Valentus Japan

Valentus in Japan is a network marketing company that was founded in 2015 by Dave Jordan. The company offers popular products in Asia, including 24/7 Carb Burners, Trim, and SlimRoast Optimum Coffee.

Japan’s Economy

Japan is a robust economy and is ranked third in the world at $5.36 Trillion GDP. The Japanese are kind, intelligent, polite and are very aggressive in Entrepreneurship. The Japanese are starting to recognize that excelling in corporations is not the only option anymore. More and more Japanese are becoming Entrepreneurs, home-based business contractors, and founding startups.

Why Network Marketing?

Japan is one of the largest countries to do MLM/Network Marketing. They are ranked #5 at $15.3 Billion dollars in sales generated in network marketing in 2017. Network marketing is a smart business model with little risk. For under $100 per month, anyone can become an independent business owner, distributor, or rep in any MLM opportunity. There is also no ceiling on how much you can earn, as the top leaders earn over $100,000US per month. There is also very little risk in quitting. You simply cancel your “autoship” order each month and you are free to walk away.

Why Valentus in Japan?

Valentus is growing rapidly in Japan. The Japanese love the Slimroast Optimum Coffee. Valentus operates out of the U.S. and ship their products globally. Each new rep gets several high-definition personalized websites they can share the products and the business opportunity with their audience. They also get a built-in sales funnel for when an interested prospect takes the “free business tour” on your personalized landing page (looks like a signup form) the company then sends out a series of emails to your prospect, urging them to become a paid member.

Compensation Plan: 

Valentus offers one of the best paying comp plans in the industry. Valentus pays 7 ways to help you achieve your financial dreams faster (One-time activation fee of $20 to Become an IR (Independent Rep):

One – Retail Commission of 25% on all products.

Two – Fast Start Commissions of $20 on Basic Pack, $40 on Starter Pack, $60 on Advanced Pack, $100 on Builder Pack, and $200 on Career Pack.

Three – Legacy Coded – You Earn $100-$200 additionally on each Builder or Career pack your reps order after you recruit 3 Builders or Career Packs.

Four – Dual Team Cycle – Earn up to $20 per Binary Match Cycle between your left and right leg.

Five – Matching Team Bonus – Earn off your leader’s Dual Team Binary Income down 7 levels.

Six – Enrollment Bonus Pool

Seven – Car Bonus – Earn $400 to $3000 per month towards your dream car once you hit “Diamond” rank.

Top Selling Products: 

SlimRoast Optimum Coffee

24/7 Carb Burners – AM & PM Formula

Emulin – May Help Blood Sugar and Diabetic Issues.

Asian Countries We Ship To: Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines.


People are losing an incredible amount of weight with Valentus weight loss products:

Who We’re Looking For:

If you are looking for a home-based business with unlimited earning potential and weight loss potential, we are looking for you! We are willing to train the right person, but Valentus is very easy to build all online. Simple become a IR by ordering product and paying the one-time IR fee of $20 and you will get your own personalized websites to promote Valentus products and earn commissions!

Although MLM can be very lucrative, it is still a serious endeavor and takes consistent action. You will need to build a team of people like yourself. You should show them how to sign up and how they can share their own website links when they upgrade. MLM is all about duplication and getting people on your team recruiting their own people.

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