Who is the Best Network Marketing Business in the Philippines?

Direct sales companies have been multilevel for several years. This is nothing new to the business world. What is relatively new is the transition into network marketing. With such a technological and social world, MLM companies have had to adapt to the new audiences and methods of communication to have their businesses flourish like never before.

This strategy quickly took off and has set companies out for global success never before imagined. Many of these companies began small but now hold leading positions in business charts all over the world.  

An Overview of Filipino Economy

The Philippines is a country with a larger economy despite not being among the top ten in the world. This relatively small country still manages to put a big impact into the global market with a large contribution to imports and exports. Still considered a newly industrialized country, the Philippines still makes quite the statement with a GDP of 330.91 billion USD in 2018. The forecast of the country’s economy proves promising as it is predicted to grow to a 355.5 billion USD by the end of 2019 and hit 425 billion USD by 2020.

Why is Network Marketing Big in the Philippines?

Network marketing makes business ownership possible, available, and rewarding for people in any walk of life. When one person sees success in an MLM company, the entire company grows and sees that much more success. Because people are able to be in charge of their own success, they can grow it as much or as little as they choose to, really allowing them to take their income and success into their own hands.

Top Network Marketing Companies in the Philippines

The Philippines has been quite the hotspot for both developing and developed MLM companies which utilize the network marketing strategies. Here are a few of the top MLM companies in the Philippines.

5. Avon – It comes as no surprise that Avon makes its way to the top of many MLM and network marketing charts. With well over 130 years of history, Avon continues to empower women all over the world to be their own boss and grow in their success and confidence. The company offers a full range of skincare and beauty products and has become a household name far and wide.

4. Nutricium Nature’s Wealth – As any wellness and health company, Nutricium aims to promote superior nutrition to help people live their best lives. The company is devoted to long term health and full lifestyle changes. As a company strong in its values, Nutricium has seen great success and looks to continue on a long road of success for years to come.

3. Zynergia – Based on integrity and honest, Zynergia is another wellness initiative oriented company that strives to make people feel empowered through their wellness. With the goal of creating a diverse network of supportive individuals that are always there, Zynergia has accomplished what many companies are unable to do – build a community of like individuals seeking a happier and healthier life.

2. Lifestyles – Lifestyles aims to change the lives of their clients with a formula that has proven therapeutic and that has gone unaltered for almost 3 decades. As a wellness company seeking an innovative product line and producing just that, Lifestyles has reached global heights thanks to network marketing. With a built in support team and program, they truly have changed the lives of thousands.

1. Valentus – Offering slimming coffee and other weight management and energy aids, Valentus sets out to prevail among other leading wellness companies. Also offering an unmatched compensation plan, the company sets the stage for people to see their financial and health wealth increase. The company has seen rapid success all over the world and is sure to continue along that trajectory.

Generating Leads is Most Important

Lead generation is crucial for a successful MLM company that is rooted in network marketing. If a company is choosing to go the network route, then they must consistently generate new leads to grow the company. Leads don’t always result in new members, distributors, or even customers, so it’s very important that many leads are generated on a regular basis.

Joining an MLM Company and Maximizing Compensation

When you are looking to join an MLM company, you really need to consider what you’re getting into and have a good understanding of what it takes to be successful as a network marketer. You’ll need to do your research and truly have a thorough knowledge about the company.

It’s important to know your options when buying into an MLM company. Examine the benefits of all the available packages and be sure that you’ll not only make your money back, but that you’ll make a sizable profit on the investment. You’ll then have to think about how you will approach growing your team, thus growing your business.

In most MLM companies, you have two legs to every team – the powerleg and the smaller leg. The power leg you want to build quickly because those are your rockstars – the people who will hit the ground running and expand their teams, thus growing yours. The smaller leg you can then focus on growing and making equally as successful.

Last, you have to consider how you will continue to garner new leads and keep the traffic running through your website. Remember that lead generation is what can make or break a network marketing company. It’s important to remain adaptive and innovative to keep those leads coming so that you can succeed.

The Philippines has been a promising and great place for MLM and network marketing companies to start, succeed, and see long lasting promise for continued success. The network marketing world is a competitive one, but many companies have seen great success here, and the growth of new companies looks to follow suit. 

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