What Network Marketing Leaders Aren’t Telling YOU!

I’m gonna blow up a huge deception in network marketing, a lot of leaders are talking this way, and it’s got to stop or at least it has to change and stay till the very end because I got some techniques on how to blow up your business without doing all of this deception work in network marketing. 

I’m not bashing the industry. I love network marketing, but something has to stop with recruiting numbers. And here’s the biggest deception in network marketing right here. You want to hear it. This is it right here. 

All right, just get two and help those two get two. That’s the biggest deception in network marketing. It sounds so easy on paper. Here’s another one, help three, get three people. And then it just multiplies and grows exponentially from there. 

So if you help two bring in two that’s four you help those four, bring in two that say you help those eight bring in two that’s 16 you help those two, you help those 16 bring in two that’s 32. 

So, it sounds great, it sounds explosive. It sounds massive. But here’s what the leaders aren’t telling you. There’s a little tweak in their words, okay. So the people that say, just recruit two and help those to get two, that’s the deception. They’re making it sound like all you have to do is recruit two and that’s it, no more. 

But the real way to say it is to help two get two, so you might have to recruit 10 to find two leaders that you can help get two people with. Do you see what I mean? There’s a little, there’s a little twist in there. And you see all over YouTube with duplication videos that you know, they showed two and then you know, it’s four and then it’s 16. 

It goes all the way down to 256 and 3000 and 6000 and 20,000. Right? They’re like, yeah, you can make a million dollars in a couple years, and you’ll have 20,000 people on your team just help two get two. And it sounds great on paper, but it never works that way. 

Most of the leaders and I’ve been following leaders for a long time. I’ve been in network marketing for six years, I’ve recruited over 1000 people, and I’ve watched plenty of leaders. And in one video they’re like, just help, you know two get two or help five, get five, whatever the number is, but then on another video, they say, Yeah, I recruited 100 people in my first month in this new company, or I’ve recruited over 1000 people. 

I’m not gonna call out anyone but there’s specific people that if you ask them, go up to a leader that’s been in network marketing for 20 years and say, truthfully, how many people have you personally recruited? That’s all you have to ask. Because you’re not going to listen to them just say recruit two and help those two get two, you’re not going to listen to that once you find out their real numbers. 

And I get what they’re saying. You know, they want to make it sound easy and exciting. I get that. Just like Diet Coke wants you to believe that you can lose weight with Diet Coke. The diet in front of Coke is a total lie. You can gain a ton of weight with Diet Coke, or Diet Pepsi, the diet before the name is a big lie. And we buy it every day. 

You know, Coke and Pepsi are huge companies. And we believe it. We believe that drinking pop, we can lose weight. And it’s a total lie. And network marketers, some of them have gotten to the point where they just want to make it so easy. Because they want you in their company and there’s nothing wrong with that. 

But you’re gonna have to recruit, you know, minimum, maybe 20 people to find two, you know, big leaders. You might have to recruit 50 people to find two great leaders, you might have to recruit 100 people to recruit two great leaders – and here’s the beauty about network marketing. This is the positive note on network marketing, you really only need two to three leaders to make an amazing life changing income, two to three leaders. That’s it. 

If you’re in a binary, you put one leader on your left and one leader on your right and you could get residual income for the rest of your life. Like I do. I mean, I work very little. I work more now because I want to work with my team members. But, you know, a couple years ago, I was only working one hour a day, and I was making almost as much as a doctor. 

Residual income is the most exciting aspect of network marketing. But the numbers that you need to find those two to three leaders, it’s a little gray. Let’s just say that it’s a little gray. But stay in the company. Stay in network marketing and learn it because people are changing their lives every single day with the income from network marketing and how is that possible? 

It’s not selling products yourself out of a van down by the river. It is getting an organization together and moving products together. And you’re not even really selling. You know, people are like, Oh, yeah, you know, I sell this product out of my salon or I sell this product out of my house or I go to trade shows or, you know, trade fairs or events and I just I just sell my products there. 

That’s not how you do network marketing. If you want to make explosive income you have to bring in Business Builders, people that want to recruit their own people. Because here’s the difference. You bring in five customers. That’s only five orders. Okay, that’s like $100 profit, you know, maybe $200. But if you bring in five business builders who start recruiting people of their own, you’re going to make $5,000. 

Then it’s just going to pay you every single month because these people on your team are building teams, and you get a commission from every new person brought on your team. Then you get commissions for every reorder every single month. So you want to promote something that’s consumable – that has to be reordered. And that’s how you get residual income in network marketing. But it’s hard frickin work. You know, there’s people, the leaders just make it sound fun, and it is fun. But there’s hard days and people quit.

If you look at the stats of MLM, 90% quit in five years. 95% quit in 10 years. So the people that are saying it’s fun and you just have to recruit a couple people. They’re in the top two to 1% out of the whole hundred million in distributor population of network marketing, the top 1% are like, this is fun. You just have to recruit a few people. 

And that’s fine. You can say that. It’s not illegal to say that. But you have to recruit 20 to 200 people to find those two to five leaders. That’s what they’re leaving out. So, is MLM worth it? It’s totally worth it. The last four years I’ve been full time from home. I haven’t had to wear a mask. I haven’t had to see all the craziness out in the world and the riots and the protesters.

I live out here in the beautiful woods. I just work on my laptop. I watch YouTube videos all day. You know, I take notes when I work with my team. It’s a great life. But the first two years sucked. I had to do a lot of self development. I had a big ego. I was self centered. I just thought about me making money. me, me, me, me me and you can’t make any money without a team in network marketing, and I was like, Oh, okay. 

Luckily I was a blogger and I got a lot of people in my business from my articles, but a lot of people don’t blog. A lot of people aren’t going to do YouTube Live, people aren’t going to do Facebook every day. A lot of people aren’t going to be consistent. A lot of people are going to treat it like a lottery ticket. 

And you have to sort through those people to find your leaders. You got to shuck a lot of oysters to find a leader. The people that say, Oh, I just brought in 20 people and we ran with it hard and now I make millions a year. They brought those people over from another MLM that they were in. There were two people in our company that recruited a lot of people. And now they’re at the top. They didn’t just recruit 10 people and work with those people closely. 

I know one person that, in 2018, she was bringing in 300 people a month. And she did it consistently for about a year. I watched her. So that’s 3000 people that she personally sponsored. And they came from another MLM that she was in. 

So a lot of these leaders, they’ll just bring teams over pre-existing teams that they built for years, decades, over from another company into the new company, that creates momentum, they skyrocket up to the top of the leaderboard, then everyone looks at them and says, Who is that I want to work with them, then they get even more people on their team, and it creates is this snowball this momentum, this upward spiral of success and it keeps building upon building upon building upon success. 

And they’re like, Hey, I’m a leader. You can do it too. But they’ve been doing it for 20 to 30 years. All right, a lot of people struggled their first two to seven years. Some of them struggled for 10 years. And they lost several teams and then kept rebuilding and rebuilding. So you gotta keep going. You should never stop recruiting, you should never go into management mode. Because your team’s gonna be like, what are you doing? You’re just telling us what to do. You’re not recruiting anymore. 

So don’t ever go into micromanagement mode. You got to be in the trenches with your team. And yes, it’s true. You can work closely with two to five people and get them to the top and then you’ll get to the top. But you got to recruit a lot of people to find those two to five leaders. I love you guys. Thanks for reading. Share this with your teams. This is the truth about network marketing. Is that worth it? Heck, yes. I’m going to do it till the day I die. 

There’s no other residual income like this for $160 a month, I get thousands of dollars a month. All right, the return on investment is huge. But the first two years, you’re going to sweat and blood. And you’re going to be spending money on ads or/or pissing people off on Facebook until you get a team growing, and then it’ll grow without you. You’ll build momentum. Success loves speed. So keep it fast. Don’t take the weekends off. Don’t take holidays off. Do a 90 day Blitz in the beginning, do 180 day Blitz, get it going up really good. Then maybe you can take a day off. That’s how it works.