5 Top Reasons To Join Valentus MLM

Every year a dozen new MLM Companies hit the ground running in hopes to make it long-term. Only one or two make it upstream to spawn success for decades to follow in network marketing. Valentus is one of those “Legacy” companies.

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Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Join Valentus as a top MLM company in 2023:

1. Leadership (Dave Jordan)

Valentus was founded in 2015 by Dave Jordan who is a longtime MLM veteran and knows how to compliment his distributors for their hard work. Most MLM companies don’t make it because their founders don’t have any hands on experience in MLM. Dave went on to make Valentus a product-selling machine with motivated and inspired in-the-field reps. Other MLM veterans have taken notice of Valentus’ meteoric rise and are coming over in droves.

2. Nobel Prize Nominee Product Formulator

Valentus has partnered with Dr. Ahrens who has co-partnered to create the “lost vitamin” called Emulin. Emulin mimics insulin, hence the name “emulating insulin=emulin” makes it so instead of the body seeing carbs and sugars as poisonous toxins and storing it in our fat, Emulin makes it so that our body flushes out the sugar and carbs instead, resulting in weight loss. Dr. Ahrens has a doctorate, and is the former Director of Florida Citrus Board. He is just one of the product visionaries at Valentus. Valentus also acquired Skinny Body Care, another large MLM company, and brought over their product line last year.

3. Growth and Expansion

Valentus is currently doing $8 million a month in sales, and that included June and July 2019, when summer is the slowest months for MLM. In fact, last June 2018 they only did $1 million. The company is set to gross $100 million this year.

Valentus is also available in countries that most MLM companies can’t break into, like Kazakhstan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Ukraine, and 7 countries in Africa and growing. Valentus also carries product that is not heavily scrutinized, like CBD MLM’s are, and their products can easily be marketed using Pay Per Click advertising using Google, Bing, of Facebook. 

4. The Product Works Well

Valentus is not just a “one trick pony” like many other MLM companies that have only one flagship product. Valentus has over a dozen products ranging from skin cream – to day and evening detox formulas – to the unique “carb blocking” Emulin. Testimonies are flooding in from customers and reps who have lost significant weight, lowered blood pressure and cholesterol, and have tightened wrinkles.

5. Automated Recruiting System

Valentus is one of the first MLM companies to have a marketing system and high-definition landing pages (websites to capture prospect’s info) for its distributors. Valentus sends out a series of automated emails when a prospect becomes a lead through the landing pages of its reps.

This system is a sales funnel available to all Valentus reps which helps reps “close” their prospects turning them into customers and reps themselves. The email sequence is very powerful because it operates using “fear of loss” because every Thursday at midnight all the newly paid member leapfrog the free tour takes (pre-enrollees). If you don’t upgrade your position to a paid member you are potentially missing out on commissions you can earn from people under you, even if you didn’t recruit them.

Valentus is one of those companies that will stay around forever like Herbalife and Amway. The largest MLM companies have the largest product lines and valentus plans on expanding their line as well.

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