The Best MLM Autoresponder the Company Provides for More Sales

I’m all about automating home businesses. It’s how I grew my MLM business from the very beginning, using social media automation. I’ve recruited over 800 people with automation. So, Here’s The Best MLM Autoresponder that the Company Provides for More Sales.

Ever wonder if you could just automate a MLM business so you can spend your valuable time doing other things, like NOT calling cold leads, doing home parties and hotel meetings, and bugging friends and family to join your opportunity?

I feel you. . .

I wanted nothing to do with Traditional MLM.

I’m an introvert, live with my wife 30 minutes outside of town in a cabin, and am perfectly fine only having one friend: my cat.

But, the problem is: I love the residual income from MLM, but hate that it’s an extroverted profession.

What was I to do?

Automate everything so I wouldn’t have to engage with so many people.

I knew it was going to be a challenge, and in the first two years I only made around $7000.

But, the more people that I recruited, the more I found people like myself: busy professionals who wanted to automate a network marketing opportunity.

Here’s the Best MLM Autoresponder

The first MLM company I ever joined was called Brain Abundance back in 2014.

They had a killer dashboard and nice personalized websites we could share our opportunity with. But what really made Brain Abundance different was they had a built-in sales funnel emailer that emailed our prospects for us when they signed up on our landing pages.

Everything was pretty much automated, we just needed to get lots of leads into the autoresponder.

Today, I’m in my second MLM that uses the same automated system.

The principles are the same: get massive leads into the sales funnel the company provides and let the email drip system do its magic.

How exactly does the autoresponder work?

When you sign up as a distributor, you get your own websites and some of these websites are called “landing pages.”

A landing page is a sign up form where an interested prospect fills out their name, email, and phone number (optional) to get a glimpse inside the business.

They get a temporary position in the binary tree, and if they lock in their position by a certain time they could get people beneath them that they could earn commissions off of in the future.

I only promote my landing pages because the other websites are for customers and are not connected to the autoresponder.

The autoresponder works.

98% of my upgrades come from the series of emails the company sends to my leads.

I don’t bug my leads.

I don’t call them or send them cute messages via text or messenger.

I simply let my company email my leads.

On occasion I will respond to professional sounding inquiries via email, but that’s not too often.

Most prospects, after 5 to 10 days in the autoresponder, are ready to sign up if they are in fact interested.

See, if I bugged people enough to join, I would probably get more signups, but they would quit in a month or two anyways because it wasn’t truly their desire to join in the first place.

I only want new reps if they decided to join, not because I bullied them into joining.

A lot of network marketing leaders are annoyingly aggressive.

I’m not that way. I’m a laid back introvert blogger who only wants to work one hour a day.

I’m not on Skype or facebook all day, chatting with prospects.

I’m living life with my wife.

How I Started Automating my MLM Business

Before network marketing, I was an affiliate marketer and an ebook writer.

I learned how to share my product links via Twitter; then, eventually I learned how to automate the direct message on Twitter that had my link in the message.

The message went something like this:

“We’re looking for success-driven Entrepreneurs who want to earn extra income from home. Click (link)”

I generated 10 to 30 leads a day with this message, because I learned that the more people I followed on Twitter, the more that message would be seen when they followed me back and received that message.

Of course, this was back in 2014-2015 when Twitter was a lot more effective.

But, there’s still many ways to generate leads, almost on autopilot, and let the company email them.

The bottomline is you need to be in an MLM that has a killer autoresponder.

How I Teach My Team to Automate

The main income source from MLM is from a lot of little commissions from a giant team rather than what you sell personally.

Like Rockefeller said, “ I rather earn 1% percent from 100 people, than earn 100% from myself.”

This is called “leveraged income.”

You are earning income by leveraging the efforts of others, and buying bargain backlinks while improving your business reputation online.

Your MLM stock will soar with the right network marketing recruitment automation!

This is the beautiful thing about network marketing.

That’s how some MLM leaders make astronomical incomes per month. We’re talking $100-$500k per month!

These leaders have 20,000+ people on their team, and the leader gets paid a little commissions from all their activity. It adds up!

So, in order to make a lot of money in MLM you have to build a team.

The easiest way to build a team is to teach them how to generate their own leads, and getting their new reps generating leads.

The Money is in the Duplication

The average rep can only recruit 2 people, then they eventually quit.

That’s because they only talk to a few friends about it, and they don’t exactly know how to prospect.

Sure, it’s okay to start your business talking about it to only friends and family (warm market), however the majority of your income will come from people you don’t know. (cold market)

Like I’ve said before, I have only built my business with Cold Market, never friends and family, and I have found some incredible leaders just by using the internet.

So, the best way to stop bugging friends and family and get massive cold market leads is with paid advertising.

You have to remember that network marketing is a real profession and everyone who joins as a rep is an independent distributor, aka a home business owner.

And, what do successful business owners do?

They invest into their business.

How Much Advertising to Start a Home Business Right?

The most serious marketers on my team spend $400 a week on advertising, but you can start with $100 to $200 a week.

Even at $400 a week, that’s only $1600 a month which is nothing for operating expenses for potentially a million dollars per year, income producing home business.

It all depends on how fast you want to grow your business.

MLM loves speed, that means the more people you have checking out your opportunity, the more you and your team will get upgrades.

For Entrepreneurs who work mostly at home, advertising is a tax write off.

I don’t know about you but I would rather grow a business than pay the Man.

In fact, last two years I have reduced my taxes by 60% because of writing off business expenses.

If you are serious about growing a huge home business as fast as you can, I would say go for it!

How Long Will it Take to Make Serious Money?

Here’s a rough timeline on how your business should grow:

First year: You will lose money

Second year: You will break even

Third year: You’ll be in profit.

Fourth and Fifth year: You’ll will be laughing hysterically with a wad of cash in your underwear.

I wish I could tell you that MLM is a get-rich-quick scheme but it’s not.

It will take insane tenacity to endure the first two years in MLM, but hey, this is far better than a job I believe.

Conclusion for the Best MLM Autoresponder

I had just turned 43 and I was still working crappy restaurant jobs making $11 an hour.

I discovered internet marketing in 2011, but didn’t stumble upon network marketing until 2014.

I knew I had stumbled upon the most powerful way to make serious income on the internet.

Network marketing was like affiliate marketing on steroids and I was hooked.

After 5 years in MLM, and after recruiting over 800 people, I will never go back to a job.

And, if you’re at a job that you don’t necessarily like, there’s a way out for you too!

There is now finally a way to almost completely automate a MLM business as I have outlined in this article.

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