Top 10 Best MLM Companies in Vietnam 2024

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Multilevel marketing, or MLM, companies have been around for quite some time in Vietnam. The business world is thriving in these areas, as more and more of the best MLM companies are succeeding thanks to the network marketing strategy with Vietnamese distributors or affiliates. 

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Using the technological advances we see each and every day, along with the growth in social platforms, network marketing takes the guesswork out of business in Vũng Tàu, Dalat, and Nha Trang. This strategy streamlines the process of growing a Vietnamese business team and making significant profits for companies. Thanks to this, many of these top MLM companies are now global enterprises that have seen success all over Asia in 2023 and into 2024. 

The Vietnamese Economy

The Vietnam economic landscape is growing and improving annually. As a socialism based economy, Vietnam still manages to hold its own in the business and economic world. Based on Gross Domestic Product, the country is 45th in the world, having seen rapid growth since the late 1980s after the end of the cold war. Currently, Vietnam consists of primarily small to medium enterprises, allowing MLM and network marketing companies to truly flourish. With an income per capita around 16,000 USD in 2023, the economy of Vietnam still has plenty of room to grow and build financially for 2024. 

This is where network marketing can come in and truly help the people of Vietnam. MLM companies don’t really have an income cap, so the earnings from starting your own business with an MLM can compliment the average income, or even replace it should an individual choose to pursue network marketing full time in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. 

Why Network Marketing In Vietnam?

With network marketing, anyone and everyone can be a business owner in Hue and Hoi An. Gone are the pipe dreams of owning your own business. People can now run their own business and become successful entrepreneurs thanks to the MLM system and network marketing strategy. In countries like Vietnam where industries aren’t as forgiving or available to the average citizen, MLM companies and direct sales opens the door for substantial and sustainable success in 2023 and 2024. 

Top 10 Best MLM Companies in Vietnam For 2024

As Vietnam has transitioned over the years with its economy and status, it has actually become a great country for direct sales and MLM companies to thrive in Hanoi and Saigon. The country has seen several successful network marketing companies come in and flourish. But which MLM is best to sign up with if you are a resident of Vietnam?

Here are ten of our favorite Vietnamese MLMs to think about joining. 

1. LiveGood – LiveGood is by far the best MLM company to choose in Vietnam for 2024. LiveGood leverages the power of the low-cost membership business model and affordable products and top quality. LiveGood affiliates can earn profits from selling wholesale priced health and wellness products, along with building their downline teams. It is so easy to sell and recruit with LiveGood because it is an excellent company with low costs and a strong growing product line. Premium dietary supplement and fitness products are being released monthly at Live Good!

LiveGood is growing rapidly in Asia with another 1-2 more million members projected to join soon, so don’t delay getting started!

2. Elken International – Founded in 1995, Elken set a high goal for itself to become a leading MLM company. While still on its journey to the top, Elken has achieved a respectable amount of success and continues to grow in said success. Offering health aids, beauty products, and household items, Elken has a diverse product line and therefore has quite the audience to appeal to. Thanks to this wide array of items offered, the company has seen and will continue to see great success as a network marketing business in Da Nang and Can Tho. 

3. Best World International – Recognizing Vietnam as one of the fastest growing economies in the world, Best World International saw it fit to establish a branch in the country. The company knew this country would bring even more success and popularity to the company and it has proven to be a wise decision. Best World offered an assortment of products from weight management and wellness to beauty and skincare. This has cemented them in as a wildly popular company offering something for anyone and bringing about a high level of success and growth in Haiphong. 

4. Amway – As a company founded on finding a better way to provide for the families of two businessmen, Amway has seen success that they never possibly imagined. With what started as a single organic cleaning product blossomed into a company offering cleaning products, household goods, and other personal care items. Amway has a long history of success and there is absolutely no doubt that the company will continue to succeed into 2024 in Hue and Can Tho. 

5. Valentus – As a leading coffees health and wellness company, Valentus offers energy aids and slimming coffee in addition to many other products that work for any phase of a consumer’s wellness journey. The goal of Valentus is to help people prevail on their path to a healthy happy lifestyle, and they are meeting or exceeding that goal every year. With a compensation plan that is out of this world, the company appeals to people for wellness and financial reasons, making it a greatly successful company for those living in Haiphong, Dalat, or Nha Trang. Start enjoying your slim roast coffees and other healthy dietary supplements while boosting your income passively!

6. Norwex – Norwex is a company that specializes in the production and sale of environmentally friendly cleaning and personal care products. It was founded in 1994 by Bjørn Nicolaisen in Norway and has since expanded internationally, with a presence in several countries worldwide. Norwex products are known for their focus on sustainability and reducing environmental impact. One of the primary features of Norwex products is their use of microfiber technology, which is claimed to clean effectively using only water, thus reducing the need for chemical cleaners.

7. Neolife – NeoLife, also known as GNLD (Golden NeoLife Diamite), is a health and wellness company that offers a wide range of nutritional supplements, personal care products, and home care items. Founded in 1958 by Jerry Brassfield, NeoLife operates as a multi-level marketing (MLM) company, with independent distributors selling its products directly to consumers. The company’s product line includes vitamins, minerals, dietary supplements, weight management products, skincare items, and cleaning products. NeoLife emphasizes the use of high-quality ingredients and scientific research in formulating its products.

8. Vorwerk – Vorwerk is a top direct selling company that operates in various sectors, primarily known for its household appliances and cleaning products. One of its most famous products is the Vorwerk Kobold vacuum cleaner, which has gained a reputation for its quality and performance.

9. Arieyl – Arieyl is a new MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company in the fast-moving health, wellness, and herbal product space, so it is essential for individuals interested in getting involved to conduct thorough research. This includes examining the company’s products, compensation plan, reputation, and potential risks associated with ground floor MLM business models.

10. Infinitus – Infinitus is a health and wellness company that specializes in producing and distributing traditional eastern herbal health products. It was founded in 1992 and is headquartered in Asia. Infinitus operates under the parent company Lee Kum Kee Health Products Group, which is known for its range of health and wellness products. Infinitus focuses on combining traditional medicine principles with modern research and technology to develop its products. The company’s offerings typically include dietary supplements, herbal teas, personal care products, and health-related services.

Crucial Steps To MLM Lead Generation

It is crucial to generate leads and lots of them for a network marketing company in Vietnam. This is what makes or breaks the company and what can mean a little side income or a full blown living for someone. While it is up to the individual on just how big they want to grow the company, lead generation at some level is imperative to keep the company running in Vinh and Bien Hoa. Not every lead will pan out into someone joining your team, in fact many won’t, so it is crucial to generate as many leads as possible to hedge your bets in growing the company in Da Nang and Hoi An. 

How to Join and Profit from an MLM Company 

When you are looking to join an MLM Company, you really have to do your research to succeed and benefit the most from the company. You will need to check out the available packages for Asians and consider the pros and cons of each one. Fully get to know what you can do with the volume of your initial purchase to determine how quickly you can make your investment back and then turn a profit on in Hue. 

You also have to consider how to grow your business team in Ho Chi Minh City. You have to understand how your MLM company is set up, along with how the different legs of your team will work. You shall have a powerleg, which is the quickly growing and highly active side, and the smaller leg – the side that isn’t as profitable initially nor as active. Once you have established your powerleg and have a good momentum on that side, you can actually build your smaller leg up and even match the level that your power leg gets to. 

Finally, Vietnamese MLMers have to understand lead generation and how to keep your business growing and flourishing. We have talked about why lead generation is important, so you have to just have a plan that is capable of supporting long lasting lead generation. Be sure to be flexible and adaptive as you may have to change your methods as the industry and market changes as well in Asia. 

Make More Money In MLM

Vietnam has proven to be a great company for MLM and network marketing growth. This Asian country has a stable yet growing economy that creates and ideal platform for individuals to jump on board to owning and operating their own businesses. This has shown great success and looks to continue for quite some time. Vietnamese MLM entrepreneurs have a lot to gain in 2024 and 2025!

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