Top 10 Best MLM Companies In China 2024

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Network marketing is the hottest business strategy being used by top multi-level marketing (MLM) companies far and wide in China. No corner of the Earth has gone unfazed by this growing trend in business as MLM companies can be found all over the world, including all Chinese regions. These companies have seen global network marketing and affiliate sales success, with many topping international business charts including in major economic powerhouses like China and Hong Kong. And yes, MLM is legal is China. Network marketing is allowed and MLM experts are growing huge teams each month.

For the purpose of this top-ranked MLM company list, I am grouping China and Hong Kong together since they are the leading Asian business epicenters and have some similar characteristics when it comes to the growing MLM business. We also already ranked the top MLM companies in Singapore, South Korea direct selling businesses, and other leading Asian nations in separate articles for your reference.

New Fast Growth Network Marketing Opportunity

China is a relatively untapped market for MLM companies because of the potential Chinese Communist Party (CCP) restrictions on certain industries. But as long as entrepreneurs in China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan use a VPN or other methods, they can’t stop the Chinese network marketing industry. There are always ways that MLMers will get around technological or financial restrictions in China for 2023 and 2024.

A Closer Look at the Chinese and Hong Kong Economies For The Asian Advantage

China is clearly crushing it in multi-level marketing and affiliate sales. The Chinese are dedicated to dominating direct selling throughout Asia. China is the newest #1 world leader in overall business over the United States, unseating the US after decades of dominance. With highly developed markets, these countries are the most developed economies and among the top in the world for stock exchange, purchasing, and imports / exports. Home to many of the Fortune 500 companies, China and Hong Kong are an economic powerhouse where MLM companies have seen great success. Add to this foundation the strategy of network marketing, and Hong Kong / Chinese direct sales have soared. Obviously China is the most populated nation in the world, or at least tied with India, so it is a massive market for multi-level marketing recruiters and product reps.

Why is Network Marketing so Popular In China?

Network marketing is so popular for Chinese distributors because it takes the guess work out of business. Network marketing opens up the world of direct sales to become unlimited. With network marketing, the sky is the limit in China and Hong Kong since this strategy lets companies reach consumers they otherwise wouldn’t.

In network marketing, an MLM company can reach the Asian market for lead generation – this is people beyond friends and family or those they have on social media platforms. Instead, solo ads and other marketing methods are utilized to contact individuals as potential Chinese leads. This greatly expands the number of Chinese or Hong Kong people that can be reached and allows the company to grow far and wide.

Top 10 Best Network Marketing Companies in China For 2024

Multi-level marketing is growing for Chinese entrepreneurs. China and Tibet have seen several successful network marketing companies over the years. With direct sales growing in popularity then taking hold of the network marketing strategy, these companies are taking the marketing industry by storm in China. Some of the top network marketing companies in China are as follows:

1. LiveGood – Offering products that are affordable and high-quality, LiveGood tops the charts for aspiring Chinese network marketers. The LiveGood affiliate membership is only $40 and the monthly fee is just $9.95, with no required auto-ships for residents of China. And did I mention that the compensation plan is very lucrative for Chinese citizens? You can even earn money from the matrix spillover without recruiting anyone over time, especially as more Asians join the company in the coming years! And now LiveGood has made it even easier for new Chinese affiliate members by allowing AliPay, UnionPay, and WeChat Pay to make purchases! That is why LiveGood is a rapidly growing MLM company in China and all of Asia!

LiveGood is truly the best MLM company in China for 2024 and beyond if you want powerful potential profits and plentiful passive income. Join LiveGood right now if you live in China, Hong Kong, Tibet, or Taiwan so power up your potential earnings! Join over 1 million members to earn more Yuan fast with LiveGood network marketing and affiliate sales. China is the fastest growing market for LiveGood now and is creating new Diamond rank affiliates each month!

2. Vasayo – Driven by innovation, Vasayo is a top MLM company that has seen international success and continually aims to reach further toward bigger and better products. Vasayo covers all wellness aspects of life and has an amazing executive team backing the company and pushing for continued success in 2023 for Chinese entrepreneurs. Vasayo is clearly on of the best MLM enterprises for 2024 with Asians, so look into its products and comp plan further for extra Yuan earnings.

3. Buyezee – Changing the network marketing approach, Buyezee is definitely a company that stands out in a crowd. By offering a hub for consumers to find their favorite products at the best possible price, Buyezee offers a service to save money rather than a product itself. This way, there is no convincing someone to love a product, but rather telling them how they can save on the things they already love! The potential for profits is endless for Asian MLM distributors of Buyezee. This is certainly one of the best Chinese MLM companies to join for 2024 CNY profits whether you like in Beijing or Macau.

4. Naturally Plus – One of the frontrunners in the health and wellness industry, Naturally Plus has seen global success as they promote a happier and healthier lifestyle. Working from the inside out, the company offers residents of China and Hong Kong nutritional aids and supplements as well as skincare products to address any of their consumer needs. This top MLM company is poised for major growth in the Asian market for 2024, especially enthusiastic Hong Kongese recruiters.

5. Valentus – Prevailing among a plethora of health and wellness companies, Valentus offers weight management aids and energetic coffee supplements among many other wellness aids. The company combines this variety of products with their unparalleled compensation plan to really appeal to the masses, which has led to its great success for Chinese and Hong Kong distributors.

6. Amway – Lightning was caught in a bottle when two businessmen decided to quit their corporate jobs and invest in a company they knew would build better futures for their families, Amway and MLM was born. Initially offering the first every organic cleaner of its kind, Amway found great success with little to no competition in the multi-level marketing space. Over the years, the OG network marketing company expanded its reach by offering a wider variety of products to include other cleaning items, personal care products, and even beauty items. Now they are still privately held and dominating the MLM industry when it comes to overall size and annual income for Hongkonger reps. Amway is not scamway, it is the gold standard for MLMs in China and worldwide.

7. Arieyl Arieyl is a red hot new multi-level marketing business that focuses on hip new CBD products along with hemp, nootropics, and mushrooms for micro-dosing in the China SAR. They have delicious gummies and tinctures for wellness, sleep, or thoughtfulness when micro dosing legally. You can relax knowing that this company and its products are top-notch in the network marketing space. There is big buzz with Arieyl which will help with its MLM recruiting and product sales in China.

8. Usana – Usana is one of the best premium product MLMs for health, wellness, and beauty. They have a large line of healthy products for distributors to sell, as well as coaching options. Usana has spent millions of dollars on research to perfect their dietary supplements and food products for customers as well as their independent reps in Asia. Usana Health Sciences has been around for a long time so it is hard to go wrong with this top MLM organization. Usana can even be traded in the stock market by MLM shareholders.

9. Shaklee – Shaklee offers dietary supplements, beauty tools, and household products that have a good reputation. This leading multi-level marketing business was founded nearly 75 years ago so they have an excellent track record and legitimacy for a network marketing organization. Shaklee is a solid MLM company to choose even for 2024 for Chinese distributors.

10. K-LINK – Founded over 20 years ago, K-LINK is a leading MLM direct sales company with an assortment of products offered. Ranging from beauty products to health and wellness to even car and household items, K-LINK has a product diversity that appeals to a large audience of multi-level marketers, contributing to the success of the company. In over 40 countries, the KLink MLM company has seen widespread and promising success. Aiming to break into the top slot of MLM companies in the world, K-LINK has its goals clearly claimed and is sure to reach the Chinese market in a big way soon.

Top MLM Runner-Up: Velovita – Velovita was founded several years ago and offers state-of-the-art nootropic brain nutrient supplements to help improve your health and focus for Tibetans and Taiwanese as well as Chinese reps. It is a fast-growing niche and this particular MLM is very compliant as a legitimate enterprise. Now that is something many other network marketing companies can’t always claim when it comes to Tibetan or Chinese consumers and affiliate reps. Take a close look at this network marketing opportunity to see if it is right for you to join for potentially prosperous profits while strengthening body and mind in Macao and Shandong.

Top MLM Honorable Mention: ByDzyne – ByDyzne is a popular MLM company that was founded by Nat and Chanida Puranaputra around five years ago. ByDzyne is a trendy new MLM with different product verticals than other ventures including Tech, Beauty, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Tech. What impressed me about ByDyzne is their secure crypto hard wallet. It can hold up to 800 different types of crypto coins and each coin can have up to 5 accounts in the wallet. This cryptocurrency wallet is hardware, so hackers can’t come into your app or computer. You have access to your private keys for 2023-2024 cryptocurrency holdings including altcoin digital assets for residents of China and Tibet.

Other Top MLMs To Consider Joining – There are a plethora of other popular or new MLM businesses for new network marketers to join if you live in China or Macau such as Quanjian, Lifewave, Got Backup, Tranzact, Longrich, Scentsy, LivePure, Melaleuca, Arbonne, Monat, Perfectly Posh, Pure, BeachBody, Senegence, Monavie, Optavia, Medifast, Modere, Coway, Norwex, Neolife Nanjing Joymain Science, ProHealth, Tiens/tianshi Group, Colway, and

Just make sure to do your research on any MLM venture that you join to ensure it is legit. The year 2024 will truly be the best year to become a new network marketer in China!

Generating More Leads Is Crucial For Network Marketing In China

The most important part of network marketing for any business in Asia is lead generation. You need to lead the way in your MLM business with more leads! Without the continuous traffic to their websites and lead generation through solo ad campaigns, these companies would not be successful in Guangdong or Jiangsu. An MLM company is made or broken by their ability to generate leads. Luckily there is a lot of drive, ambition, and intelligence in the Chinese MLM market and Hong Kong network marketing sector.

Asians generating leads can lead to growing the business, but they don’t always result in someone signing up for the product, service, or company. This is the case with MLMs in Chongqing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xi’An, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, or Macau. This is why it is imperative to continually generate new leads for the company to succeed in China for 2024. Consider your downline and lead list a leaky bucket that needs to constantly be replaced by hungry new independent distributor reps and affiliates.

How Solo Ads Are The Best Leads For MLM In China And Hong Kong

Solo ads are truly the best way to generate leads for a top network marketing company in Asia. These are essentially emails sent directly to consumers in an automated fashion thanks to new CRM software programs for reps and distributors in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Macau Taiwan, and Beijing China. With an email, you are more likely to get someone to click on a link and end up on a company’s website. If the company plays their cards right, they have an automation system in place that with prompt the person to sign up for more information. That is then a qualified lead for joining your MLM downline or purchasing your network marketing product. While an Asian solo ad is not guaranteed to get a click or lead, it greatly raises the chances of generating the leads than other methods.

Solo ads for Chinese and Hong Kong distributors are typically purchased from a vendor and they will usually guarantee the number of clicks you purchase. This means that you may buy 300 clicks in Macao or Gansu, but they will truly be sending closer to 500 emails or more until the purchased number of clicks have been delivered. This is why solo ads are truly the best method for generating leads for Chinese and Asian new MLM customers.

Here are the Best Solo Ads for the top network marketing business you decide to join in China or Asia. They work well for Chinaman MLMer distributors and downlines from Hong Kong to Macao to Shanghai! Consider adding solo ads or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to your overall affiliate marketing or direct selling strategy.

The Grass Is Not Greener In Other MLM Companies For China, Hong Kong, Tibet, And Macau Reps

It seems another issue that plagues new network marketers are other shiny new object opportunities, because these beginners think the grass is greener in a new MLM company. But, unfortunately the same problems follow these jumping MLMers. If a network marketer is unable to grow a business in one, it is unlikely you will grow a direct selling business in a new one, unless you really didn’t like the product in the first one. This mistake ties in with discouragement and depression if your MLM company isn’t working out for you, at least not yet. Good things take time in life and they do in multi-level marketing or affiliate marketing as well whether you live in Hefei or Shijiazhuang.

A new distributor gets discouraged and is in limbo and thinks changing companies will be a fast fix, but nothing in business is fast if you live in Wenzhou or Nanning China. The only thing you can change to become a successful home based entrepreneur is to change what is inside of you. No compensation plan is going to instantly make you a millionaire. It takes inside work to change your outside situation as a top MLM independent representative in 2024.

Make More Money With MLM In China

Now you have an idea of which are the best MLM companies to sign up with in China, Chinese provinces, or Chinese territories. You also have a basic grasp of beginner strategies to succeed as a new network marketer.

Overall, Hong Kong and China are well versed in the world of network marketing and MLM companies in 2024. With a great foundation of leading direct selling and MLM companies, China is both no stranger to the business strategy and welcoming to new companies utilizing that multi-level marketing plan. This has set the two top Asian countries up to be a network marketing hub where businesses find great and widespread success for 2023 and 2024. It is time to make the big bucks in Beijing with other top MLMers!

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