5 Best MLM Businesses in South Korea for 2023

Multilevel marketing (or MLM) companies are all around us. Chances are you have heard of one, or five, and likely ignored the idea. What you are missing out on is absolute business greatness.

You should know that direct sales companies have been around for decades, and have proven for years that they are profitable and successful. Network marketing has only made this even more successful and applicable to today’s world. Here are the Best MLM Companies in South Korea for 2022 and 2023 below. But first let’s delve into South Korea’s economy in greater detail to show how network marketing can make a positive impact.

South Korean Economy

South Korea is quite the economic powerhouse, as the country ranks 4th in Asia and 11th on worldwide charts. As a highly developed country with a strong business platform, South Korea is a great place for MLM companies to thrive. With a highly educated and hard working population, the country is home to great economic potential found through network marketing.

The income per capita in South Korea was 30,600 in 2021 with expectations of an even higher number for 2022. With continued growth in the income rate of the country, network marketing can not only match this income, but surpass it, opening up a new realm of possibility for individuals.

Why is Network Marketing so Popular?

Gone are the days where people go door to door to sell something. After that, people often would sell to friends and family, but in the direct sales field, you can’t get very far. Network marketing allows direct sales to break out into the cold market, the audience of people that you have no personal connection with. This allows your company more opportunity to grow and become more successful.

South Korea’s 5 Top Network Marketing Companies

Thanks in large part to their strong business outlook, South Korea is a country where MLM companies are destined for great success. In a society wanting the best in health, skincare, and other industries, network marketing companies are able to thrive and flourish. Here are a few of the top MLM companies in South Korea.

5. Unicity – Offering health and wellness products for each and every stage of a healthy lifestyle, Unicity has a mission to make a change in an individual to help become part of the driving force to change the world. Their motto ‘Change your life, change your world’ is what they strive to promote for a more positive and healthy life.

4. Neora – As an antiaging and beauty company, Neora (formerly Nerium) offers a full skincare line that began as a single antiaging night cream. Neora believes that their efforts to make people’s lives better goes well past their antiaging creams and the opportunity of the business. In fact, Neora has given back time and time again to communities far and wide to improve the lives of those around them as well as those within the Neora family.

3. Ariix – Born from the same developers as USANA, a widely popular MLM company, Ariix has formed to bring a new light to weight loss, wellness, and skincare. Founders aim to make Ariix an exception and to change how MLM companies are viewed. It looks like that’s already on its way to becoming an achievement as Ariix has already made great progress in the short time since 2011.

2. NuSkin – Offering skincare, nutrition, and personal care items, NuSkin has been widely accepted and grown in Asian countries. The mission of NuSkin is to promote wellness and to help people reach their fullest potentials, all the while empowering individuals with the opportunities to start their own businesses. NuSkin is a global company, seeing global success, with no exception to its South Korean market.

1. Valentus – Offering slimming coffee may be the big ticket for Valentus popularity, but what brings people back, and much success to the company, is the actual diversity of products offered to consumers. From energy aids to weight management to sleep aids, Valentus offers everything someone needs to prevail in life. That’s what the company name means, to prevail, and they are able to help people do that in both their health and their finances as the company has an unmatched compensation plan and has seen great success for South Koreans.

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Generating Leads is Crucial

A MLM lead is when someone is driven to your site or when someone signs up to learn more about your company. Not everyone will go further and buy product or even join your team. Because of this, it is important that you general leads like crazy. You need to continuously have those lead generation numbers up in the chance that just SOME of those numbers will stick and help you to grow your business.

How to Join an MLM Company

MLM companies tend to have various packages for new members. As a new member, you really need to sort through these carefully to understand what you can get from each of them. This is an investment and you should treat it as such, knowing what you can manage with your budget and what you can turnaround quickly to begin growing your company.

Once you’ve established the best starting package for your business, it’ll be time to approach growing your business. In Binary MLM companies, you typically find a binary layout, where you have a more active leg to your company and a less active leg. The power leg is the more active and can hit the ground running with less oversight. Once you have that leg going, you can address getting the smaller leg built up to the same level to balance the two and to maximize your profit and success.

Keep in mind that this entire time you’ll need to have an idea of how to consistently generate new leads for your MLM business in South Korea. You need to keep those numbers up throughout the lifetime of your network marketing business because they will drive your success. Leads will make or break your business, so you cannot drop the ball in this department during 2022 and 2023.

South Korea is a great country for network marketing companies to grow and succeed. With a strong work ethic and determination in business, the country has a remarkable foundation for top MLM companies to bloom.