Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Chile For 2023

top mlm companies in chile best network marketing businesses ranked chileans

Chile is a growing global economy that is ripe for multi-level marketing (MLM) money making opportunities. Network marketing in Chile has the potential to make entrepreneurs a lot of extra money or even become their own boss. Chileans can embrace MLMs or direct selling businesses to build their own personal brand while earning multiple streams of income, including the much loved passive income stream.

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But what MLM company should you think about joining in Chile for prosperous profits? Here are the top ten best MLM businesses in Chile for 2023 and 2024:

Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Chile For 2023

1. LiveGood

2. Valentus

3. My Daily Choice

4. Herbalife

5. Amway

6. Infinitus

7. Market America

8. Tupperware

9. Young Living

10. Total Life Changes

There are plenty of other top MLM businesses to consider joining for Chilean entrepreneurs as well such as BeachBody, Sisel, Arieyl, Arbonne, Melaleuca, MonaVie, Younique, QSciences, Pampered Chef, and Youngevity. Sign up for the right MLM company in Santiago South America right now!

Make The Most Of Your MLM Money Maker

Once in awhile, I get a person who becomes a prospect by taking the free business tour on my company-provided landing page that all South American New Reps in network marketing will get.

Then, these South Americans email me shortly after receiving an automated email from Valentus, and email me back and ask “What is Valentus all about?” for distributors in Arica and La Serena Chile heading into the crucial year of 2024.

I decided to write a post on it so I wouldn’t have to explain over and over again to South Americans what network marketing is and how you can make money with Valentus as a Chilean.

Valentus is a network marketing or MLM company out of the USA. They offer a range of products, mostly weight management products, and their most popular product is slimroast optimum coffee.

Network marketing is a business model that companies use to promote and distribute their products through a “network” of people like you and I, rather than the company spending a ton of money on traditional advertising. So, it is up to us Chileans to share the products and get sales and in turn, we get compensated by the company.

(Here is also a more in-depth training article about how to start network marketing.)

If you want to potentially make money promoting Valentus products, you would sign up as an Independent Representative or “IR” for short. 

You can join a multi-level marketing business two ways:

One – You can sign up on my landing page to see the business, what they call a “free business tour” where you can see your dashboard (what you would use to manage your business when you sign up). You will then get a series of automated emails from Valentus, telling you why you should join Valentus.

If you want to join after reading the email, you simply click the blue link where they say “Lock in your spot here” and you will be taken back into your dashboard of Valentus where you can click the order now button and place a product purchase and pay a one-time activation fee of $20 plus product price to become an IR (Independent Representative.

Take the Free Tour and sign up in Santiago! Or you could use this option:

You simply go to the customer website where you can view the products right away. On this website you have a choice to become a preferred customer or an IR (Independent Representative. 

If you want to have the potential to earn money whenever someone orders Valentus products on your website (that valentus gives you when you sign up as a IR) then you would want to choose the option of Independent Representative when you buy product.

When you sign up successfully as a “IR” you then can log in to your business dashboard and grab your own website links the company provides you, so you can share your website links with whoever you think might be interested in the business.

You then will see tabs on the left-hand side where you can grab your website links through the “My Website Address” tab, and set up your payment options through the “My Earnings Tab.”

You can also see how many views your websites are getting through the “statistics” tab.

Everything is in this back-office for you to operate your home business successfully.

Keep in mind that you will have to order at least one product per month (50bv) to stay active as an Independent Representative, but you don’t have to pay the one-time starter fee of $20 again.

If you want to see how much Valentus pays you can view their compensation plan for 2024.

Recap on The Most Lucrative MLM Opportunity

Valentus is truly a global opportunity. We are in over 100 countries and anyone can do this business if they have internet connection. You can also promote your Valentus business anywhere in the world simply by sharing your website links. You don’t need to go meet people in person to talk about your business if that is not your thing. 

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