The Best Network Marketing Business You Can Do All Online

When I started network marketing in 2014 I was already an internet marketer. I was experienced in promoting affiliate offer links on my social media, mainly Twitter, and made money when people bought the digital products.

But, affiliate marketing missed something: residual income – a check that came in every month like clockwork when people re-ordered a product. See, with affiliate marketing it was mostly one-time sales, no residual income.

Network marketing was affiliate marketing on steroids because you could get paid for many months off of one person and get paid on everybody 10 levels down from you. I fell in love with MLM and will never go back to a regular job.

So, what is the Best Network Marketing Business You Can Do All Online?

Since I was an internet marketer, I knew how to share links online and make money. I wanted to find a network marketing business that was already set up for me so all I had to do was share my links and make money. The best internet MLM had to have the following:

One – A built-in sales funnel

Two – A powerful autoresponder that emailed my leads for me.

Three – High-definition websites that people could sign up on.

Four – Product drop-shipped directly to the customers.

Five – An awesome consumable product that needed to be re-ordered each month (for residual income)

Six – A customer support center that dealt with customer issues.

Seven – Onsite training for beginners.

This business model  had to completely function right out of the box. All I wanted to do was buy my personal product each month, under a hundred bucks, to stay as an active member and be eligible to receive commissions.

I wanted a business I could promote the second I signed up. I don’t believe in waiting to receive my product and test it out, I believe in making money right away.

Any network marketing leader can walk into any business and make money – the product is actually second. Of course a great product helps sales, but leaders know how to hit the ground running when they join a network marketing business because “MLM loves speed.” If you don’t create momentum in the first month of running your home-business you will start to sink fast.

Once I signed up, I grabbed my website links and started sharing them on social media, under blog articles, and videos. I also emailed old contacts to see if they were open to looking at a new home business opportunity.

I also discovered some powerful paid advertising methods. I began to generate 20 to 40 leads a day, and the company emailed each prospect daily for up to a month. I got spoiled with this built-in autoresponder because it got me new signups literally while I slept.

Anyone can do network marketing today, especially if you don’t have a lot of time. In the old days of Amway, you had to go out and talk to a lot of people in person, do hotel meetings and home parties and bug everyone 3 feet around you. Today, you can simply share your company-provided websites online and let the company email your leads and let the company ship the product directly to your new customers and MLM distributors.

Here’s old school network marketing versus the best network marketing business:

Old school you had to:

  • Buy a lot of extra product and store in garage.
  • Use paper applications.
  • Talk in person and put on home parties.
  • Do three-way calls all day with sponsor.
  • Earn 20% with no carry over volume
  • Only got paid monthly and if you met requirements.
  • Had to create brochures, cards, and banners.
  • Go to cheerleading events every two weeks.

The Best New MLM:

  • Turn-Key Automated System
  • Built-in Sales funnel
  • Powerful Autoresponder
  • Training onsite
  • Paid weekly and Monthly.
  • Up to 85% Commissions paid down 10 levels.

The Best Network Marketing Business is ready to go when you purchase a minimum amount of product each month. Sign up as an MLM “distributor” or “Paid Affiliate” and receive your websites instantly. You can then start the ball rolling and share your opportunity everywhere.

The Main Reason I’ve Had Success in 3 MLM Companies is Because I knew How to Generate Massive Leads. Leads are the backbone of any MLM Business. Here’s the Safest, Cleanest Top-Tier Traffic for your Biz here.

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