Why I Chose Coffee MLM over CBD MLM – Pros and Cons Review

I’ve been in network marketing since 2014 and have seen good companies come and go. I was promoting CBD Oil in 2017 when no one had heard about it. Here’s Why I Chose Coffee MLM over CBD MLM.

I recently wrote an article on how I made $130,000 with a CBD MLM company. It was the most exciting time for me in MLM since I began network marketing in 2014. 

I called “CBD” the Gold Rush of MLM. I had never seen anything like it before. I watched behind the scenes as the company I was with exploded with 1000% growth in one year. I was close with the CEO and we used to message each other daily on FB. 

I watched him become “untouchable” with success. It was truly amazing. My income also quadrupled in one year. I went from working odd jobs to supplement my MLM income to making really good money and taking trips and eating out frequently. 

CBD did save my life in a sense, but then I saw what I think was the peak of CBD and my team in MLM spike in June 2019. My team was still working really hard promoting their CBD businesses but I saw a decline in numbers, and every month it got smaller.

To make things worse, around the same time as the spike of June 2019, I received an email from the CBD MLM I was in asking me to remove an article and a post on Facebook that wasn’t even mine. 

My wife also started to receive letters from the company to remove articles from her CBD blog. They emailed her a couple more times and she finally just deleted the entire blog for them to stop harassing her. Needless to say, I had a bad taste in my mouth about CBD MLMs.

I had to act fast or I would be looking for a job again, and after working 3 years full-time from home, that was a horrible thought.

My friend introduced me to the best Coffee MLM business currently, and they were on the growth curve. They were topping the $10 million a month mark and top leaders were joining.

At first I declined his offer to join because I was faithful to one MLM company to the very end, but since my CBD team was shrinking and compliance was looking at all my content online to have removed, I took the free tour into his opportunity. I knew the company had an automated email system that emailed my leads for me, which was crucial in my success, because I literally have recruited over 800 by using just the autoresponder the company has for their reps – no emailing or even calling my leads.

One last thing that got me fired up about the coffee MLM company was that it was truly available in over 100 countries and there was no compliance department reading our testimonials – and facebook, Google, and Bing didn’t block coffee ads that I ran, unlike CBD ads which they rejected.

Here’s some Pros and Cons of Each MLM Niche:

The Pros of CBD MLM

CBD is a natural pain reliever – It helped reduce my back pain, but Advil would have been stronger.

CBD may reduce Anxiety.

CBD may help Epilepsy.

However, even though this is good news, if you are in a certain CBD MLM that has policies and procedures, you might not be able to mention any of this. The most you can say is “CBD gives me a general sense of wellness.”

The Cons of CBD MLM

CBD is expensive. A small 500 mg bottle can cost you $120 dollars from CBD MLM Trevo or $175.99 for a 1,000 MG from Kannaway.

CBD is also still not closely regulated by the FDA so you don’t really know the quality of the CBD, plus a lot of MLM companies use third-party testing labs which can have inaccuracy.

CBD MLMs are also very competitive since everyone knows about CBD and most people have found the supplier they like. It is at every gas station where we live and there’s 4 stores that strictly sell just CBD in our small town. I truly believe CBD has hit saturation, especially in network marketing.

The Pros of Coffee MLM

Coffee MLM products are truly available worldwide, not just a handful of countries like CBD. There is also no restrictions with Facebook, Google, or Bing if you want to run ads, or set up a coffee fanpage or business page.

There are no compliance issues with Coffee MLM, you can openly talk about your results and testimonials.

Coffee MLM is not saturated like CBD MLMs. Although coffee is everywhere, it is not a common product in MLM companies. There’s far more reps in CBD right now than in coffee, but when the newness of CBD wears off people will switch to coffee MLMs because a billion cups of coffee are consumed each day around the world. You can also lose weight with coffee, which never gets old. The weight loss industry will always be around – CBD will become as everyday as aloe vera at Walmart.

The Cons of Coffee MLM

Coffee is everywhere, but everyday we want more, so I can’t see any cons with Coffee MLMs.

Conclusion for CBD MLM Vs. Coffee MLM

I believe CBD MLMs are saturated with reps. The mainstream has entered MLM to promote CBD, but little do they know how hard MLM actually is to build.

MLM is a serious $300 Billion a year industry and you need training and to understand that the attrition rate is high in MLM. You need to recruit consistently and massively over the course of a couple years. The newbies will turn into customers and the CBD MLMs will fade into a fad. Just my opinion.

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Erik Christian Johnson

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