7 Top Roofing Software Programs

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Roofing software has tools for estimating, managing, or scheduling that are only for people who work with roofs. Roofing contractors and businesses use software to make it easier to run their businesses, from putting together accurate estimates to managing work orders and getting contractors to jobsites. The best roofing estimating software can be stand-alone point solutions that do one thing well, or it can be a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that manages the whole process.

To be in the roofing category, a product must be specifically for roofing. Roofing contractors and construction professionals should only use this SaaS tool to make roofs.

Top 7 Best Roofing SaaS Solutions

1. Acculynx

Roofing and exterior contractors can use this business software to keep track of their sales, make roofing estimates and schedules as well as control their production, order materials, and see how their business is going. This roofing CRM is good for insurance restoration, retail roofing, residential roofing, and commercial roofing, among other things. AccuLynx allows you to connect with the most well-known roofer companies in the field, as well as give you free access to personalized customer support, webinars, articles, and more to help your business grow and thrive.

2. Bolt

Do you work for a lot of home builders? Is your schedule always changing? Bolt is a top software solution platform for subcontractors who work on homes, businesses, and multifamily homes. This digital tool can be used by anyone who helps build a house, like electricians and plumbers. Bolt can also be used for things like roofing, concrete, and more. Bolt helps you plan your work, talk like a business, and get things done quickly when it comes to roofers. The program is there to help contractors use modern technology to do their jobs better and make more money. It makes contracting easy, fast, and easy to do on your phone or on the go.

3. The Roof Calculator

A software program called Roof Calculator lets you figure the cost of bundles of ridge, rolls of starter, sheets of valley metal, and many other things. This top roofing software provides a high ROI for your rooftop business. Purchase this program if you want the best bargain software solution for your roofers.

4. FieldPulse

If you run a small service business and want to grow while saving time and money each day, Field Pulse is the best field service software for you. Plumbers, HVAC specialists, and more can use powerful, easy-to-use features and integrations to make their customers happy, schedule jobs faster, and get paid faster, too. You can try the app for free for seven days to see how it can help your business grow and thrive.

5. FCS Enterprise

FCS Enterprise makes software for the roofing business. This top software gives residential and commercial contractors the tools they need for sales, service, and operations to raise the roof for return on investment.

6. iRoofing

iRoofing is a roofing software that allows contractors to do unlimited, do-it-yourself roof measurement reports and detailed estimates from anywhere in the world. The easy-to-use app lets contractors measure from satellite, aerial, drone, and blueprint images on any device (Desktop, laptop, Android tablet, Apple iPad, Android phone, or iPhone), and it works on any device.

7. Field Complete

Field Complete’s roofing contractor software helps roofing companies run their businesses more efficiently. This includes things like estimating, workforce scheduling, labor planning, HR management, invoicing, subcontracting, and more. There are a lot of documents and files in your office that you don’t need. Field Complete can help you get rid of them. A CRM for a roofing business can keep track of all your customer information and make it available when you need it. By typing in your client’s name or address, you can look for jobs that match their needs. It will show you all of your upcoming visits, photos of the property and the materials you’ve ordered for that customer, contracts, permit documents, and payments for that customer.

Ramp Up Roofing ROI With Smart SaaS Solutions

The roofing business is a challenging one and an industry that gets more competitive every year due to the booming housing market. Utilize the best roofer software programs to ensure you can compete and win in the roofing business.