The Best MLM Company in Russia for 2022

Russians are big tea drinkers (4 cups a day) but they are modernizing and switching to trendy coffee shops and instant coffee more and more. Good coffee was hard to find in the Soviet Era. Now thanks to a top MLM business, Russians can find the best coffee products in 2022.

However, coffee makers which brew “pods”, and good instant coffee are more accessible than ever. Coffee shops are also gaining popularity due to the “connection” with others that make coffee drinking an emotional and tangible experience. Coffee MLM companies are also on the rise in Russia. So, is Valentus the Best Coffee MLM in Russia?

Russia’s Economy

Russian’s average income is $11,729 a year, slightly higher than Brazil, but $4,000 less than Turkey. Russia’s GDP is $1.57 Trillion. 10% of their GDP comes from exporting goods, such as oil and iron, to neighboring countries and Asia. Entrepreneurship is stifled in Russia due to US and EU sanctions, as the more affluent find places for their startups in other countries.

Why MLM?

MLM businesses are what Russians need to improve their financial situation. MLM is a very affordable business opportunity that most Russians can afford. For as little as $60US a month, you can start a home business that has the potential to make big income.

The top Russian MLM leaders earn over $100,000 a month or more within network marketing because they built a team and a customer base and they get paid a small commission on everyone. Leveraged income is where you earn income off of the efforts of others. Network marketing is a group effort and that’s how Russian leaders can earn staggering incomes.

Why Is Valentus the Top MLM Company in Russia?

Russia’s participation in MLM companies is growing. In 2017, Russia’s growth rate in MLM was 5.9% – ranked #13 in the World in Gross Retail Sales of $2.82 Billion dollars. Valentus coffee creates a powerful business opportunity for Russians because everyone loves coffee, especially healthy coffee that helps you shred the pounds. SimRoast coffee is Valentus’ flagship product and is a hot seller because it is powerful, great tasting, and instant, which Russians love.

Compensation Plan: 

Valentus pays some of the highest commissions in the industry, including 25% commissions on retail orders, $20, $40, $60, $100, and $200 commissions on product packs as an IR (independent representative), binary match of up to $20 per cycle on volume matching between left and right leg (binary), then get paid up to 20% on the binary checks your team generates (paid weekly), and Rank Bonuses and car bonuses. Plus, an extra $100 on large orders when you recruit 3 people who order the large packs. Valentus MLM is here with plentiful profits from Russia with love!

Top Selling MLM Products: 

Valentus currently has 23 cutting-edge network marketing products which have been designed and formulated by leading doctors and formulators right out of Valentus’ manufacturing plant based in Florida.

One – SlimRoast Optimum

Two – 24/7 Carb Burner

Three – Emulin

emulin valentus

Who Valentus is Seeking

Valentus not only wants a global customer base, they also want to start new independent Reps in Russia, and other Northern European countries, like Belgium, Denmark, and Norway. Russia has always been a strong player in the MLM industry, with the top MLM leaders being from Russia.

Personally, I’ve had great teams from Russia because they understand that they need to recruit people to make money! Sounds simple, but a lot of people become reps then do nothing with their potentially million dollar home business.

Russians typically hit the ground running because every dollar they invest needs to become a substantial return. Same thing with immigrants – they work super hard to make MLM work, especially if they are living in a foreign country.

Getting Started In MLM As A Russian

To become an Independent Representative in Valentus in Russia you can simply take the free business tour or you can learn more below to view all the products. There’s a one-time $20 activation fee to become a “IR” in Russia.

Valentus is growing rapidly and this is the last chance to catch the momentum spike. Valentus’ earnings jumped by $2 million in just one month, so there is plenty of room for growth in the Russian sector for 2022!

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