How to Automate 95% of Your Network Marketing Business and Make Six Figures

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Want to join a network marketing opportunity, but don’t want to get wrapped up doing rah rah events with your sponsor?

Or do three-way calls all day?

Or talk to everyone around you and get hung up on?

Me neither.


What I’m about to tell you might piss off some old-school network marketers and be a little controversial. . .

I haven’t done any of that stuff (for 5 years now) and I make six figures a year in network marketing.

I don’t even use Facebook.

95% of my network marketing business is automated.

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The Best Network Marketing Business You Can Do All Online

When I started network marketing in 2014 I was already an internet marketer. I was experienced in promoting affiliate offer links on my social media, mainly Twitter, and made money when people bought the digital products.

But, affiliate marketing missed something: residual income – a check that came in every month like clockwork when people re-ordered a product. See, with affiliate marketing it was mostly one-time sales, no residual income.

Network marketing was affiliate marketing on steroids because you could get paid for many months off of one person and get paid on everybody 10 levels down from you. I fell in love with MLM and will never go back to a regular job.

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What is the Best Network Marketing Business for 2019?

What is the Best Network Marketing Business for 2019

When I started my network marketing business in 2014, the last thing I wanted was a loud, extroverted upline calling me and telling me what to do. I was already doing alright as an affiliate marketer just posting affiliate links on social media and making some money.

I wanted to apply that same kind of marketing to network marketing without doing home parties, hotel meetings, and bugging everyone three feet around me!

I soon discovered that network marketing had evolved a lot since the days of Amway. I could just promote my company-provided MLM websites on social media and make money!

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Welcome to the Best Network Marketing Business!

best network marketing business

I’m Erik Christian Johnson and I’m a successful six-figure network marketer. This blog was officially launched August, 26th, 2018. In this blog I will help you with finding the Best Network Marketing Business for all walks of life, from busy professionals to housewives. My expertise in the MLM profession is automation. 99% of my MLM businesses have been solely built with software and tools. I have built most of my online network marketing business using copy & paste!

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