Top MLM Duplication Secret to Grow Your Business Fast

Hey guys it is Erik Johnson, I want to talk about duplication in network marketing because that is really the main thing about MLM is to get your team duplicating – that is where all the income lies. You are not going to become a millionaire just by selling products out of your home, you want to build an organization of people that are recruiting their own people and moving products. That is the bottom line for network marketing duplication. 

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So what is the secret to duplication in multi-level marketing? It is making it so simple that anyone can do it – that a seven year old can do it. We are talking about something as simple as copy and paste. It could be as easy as a one liner on Facebook, whatever. The bottom line is, as a leader in network marketing your responsibility is to share with your team what is working for you, not to keep it a secret and not to do it by yourself. This is a team effort to build teams and downlines. 

So what do I do to grow my team? The first thing that I have realized was when I started network marketing I made it way too complicated for people to duplicate me. Okay, so there is that word again duplication. If no one is duplicating a system, then you don’t have a team, you don’t have an organization, everyone is doing their own thing. And that doesn’t grow fast. When everyone is doing their own thing. It doesn’t grow that way. 

Okay, so what you want to do is when someone signs up under you, you give them your number one lead generation technique, or your number one script on social media, whatever is working for you, whatever is making you recruit so many people, you share it with your team. And it is usually going to be something very simple.

It could be a script, it could be a Facebook Messenger script where, you know, you ask someone if they are interested in a side project, and if they answer back, yes, then you shoot them over your link and then they can take a free tour into your business.

It is not about posting your link everywhere without at least warming them up. You can’t just spam your link on a million different platforms and pray for the best, because you might get shut down on social or even on your MLM business landing page. You have to have a real system in place that you can share with your network marketer team. 

So the first thing that really broke my team loose and made everyone – made all the leaders start to recruit more people was an ad that one of my guys had been using on Craigslist. I noticed that he was recruiting a lot of people and I was like, what are you doing that is, you know, how are you recruiting so many people and he said, you know, here I will give it to you. And it was an ad. It was a simple ad for our company that he posted on Craigslist. I said thank you. 

And so I started running ads myself and pretty soon I was getting more signups. And then I started giving my new reps that ad and the people that weren’t afraid to spend money into their business, they started running the ad and they started getting signups. And so my team literally grew probably 200% in the next four months, because I finally had a system that anyone could do. Okay, so that is the main duplication secret is that you have to have a simple script.

If I were you, I would have a simple script that works on Facebook, you know, a simple script that works on all the other platforms because there might be someone on your team that is like, I don’t do Facebook, I only do LinkedIn and then you say, Okay, well this works on LinkedIn and then you give it to them. And then you could say if they have a little money, you can say, you know, here is this ad for Craigslist. All you do is you copy and paste it and you change your link in the ad. Copy and Paste to plop it in, you know the jobs section of Craigslist. 

So, as an MLM leader, your job is to find the best lead generation method – prospecting method for a specific platform. And if you are just on Facebook, then just share, you know what is working for you on Facebook. But the bottom line is, you have to have tools ready for your network marketers. And they have to be so easy that a seven year old can do it. 

Ideally, you have a free method and you have a paid method because my belief is that it takes money to make money in network marketing and if you want to grow your business faster you have to pay for traffic and leads. And if you do have a following on social media with more than 200 friends, then start prospecting, learn how to prospect on Facebook. 

I am not an expert on Facebook, but you could always look up people that are and find out what is working for them. You can buy training products for how to prospect, look up Jessica Higdon 10x social media recruiting. Tanya Eliza is huge on Facebook. But for me, I am all about Craigslist. I am all about affordable paid traffic sources. Solo ads work great in getting leads to your MLM business also. 

So that’s it guys. That is how you make the big bucks in network marketing. You duplicate – you get a system that people can duplicate. It is all about duplication. You don’t really have an MLM team until your team is down three to four or five levels. Okay?

Yeah, anyone can recruit but can that person recruit? That is the real question. That is the million dollar question: can the person that you just recruited, can they recruit, okay, you want to get levels, you want to go deep in your organization, you want to get down to 10 to 20 levels so you can get paid on all of that and get a very solid foundation going.

Get a solid team built, so they can become independent of you because you want to get people independent of you, you don’t want them asking you questions every single day, because then they’ll become codependent on you. You don’t want codependency in MLM, you want everyone to be an independent contractor.

But as a network marketing leader, your responsibility is to get them started with the best tools and a business without leads is not a business. So you got it. Get lots of eyeballs on your websites and teach your team how to get eyeballs on their websites, and then everything else falls into place. Now it is time to dominate with duplication and make your MLM money-making massive!

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