Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Belgium 2024

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Belgium has a top economy compared to most other countries in the world. Belgians are also very skilled with it comes to multi-level marketing (MLM) success. A Belgian entrepreneur can increase their earnings and revenue streams by joining the right MLM company.

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But what is the best MLM business opportunity to join in 2023 if you live in Belgium? Here are the top ten MLM businesses to consider joining if you live in Belgium in 2023 and 2024:

Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Belgium For 2023-2024

1. LiveGood

2. Valentus

3. Organo Gold

4. Herbalife

5. Amway

6. Avon

7. Young Living

8. Sisel

9. Gano Excel

10. Modere

There are other amazing MLM companies for Belgians to check out if you live in Belgium like Arieyl, Total Life Changes, Monat, Legal Shield, Pure, Coway, Younique, Perfectly Posh, Youngevity Pampered Chef, Forever Living, or BeachBody in 2023 and 2024.

A Very Profitable MLM Option

Belgians love their coffee and caffeine. Now nearly 65% of Belgians drink 2 to 6 cups per day. The Over 50 age group drinks close to six cups a day. They love a good Americano drink followed by Cappuccinos. The only reason some of the younger crowd in Brussels or Bruges and doesn’t drink coffee is because of the strong bitter aroma or taste.

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Belgians love LiveGood Organic Coffee because it is instant, frugal, and has powerful proprietary weight loss ingredients. So is LiveGood the Best MLM in Belgium? Let’s find out Belgium business builders!

Belgium’s Economy

Belgium is considered a high-income multilingual country compared to most other first world nations. The average income is $49,000. The country is a huge importer and exporter, and is ranked #17 by the New Global Index as a safe, entrepreneurial country. You have a multi-level marketing business advantage in Antwerp and Ghent essentially.

Belgium has a robust start-up environment and it is easy to seek funding for residents of Leuven or Liege. With less red tape than other European countries and with more investors looking to invest capital, Belgium is a great place to start your own business.

Why Network Marketing?

Northern Europe is the second highest sales producing region for network marketing companies and distributors. The number one spot goes to Asia, but their average income from sales is far lower than Northern Europeans in MLM.

Network marketing is great because it is a low risk, high reward business model for Belgians. For as little as a hundred dollars a month you can start a real business from home, and there is no income restrictions if you live in Liege, Ypres, or Ghent. You can earn as much as you want, depending on how large your organization is and how much product gets sold. It all depends on what you want and how far you want to take your business. The highest paid MLM leaders earn over $100,000 US per month, and much of that is passive income in Namur and Bruges.

Why Choose MLM in Belgium

The leading network marketing / direct selling company LiveGood was formed in 2022 by Ben Glinsky and Nauder Khazan, 25 year MLM veterans who know how to run a distributor-based company because he was a distributor himself. LiveGood is in their momentum stage and they are catapulting in sales growth. Recently, they are climbing to $11 million dollars of revenue per month than the previous month. LiveGood is opening new markets quickly, as people love the products and enjoy one of the highest commission structures in the industry entering 2024.

Northern European Countries MLM Is In: 

Belgium isn’t the only European nation that is finding success with multi-level marketing. Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, U.K, and many more beyond Brussels are achieving network marketing and affiliate marketing success.

Northern Europe accounts for $38+ Billion in Gross Sales in Network Marketing, which is $2 Billion higher than North America. Germany is #1 for affiliate direct selling earnings. France is #2. Italy is #3. And Poland is #4 when it comes to MLM growth opportunity.

How to Get Started In Multi-Level Marketing And Direct Selling In Belgium

There are two ways to join a top MLM or affiliate marketing company in Belgium. You can either order as a customer and just shop for products on the main website here, or you can also choose your products on the main website but select the Affiliate and Member option and pay a one-time activation fee of $50, then a small monthly fee of $9.95. You then will have access to your business dashboard where you can look at your stats, more company info, and grab your website links to share with people in Mons or Hasselt.

LiveGood also has a built-in fully automated recruiting system that emails your leads when you have a prospect sign up on your free tour landing pages, also in your website section.

MLM success is all about sharing your opportunity and your website links consistently. The biggest leaders in MLM use YouTube, social media, friends and family, and Paid Advertising to generate a consistent flow of leads over a course of a few years to really get a team built.