Why I Chose to Automate my MLM Recruiting

automated mlm recruiting

I’m originally an affiliate marketer who discovered the exponential income possibility of MLM. Affiliate marketing sales were usually one-offs, and MLM sales were reorders every month, which gave you a steady, passive income stream.

MLM to me seemed more lucrative, a lot more lucrative.

In 2013, I made $2,000 from promoting affiliate marketing offers. In MLM, I’ve already made over $100k.

The difference between the two styles of marketing is that with MLM you get a little commission from an entire organization you build, and when they reorder you get a little monthly income.

Little commissions from a lot of people is big money, don’t be fooled.

Residual income is sexy; passive, residual income is sexier.

Here’s Why I Chose to Automate my MLM Recruiting.

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