7 Top Benefits of Network Marketing Businesses

So, you are thinking about starting your own business? Are you worried about the time and energy it takes to run a business outside of your home? What if I told you that you could bank from the comfort of your own home without doing too much work?

Build Your Big MLM Business Right Now!

Living the American Dream, the goal of working for yourself and succeeding sounds like a far-fetched plan. You may doubt it could ever be possible. It is truly possible, though, with network marketing.

Now, I know what you may be thinking – I didn’t go to school for business! This could easily leave you wondering where to even begin. Believe me, many of us do not hold a degree in business, or a degree at all. Truthfully, even those with a business degree still struggle with getting started. Yes, it can be overwhelming to think of going out on such a new adventure as starting your own business no matter your experience in the field.

That’s the hardest part – thinking of how to begin.

It’ll be important to first look at what is driving you to even get started in network marketing. Keep that in mind for the entire process so that you remember to stay driven to make network marketing give you the life you want. Starting with your business plan, it is important to be strategic and smart about what you do.

Not only will you build a life you want and a thriving MLM business, but you will develop new personal skills and knowledge that you can apply to all aspects of life. You will learn what you like and dislike about the business adventure, and can use that as you further yourself along in the process.

First, let’s talk about what network marketing really is, but let’s also take a look at what you can accomplish with it and how you benefit!

Network Marketing: What is it really?

Network marketing is centered on product. There is a product or service that customers are allowed to buy or buy into. The key is to get them to buy into the product so that they become a representative, distributor, organizer, or what have you. They then are able to profit by selling the very product they started out just buying.

You must work with a company that offers this product. When the company rewards you for growing the business with people under you, called a downline, you can reap benefits or additional profit. Anyone you get to buy from your downline is then labeled as your customer, making all future purchases also benefit you.

Network marketing is a great start for people looking into getting started on their own business. You’re able to hone in on skills you need to survive in the brick and mortar world should you ever want to take that leap. Granted, this isn’t for everyone. In fact, that is the primary problem that people come into when first looking into getting started.

A lot of the time, people think network marketing is a cake walk. By all means, it has that potential, but it is far from a piece of cake getting started. Often the people with this mentality fall short on sales due to their inexperience and quit before they have the chance to get off the ground. Instead, you have to recognize your shortfalls and work on developing those skills, researching what you can do, and learning to succeed.

Network marketing will require you to constantly learn, adapt, and develop to keep it relevant and productive. While this can all sound intimidating and like a lot of work, getting started in network marketing can truly benefit you greatly. You end up holding the most control because it is your company. How can you not benefit if you play your cards right?

1.      First things first: Build your Network – Don’t think of this as only your Facebook and social media friends and family. You probably have some of those friends who are constantly messaging you to try their product or sign up with their business, ‘group’, or team. You hate the nagging, harassment, and really wish they weren’t your mom’s favorite cousin’s child so you could just unfriend them. I digress. You have to look at network marketing as going beyond the people you know.

Rather than using just people you know, a network marketing community is going to be filled with people of a like mind, they want to spend a little to make a lot and back something they actually believe in. There is a lot that goes into the network marketing business for it to be successful, so you will see new entrepreneurs going above and beyond to master the trade. Be like them, but also recruit them! You want the people who sign up with you to be like you, so get people who want to grow a business, and quick. (It is all about getting your team duplicating)

It never hurts to have a team that has a diverse set of skills. Sure, when money is tight or when you’re barely getting off the ground, you will want to do things on your own to save. Here is the beauty of network marketing: the people you are building a community with have all sorts of backgrounds. Talk, discuss, and see what you can provide to one another to make the most of the multi-level marketing resources you have and share.

Not only will you begin to get to know people who you can work with based on their specific skill set, but you’ll end up meeting people who are doing the same thing you are, but in a parallel market. This could be used to both of your advantages should you choose to make the connections to work together. Consider the cosmetic industry. The target audience for cosmetics is very likely a similar audience for hair, clothing, jewelry, or original frugal fitness. If you encounter someone on a similar path as you in one of these fields, why not double your bets and work together to build your audiences and likely your teams?

2.      Marketing skills need work – No one is simply born with the necessary skills of being able to market any and everything. Instead, you have to develop these direct selling and recruiting skills. Whether you have experience in marketing or not, network marketing can be a whole new playing field. Knowing and learning how to market your affiliate business is a skill that you will benefit from over and over again throughout your life.

Not only will it help you in the here and now, but you can easily slap the marketing skills you learn on a resume for any future endeavors as well. Marketing is a transferable skill that you can truly take anywhere. At the very least, you will learn how to market yourself and all of your skills for any job in the future. This makes you valuable at a very base level. Learn all you can about marketing – you won’t be sorry.

Many jobs don’t train you in marketing, much less network marketing, so you have to dive into the research and training you need to be successful. Once you have, there truly isn’t anything bigger that can stop you. (Here’s my MLM Training)

3.      Believe in what you sign up for – Don’t just jump on the nearest network marketing bandwagon. Shop around and find a product you really support and could see yourself pushing and putting your name behind. There is nothing worse than signing up with a company for a product you don’t feel anything for or don’t see potential in.

You’d be surprised at the variety of products or services available in the network marketing world. Sure, you’ve likely seen the cosmetics and fitness ventures, but there’s even insurance plans and other offers that aren’t as tangible as mascara or smoothies. The greatest part? You get to choose whether you are selling insurance or mascara based on what you prefer.

Why is this important, you ask? Have you ever been targeted by a representative that just didn’t seem like they were telling the truth about their product or that lacked enthusiasm? Odds are you weren’t interested in what they were selling… exactly. If you weren’t interested, others weren’t either. You don’t want to be that type of representative and business leader.

Again, take the time when choosing what you want to back, then back it fully. You want to ally with a company that you support and something you can truly support and put your time into. You want this to be worth it in every and all aspects.  

4.      Make your own schedule – The beauty of working for yourself is that you get to choose when you want to work. You aren’t chained to the 9-5 schedule as most of the world is anymore. Instead, you can wake up when you want to, work when you want to, and truly get to decide your entire schedule.

While this sounds great and amazing, it doesn’t come without its risks. When first getting started, you still have to devote the necessary time to get your business going in network marketing. You can’t expect the work to do itself, so you aren’t necessarily left with all the leisure time in the world. The true luxury in the beginning is just the freedom to decide when you put those hours in. (Here’s How I Work One Hour a Day)

Once you are at the latter stages of your business that is when the true sit back and relax to watch things unfold takes place. Alternatively, you can start up another job or project and devote more time to it as needed. This is one of the greatest perks in starting your own network marketing business.

5.      Residual Income: Making bank – Obviously you got into network marketing to make money. Anyone who starts their own business is in it for the profit, that’s the idea. That’s why we invest long hours and money into the startup: to one day see the profits unfold. It’ll take time, effort, and some startup cash, but one day your network marketing gig will be earning you a nice set of residual income.

Residual income could literally change the way that you live. For many, it makes the difference between scraping by and living the dream. For others, it is a way to eliminate debt that they’ve accumulated prior to starting their business. The earnings made through network marketing can help you financially in so many ways. This can give you peace of mind and truly set you up for a nice future.

6.      Develop skills – Based on your background, network marketing may introduce you to a brand new environment that requires you to develop new skills. Even if you do have a background in marketing, network marketing could expose you to different skills that you can cultivate and grow more rounded in. Soon, you could have a whole new set of skills and knowledge to work with that you can take into various aspects of life and future jobs or businesses.

This is truly one of the biggest benefits you’ll reap from the network marketing business. If you were to go back to a 9-5 job, if you were no longer able to work at your leisure, no matter what, you will always have those skills to take with you. Building your repertoire of skills and abilities is something that you will never lose.

7.      Boss life is the best life – Odds are you’re starting your own business to work for yourself, right? Money aside, that’s the other big reason to starting your own business – so that you don’t have to work for anyone else. You’re able to make decisions for yourself about what will work best for you and your goals.

If at any time you want to change anything regarding your business or marketing plan, or anything really, YOU CAN! Everything is up to you and your best interests, so that is the true beauty of starting your own network marketing business.  

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Erik C. Johnson, MLM Leader