The Best Autoresponder in Network Marketing

When I started network marketing in 2014, I wanted to automate it all online. Plus, I didn’t want to talk to my warm market. I found a company that emailed my leads and I was hooked. The last 6 years I have recruited over 1800 with just an autoresponder from the MLM company. Here is The Best Autoresponder in Network Marketing that has helped me profit in 2023.

New Best Automated MLM Business Opportunity

If you are somewhat of an introvert and don’t have time to do traditional rah rah network marketing then this article is for you!

Here is what makes me flunk the stereotypical network marketing leader:

  • Never spoke to friends or family about my business.
  • Never made a list of 100 people to bug about my opportunity.
  • Never did a 3 way call with my sponsor.
  • Never did a home part, hotel meeting, or event.
  • Never called my leads or emailed them.

Yet, I have recruited over 1800 people in the last 6 years. So, how in the heck did I do that with my business?

With an MLM autoresponder.

Not just an autoresponder I had to make from scratch, but something already made and in place for all distributors to use from the very second they join.

That’s right.

The first company I ever joined had a killer autoresponder and the second MLM company I ever joined had a killer autoresponder.

So, What Does the Autoresponder Do Exactly?

We get our own personalized websites and landing pages when we join.

A landing page is a sign up form that interested prospects can fill out to take a free tour into the company.

When a prospect, or lead, fills out the form I get an email from the MLM company that says “Good Job, so and so took the free tour!”

Then, the company starts the email series and emails my prospect for me on a daily basis. Sometimes, two to three times a day.

This is a killer email sequence that gets my prospects very excited about joining the business.

Then, the emails also have a “fear of loss” component to them.

See, every Thursday night at Midnight the leads or “pre-enrollees” who took the free tour will get leapfrogged by all the paid members if they don’t upgrade themselves.

If they don’t upgrade by buying a pack, they will miss out on potential commissions from the paid affiliates beneath them.

How to Get the Autoresponder Really Rocking

The whole key of getting massive momentum going in your home business is to generate leads every day.

And, the more people who upgrade to paid members will get the autoresponder emailing the other leads more.

Example of MLM automated success:

Betty upgrades to paid member and she is 2000 levels down in the right leg through the Binary plan.

The company’s email system recognizes the upgrade and will email all 2000 leads above her that she upgraded.

Obviously, the more upgrades you have, the more this causes excitement for everyone above.

No one wants to leave money on the table, and there is no autoresponder like this in the entire industry except for a couple, and I am in the Best One.


It pays 50% commissions on first time orders and I get paid on everyone on my team down 10 levels.

Almost all MLM companies only pay 20-25% and you only get paid down 5 levels.

Conclusion for The Best Autoresponder in Network Marketing

I have built 99% of my network marketing business using the company’s autoresponder.

It is very effective and allows me to work around one hour a day.

The only thing I have done to grow my business fast, is by generating massive leads.

I do that by doing three things: Blogging, YouTube, and Paid Advertising.

I teach my team my #1 lead generation technique to get them up and running fast, so that autoresponder can start causing excitement in their downlines.

If you keep your MLM system very easy, your team will duplicate faster, which is what grows your income the fastest.

I am an MLM junkie and will never go back to a job.

This automated MLM business is great for busy professionals and introverts like myself.