3 Best Paid Advertising Tactics for an MLM Business

Not all MLM Leads are created equal. The best leads come from people who know, like, and trust you. But, what if you don’t know that many people and don’t want to bug friends and family about your business? Here’s The Best Paid Advertising for Your MLM Business Right Now.

Not All Leads Are Created Equal

Like I said in the beginning of this article, the more a prospect trusts you the better. However, we have to grow are business quickly rather than slowly because “MLM loves speed” and works better when momentum is created. The best way to create momentum is generating lots of leads.

The first way to get leads is to buy them. These leads have responded to an ad on a website that offers an income opportunity. When you purchase leads you get their name, email, and phone number. These leads are NOT in your MLM sales funnel, so you have to call them or email them yourself. There’s different types of leads:

Buying Leads

Local Leads – You can buy local leads for around $2 a lead. These leads fall into the area code that you specified, so they are really close to where you live. These leads are perfect if you like doing in-person meeting and want to build locally. You can get local leads here.

National Leads – National leads are from anywhere in the United States and are cheaper, around $1 per lead. You get the prospect’s info just like with local leads.

Specialty Leads – These leads are people that you want to have in your business. You can buy female leads, nurse leads, male leads, etc. Some places charge up to $4 per lead, so be careful where you go. MLMLeads.com has been around the longest.

Using PPC

PPC, or Pay Per Click advertising is a favorite of mine. The two largest PPC networks are Bing and Google, but Facebook also has advertising as well. I prefer Google because they have the largest audience which seems to lower the cost on keyword bids. 

The way PPC works is you create an ad and select keywords you want associated with that ad. For instance, if I run an ad about selling MLM leads, my keywords would most likely be mlm leads, lead generation, best leads online, lead generation websites. If you create a “search” ad with Google you can have them run the ad without a set bid amount or you can select your own bid amount, what you are willing to pay per click.

I like to start my bid low first (around 10 to 20 cents) to see how much traffic I get. If I don’t get enough traffic I slowly increase my bid. You can also set a daily spend amount which will stop the ad when you reach your daily limit. I love PPC because you can target a very specific audience in any country. Just look up Google Ads to get started.

Buying Solo Ads

A solo ad is where you buy ad space from an internet marketer. They write the ad and you give them your MLM opportunity link, ideally a landing page so you can get the prospect into your sales funnel. You buy clicks from the seller, meaning if you buy 200 clicks, then they basically email enough people until you get 200 clicks. Most sellers will overdeliver and give you 220 clicks. Clicks are not leads, but 100 clicks could get you around 10 to 20 leads, depending on your website.

I like solo ads because the seller or vendor basically does everything, you just buy clicks from them and they do the rest. They usually have a week to fulfill the order. You should start receiving leads within a day or two. It’s fast and easy. You can also try different sellers to see who has the best clicks. You can register here to check out the sellers.

My rule of thumb with lead generation is that you need to do this consistently to start growing your MLM business. You won’t get much action just putting $50 one time on something. Consider putting $50 to $200 a week on advertising. That’s pretty much how you build MLM. You need a lot of traffic on your websites to get action. You can always start creating content to attract prospects, like a blog or youtube channel, but that takes years to build up to the point of generating leads.