The Best Network Marketing Leads on the Internet

There’s an endless debate amongst network marketers of which MLM leads are the best on the internet. Some leads are cold, some are warm, some are 50 cents and some are $4 bucks. Here’s The Best Network Marketing Leads on the Internet.

Getting your home business properly off the ground takes massive exposure in the marketplace, and most MLM’ers start prospecting to their warm market, aka friends and family, and use social media.

However, you only have so many friends and family and most people don’t know how to present their business opportunity to their friends and family and burn bridges in the process.

Here’s what happens most of the time: you get someone into your business and they’re off and running. They recruit 5 to 10 people very quickly and you think you have a rockstar on your team. You start thinking about which color Ferrari you want to buy. But, a month later, that potential rockstar goes missing. They disappear. It’s because they recruited all the people they knew and didn’t know how to speak to strangers (cold market) about their opportunity. They hit a wall.

Here’s the thing: if you want to make serious income in MLM the rest of your life you need to learn how to prospect the cold market, aka strangers.

How to Prospect in the Cold Market without Being Annoying

Most leaders in network marketing create content to attract interested prospects to them. It’s also known as “Attraction Marketing” or “Pull marketing” – you are pulling people to your opportunity rather than “pushing” your opportunity onto them when they might not be interested.

The problem is content takes time to create and takes time to “rank” in the search engines. But, remember, this is what you want to do the rest of your life, so 3 to 5 years is not very long to create a powerful business and a library of content online.

The content you create has the ability to recruit for you. Each article or video can generate leads for many years – especially “evergreen” content that is timeless – like “How to Prospect Men Over 40 on the Internet.” Titles like this remains relevant for years because it’s not a fad or has a year on it. People in MLM need to prospect their businesses forever, so that title will be relevant for a long time.

Focus on a “niche” that you are familiar with. For instance, I’m 46, worked in the restaurant industry, and am an ex-alcoholic – so I want to help people around my age, who possibly worked in the service industry, change their life for the better using network marketing. Talk about what you know – but continue to learn the profession by reading ebooks on it and watching MLM trainers on Youtube. Then create your own content from what you have learned.

The Best Thing to do While Your Content is Growing

Other than prospecting on social media, the fastest way to grow your home biz is to do paid advertising. There’s many ad platforms you can use, like Bing, Google Adwords, Facebook, and Youtube have ad platforms. You can also buy clicks to your landing page and run solo ads.

The name of the MLM game is getting massive eyeballs looking at your opportunity and getting into the company’s email responder by taking a free tour on your landing pages. You want to generate consistent leads, like 20 to 100 leads a day – without losing all your money!

So, what are the Best Network Marketing leads?

The best leads come from people who are looking for what you offer. My best leaders have come from my blog articles, like the 4 Best MLM Companies.

Articles like these are primed for people who are looking to join MLM already – and most of these people have network marketing experience, which is icing on the cake if you ask me!

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