What is the Best Network Marketing Business for 2019?

What is the Best Network Marketing Business for 2019

When I started my network marketing business in 2014, the last thing I wanted was a loud, extroverted upline calling me and telling me what to do. I was already doing alright as an affiliate marketer just posting affiliate links on social media and making some money.

I wanted to apply that same kind of marketing to network marketing without doing home parties, hotel meetings, and bugging everyone three feet around me!

I soon discovered that network marketing had evolved a lot since the days of Amway. I could just promote my company-provided MLM websites on social media and make money!

So, I joined MLM and promoted my links on Twitter, and from 2014 to 2015 I had enrolled over 100 into my MLM business just using Twitter.

The most powerful aspect of this new type of network marketing business model was that any person that filled out their name and email on my company-provided landing page received a series of compelling emails from the company, which encouraged them to join.

I soon found I was getting new distributors overnight, while I slept, because of this powerful autoresponder. It was like a built-in sales funnel. I didn’t have to do anything but share my landing page link and let the company do the rest.

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Pretty soon, I was attracting internet marketers who wanted to build MLM the same way. They didn’t want to ruin their friendships with friends and family and most of them had blogs and other social media circles where they could promote their links.

See, a lot of people are turned off by traditional network marketers because they are pushy and only talk about their products. If you want to make true passive income on the internet you need people to come to you. I create videos and articles that people find through search engines.

When they read my articles or watch my videos they are already looking for what I offer. I don’t push my opportunity onto anyone. I simply wait for people to come to me.

That is the new type of network marketing business. If you can copy and paste a link you can make money with the new style of MLM – what I call the Best Network Marketing Business of 2019.

Here are some key features of what I call the Best MLM of 2019.

One – The company must have awesome high-definition websites they give to you. These websites must include sign up forms where prospects can take a FREE look into the company.

Two – Powerful Sales Funnel – The best network marketing business in 2019 would have the automated emails that urge prospects to upgrade. I won’t do any other type of MLM that doesn’t have this autoresponder.

Three – Highest Commissions in the Industry – I earn 50% commissions on first time orders and get paid down 7 levels. The company pays down 10 levels for up to 85% total commissions.

Four – Superior Product – People are tired of the same old skin creams and diet shakes. They want a product that is brand new to the marketplace and is completely derived from nature – think: CBD oil or Coffee.

Conclusion for the Best Network Marketing Business for 2019

If you want to make a lot of money in this business, you have to keep it really simple. You want to grow a large team easily and efficiently. The best way to do that is teach your team a super simple lead generation technique.

When you use this technique you want to do it consistently to generate new leads everyday. I generate anywhere from 20 to 100 leads a day. You can also generate leads from creating content, like YouTube videos and articles or posting ads in your local newspaper. The name of the game is to get a lot of people taking the free tour on your website so they can get emails from the company.

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8 thoughts on “What is the Best Network Marketing Business for 2019?”

  1. It’s exciting how social media has changed the way we can grow our businesses – but I’m still finding that generating leads is my biggest challenge, especially for my side MLM business set-up. How can you be sure your leads are reaching the right people? Is there a set script you use?

    1. Hi Marc!

      Yes, generating MLM leads should be targeted and the wrong audience could diminish your conversions and be very frustrating. When I began targeting the network marketing crowd on Twitter in 2014, I followed the followers of the MLM leaders, because I knew those leaders attracted a certain croud, a certain type of following, so I would follow their followers. When the followers followed me back I had an automated direct message that said something like: “We are looking for Success-driven Entrepreneurs who want to generate extra income, click here.”
      That message alone and following a thousand people a day on several Twitter platforms allowed me to recruit over 100+ people from Twitter alone.
      Today is no different, you just need to find one platform that works and test different sales copy. My team and I use the same ad and it still works today and is easily duplicatable for everyone because it’s just copy and paste. Thanks again for stopping by!

  2. Thought-provoking. As somebody just dipping my toes into network marketing, I’ve always thought of it as a primarily ‘offline’ business model, primarily driven around face-to-face communication and hard-selling, which doesn’t really suit my skill set – I’ve never really considered that (like most things!) it can be largely operated online. As the bulk of my experience is in social media marketing and affiliate marketing, that’s quite an exciting prospect…

    1. It is, Martin! You’re exactly right – MLM can be like affiliate marketing but with residual income and 10x the money. I just promote my MLM links online like I did with my affiliate marketing products.

  3. For those of us that aren’t marketing guru’s, this new and improved way of network marketing is impressive! Why not utilize technology? Today, people do much of their shopping from the internet – from the comfort of their homes. People definitely do not want a pushy salesman knocking at their door! Instead, automation smartly follows the potential customer. The sales funnel is created through technology, as well as the autoresponder. I am in awe by this use of time and intelligence, as well as the commissions earned through new network marketing companies.

  4. Wow, very insightful. Your experience with Twitter is telling of how quickly social media is growing. Many have opinionated that these social platforms have yet to reach their prime and businesses are also putting a greater emphasis on building email lists- How do you think email marketing strategies will work with younger generations (teens), in the coming years?

    1. Hey Janet! I think the younger generation are using text messaging marketing which is huge right now, aka SMS Marketing. More personal and a better open rate than email marketing.

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