Why I Chose to Automate my MLM Recruiting

automated mlm recruiting

I’m originally an affiliate marketer who discovered the exponential income possibility of MLM. Affiliate marketing sales were usually one-offs, and MLM sales were reorders every month, which gave you a steady, passive income stream.

MLM to me seemed more lucrative, a lot more lucrative.

In 2013, I made $2,000 from promoting affiliate marketing offers. In MLM, I’ve already made over $100k.

The difference between the two styles of marketing is that with MLM you get a little commission from an entire organization you build, and when they reorder you get a little monthly income.

Little commissions from a lot of people is big money, don’t be fooled.

Residual income is sexy; passive, residual income is sexier.

Here’s Why I Chose to Automate my MLM Recruiting.

So, MLM is the winner, so how can you automate it so you can build an organization on autopilot so you can live your life on your terms?

Why automation?

Because not many people want to call strangers or bug friends and family about their MLM business after they worked all day, or period.

I learned about automation when I started to promote my own products on Twitter back in 2011.

Twitter was one of the first social media platforms that could be automated all over the map, from scheduling tweets to sending out automated messages to new followers.

In fact, that direct message I automated on Twitter helped me recruit over 100 reps for my business alone the first couple years.

I learned that the more people who followed me, the more that message went out. So, I created 7 Twitter accounts and followed thousands of people a day.

Twitter has long since been dried up, but the theory is the same: generate massive leads on autopilot whatever platform you use.

The Exact Steps to Automate a MLM Business

One – Find an MLM that has a built-in autoresponder for their reps

Since 2014, I have only been in three companies that had a built-in sales funnel for their reps: Brain Abundance, iCoin Pro, and my current company.

I discovered how simple MLM could be when one day I was bummed out about how slow my business was growing and asked a leader in the company what I should do. He simply said: “generate more leads.”

See, the more leads you put in the built-in sales funnel, the more the company emails your prospects and creates excitement.

Two – Find a way to generate massive leads consistently

When I started MLM in 2014, I only had Twitter and could generate 5 to 10 leads a day. Today, I can generate 20 to 100 leads a day using a combination of blogging, videos, and paid advertising.

If you have no content online and don’t want to bug friends and family, you’ll have to do paid advertising and videos until your videos and articles take off.

Three – Let the Company Email Your Leads

I work one hour a day and I don’t like rejection, so I don’t call my leads or email them. I simply let my company email my leads. Yes, conversion rate could increase if you make contact and know what you’re doing, but I don’t.

Four – Know the Conversion Rate

When I started MLM, I was so naive, I thought every lead that took a tour on my website would upgrade to a new rep.

Now, I understand that the conversion rate for the cold market is around .05% to 2%. Knowing the reality of the conversion rate will prepare you for building your business with less false expectations and doubt.

Five – Get Your New Rep Going ASAP

When I get a new affiliate, I email them a personal welcome letter that is very simple and straight to the point. I show them how to log in to their dashboard, where to find their website links, and show them my number #1 lead generation technique.

If you show your reps too much info they won’t do anything. Simple is key to duplication and you want massive duplication to get thousands of members on your team as quick as possible.

Six – Teach Your New Rep How to Get a New Rep Started

You want your new rep to not only learn how to generate consistent leads of their own, but you also want to teach them how to teach their new reps how to get started. That means, sending out the same kind of welcome letter, and teaching their reps the best lead generation technique.

Do you see the pattern here?

Leads are the backbone of your business. No leads means no business. Why do you think you see so many ads on TV? They are continually looking for new customers. So. Are. YOU.

Conclusion for Automating MLM

MLM can be really fun and rewarding. Of course there will be hard days, but I would pick a bad day working from home over any bad day in the restaurant business.

If you want to see the company that does 95% of the work for me, go to my automated MLM page.

Thanks for reading!