a whole nother story I don’t want to get into but check it out. I’ll leave the link under this article. I’m not trying to get you guys into the business. But if you feel like you have some health concerns, these are probably the best shakes out there. And I truly do mean that because they’re vegan. 

They have a lot of raw ingredients and if you look at raw foodist you know anyone that’s doing raw diet, which is basically uncooked fruits and vegetables, they look amazing, their skin is just radiant, less wrinkles, some people even experience you know, the graying, they have gray hair, it’s actually going back to the original color. 

I mean, it really does turn back the clock, and I just want to feel like I’m in my 20s again, you know, I’m 47 I got a belly on me, and 193 – I have gastric problems and constipation and I just want to blow it out and the shakes are the best online. 

So thanks for listening to my story. I will be doing a 30 day fat loss challenge here when we get the shakes. I ordered a big shipment. And so I’d like to do the 30 Day Challenge. I don’t know if I’ll do a video every day about it. But definitely every few days I’ll document my weight how I feel and maybe the camera will actually show my complexion changing who knows but thanks for watching guys. We will talk to you soon about making more money with MLM to build your wealth and health!

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