The Network Marketing Law Of Vibration And Attraction

The New Hybrid Spiritual Model Of MLM

Suppose you can finally silence your mind and find some true serenity on the other side.

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Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel in your multi-level marketing business and new lifestyle?

That light is your weak ambition to change your current situation, but a little talk from your positive pals on the “inside” can ultimately free you from the mind of Shawshank, and that light at the end of the tunnel will get brighter.

How do I do that, you may ask?

Most people think that they “can’t” do something, or afford something, or switch careers, or lose weight, etc.

We are constantly sabotaging ourselves before we even leave the gate.

Where did this crappy thinking come from?

Well, probably from your parents, your teachers and even your best friends.

You heard things like “money doesn’t grow on trees” from your parents, or “you shouldn’t do that, you’ll get hurt” from friends and teachers.

The list goes on with all the “no’s” we have heard over the years and eventually we start believing the “no’s”, especially as we get pushed out into adulthood.

Let us go back to your childhood. Think of your happiest moments in childhood and really look at yourself.

What has changed over the years that holds you back now from what you “believed” you could have done then?

Probably nothing has changed, except your beliefs. You might say, “Yeah, well, I can’t be a Ballerina now, I’m 35 and 40 pounds overweight.”

Okay, that’s fair, but how did you feel about becoming a Ballerina when you were young?

Didn’t you feel it was truly obtainable? Didn’t you feel like you were “there” when you saw the stage, the lights, the audience cheering you on?

Nothing has changed today, you can still truly believe in yourself.

Remember the story about the baby elephant that gets a chain wrapped around its leg so it won’t run away?

What happened when the elephant grew up?

It could easily break away from the tiny rope that is around it’s leg today, but mentally the elephant gave up a long time ago.

Why give up, life is short. Who has told you that you can’t do this or that for years now?

It is only the Shawshank in your mind and freedom is believing you have what you truly want now.

Yes, I am talking about Law of Attraction.

What is Law of Attraction?

In an essence it is believing what you truly want your life in the future to look like, but you believe YOU HAVE IT NOW.

Well, you might ask, “Isn’t that fantasy?” Yes, it is, but that is how you get what you truly want out of network marketing, affiliate marketing, or life in general.

Believing again in fantasy will actually make that reality in your life if you truly believe in it and expect it in your life. most people dream of having things, but it remains a dream, not something expected to actually happen.

Have you seen the movie The Secret?

Or the movie What the Bleep Do We know?

These movies and books tap into the Law of Attraction which is basically you believing in what you want so much that your body sets off a vibration, which is called the Law of Vibration.

Everything in the universe is vibration, like it or not. Have you ever had a funny or creepy feeling about somebody? That is not just a coincidence. Instead it is your intuition picking up on their vibration.

Another way to prove the Law of Vibration is the water experiment of Dr. Emoto.

He has taken the water molecules of different emotions and photographed them under a microscope.

You can see that water from the presence of hate is very different from the water drop from Love.


“You disgust me.” 

If our bodies are made up of roughly 70 percent water and you’re going around thinking “you disgust me” or “I am so stupid”, think of the water composition in your body.

It would actually look like a jagged, chaotic picture like the “you disgust me” water picture.

This picture almost looks like that of pictures of viruses. We might as well assume that your “stinkin’ thinkin’” is actually a virus.

Do you want to walk around and give off your virus of emotional drama and lack?

There’s no greater compliment to yourself and the universe then to achieve greatness, feel proud of yourself and accomplish your dreams.

There is no glory or romanticism in being a martyr by killing yourself with alcoholism/addiction, over-eating, lying, stealing, etc. No one gets short-changed except a person who does these things.

So, you are what you think

No one else is responsible for the way you think.

If you are burdened with lots of stress and lack of money, I want you to start picturing your dream lifestyle NOW.

I don’t care if it feels like fantasizing or unrealistic.

Think of your life now, you don’t have anything to risk because your life isn’t exactly going as planned.

So do this consistently every day and positive things will start to enter your life.

There will be a “compound effect,” which happens when things start happening for you in a positive way more and more. Just like you will have compound growth in multi-level marketing or investing.

Be grateful for what you get and keep feeling your ultimate life TODAY, instead of in the future, and you will see results.

New Thinking for MLM

Network Marketing, or MLM, is evolving rapidly.

Most people on the internet are inundated with spammy messages.

The days of posting your opportunity link on social media without any content or value, will be ignored.

As network marketers, we need to position ourselves as authorities and leaders.

Therefore, becoming a leader means that you have become well-rounded on all areas of life, and that includes spirituality.

Law of Vibration is just one of the 12 laws that we can use in our MLM business. Bob Proctor is a man to follow and glean from his expertise.

Also, Joe Vitale’s New Awakened Millionaire Academy is a good pace to educate yourself on the power of Law of Attraction.

Of course, old negative ways of thinking will have to break away from you first, which will disguise themselves as “setbacks,” but prevail and keep your head up high and it will happen for you.

Create a vision board and meditate on the pictures of your ideal life daily. And, if you ever feel doubt or non-belief, I want you to pray to a higher power. It can be any entity other than yourself and doesn’t have to be God necessarily, so don’t get hung up on that technicality if you are not religious.

Anyone can do network marketing today, especially if you don’t have much time, thanks to email marketing and X or other top social media marketing platforms.


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