Why CBD MLM Companies Leave a Bad Taste in My Mouth

I began promoting CBD Oil through a network marketing company in 2017. I was so excited about it that I started to write articles about it and shoot testimonial videos on YouTube. Business began to pick up and I was very excited – when suddenly YouTube suspended my account and removed all the CBD videos.

Around this time, a “rival” CBD MLM company just launched and some of their distributors began aggressively attacking our company. I understood this happened in MLM, but the hostility was immense. I fell victim to it myself and actually wrote an article attacking that company. I got a lot of negative comments from it and it didn’t feel right leaving it published, so I took it down.

Then, three months later I was travelling with my wife through a few states when we stopped at a rest area in Tennessee. As I was walking to the bathroom, I heard a lady speak towards my back “Are you Erik Johnson?” Stunned, I turned around and this woman came up to me and said “We forgive you for writing that article, but you should join our company.” It was really creepy.

 A couple months later, I wanted to do a Top 10 CBD Companies article on my blog, because “List” articles always do well, and content marketing is how I generate leads. So, I began research and to my dismay, I discovered at least 100 CBD companies already online – 10 were MLM. I decided to write a top 100 article instead and got a lot of comments asking me which one was the best. Some commenters argued with each other and spammed their links.

My wife had her own cbd blog as well that she had dozens of cbd articles on, and one day she received an email from the cbd company we were in to take down one of her cbd articles. The article said “It May Reduce Arthritis” but that was a “medical claim” and was against company policy. Then, she received another email, and another. . .Eventually, instead of waiting for the company to pick off each article indefinitely, she just deleted the entire blog – $2,000 worth of articles down the drain. I feared I was next. 

Then, it happened. They emailed me a couple weeks later to tell me to delete a non-related tweet on my Twitter that was over 7 months old! I couldn’t even find it. Apparently, it was a “get-rich-quick” tweet which is against company policy, even though the tweet was about the automated email system the company has for its reps to help them recruit.

This is when I realized I was under fire, and as an internet marketer who creates content to attract prospects to my opportunity this was detrimental to say the least.

I then decided to try and promote my CBD biz using Google and Bing PPC advertising, because I knew Facebook didn’t accept CBD-related links and people got suspended from Facebook because of it, and discovered that Bing and Google didn’t accept my cbd links or even cbd keywords within the ad. I was at a loss. How can we promote CBD without talking to friends and family? The only advertising I found that worked for our CBD business was solo ads.

Don’t get me wrong, I love CBD and have been using it for over 2.5 years. There is still profit to be made in the CBD industry, but it’s extremely competitive. It’s all over the place, even the two little gas stations down the street have it. The best way to promote it these days is to prospect your warm market (friends and family) and using Paid Advertising.

I understand CBD companies have to protect themselves from the FDA and FTC, which is cracking down on CBD companies making medical claims, but if you’re planning to create content around your CBD MLM, think again. . . 

Thanks for reading!

Erik Johnson

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